September 18, 2012

Healthy homemade strawberry ice-cream

Ever since I embarked on this healthier way of living, I've been trying to cook lighter fresh meals. Let me tell you something, in America it's really easy to give in to frozen foods and packaged snacks! In Argentina you can find frozen veggies, burgers and chicken, but the frozen aisles in grocery stores are nowhere as numerous as in the States. I did not know what a frozen dinner was till I moved here. Nor had I ever tried a frozen (of fresh) burrito.

This weekend, I decided to experiment with homemade ice-cream. I altered this recipe by Jamie Oliver to my taste and the ingredients I already had at home. And since, I've brought Jamie up, let me dedicate this post to my dear friend Vero Mariani. Why? Because we're both obsessed with the way he pronounces the word pancetta, hahaha. By the way, he says it in this very video.

We're buying more fresh fruits and vegetables than we used to, so instead of using frozen berries, I used these fresh strawberries. 

These are all the things you'll need for this recipe:

I used two jars of light vanilla yoghurt, about a tbs of honey and all the strawberries you can see there (almost a whole box).

As you can imagine, the process is super simple. I just sliced the strawberries, and then mixed all the ingredients in the blender.

Once all the ingredients are well blended, they need to go to a container and then to the freezer for a few hours.

Sprinkles are not necessary, but color is always welcome to pop up in my food, hehe.

I hate strawberry yoghurt, but this dessert tastes completely different. It's like eating creamy fresh strawberries with the texture of ice-cream.

Hope you get to do it before it gets too cold, hehe!

Have a great day, everyone! ;D


seelvana said...

ñam ñam ñam!

aguante jamie oliver y el día en que apareció en mi vida.

Bon appettit!

Katrin said...

Yummy! I looooooooove strawberries! :))
Enjoy, my dear!

ceci a. said...

Iupiiiiiii! Qué buena u fácil receta! Me encantó. Ya me veo bajando potes de eso durante mi licencia veraniega.
Gracias Mikii!

Kirsten Renz said...

I have a blender but never really think to do stuff like this. looks so good.

hope you're having a great week!

vero mariani said...

pancettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! qué genio pancetta! muy buena receta, coming soon en mi cocina y pancita :p jaajaj!

besos linda y muy buena semana!

Camila Qub said...

Hello Miki, thank you for your visit in my little blog!!! Loving your posts! ^^

Dorothy Explor'r said...

it's been so chilly here since i got back from my 2 week trip that i can't even think about ice cream! haha.

Sarah Seay said...

just stopping in from mingle with us blog hop! am now a follower! would love to have you stop by!

Coquis said...


Casablock said...

Qué ricos parecen!! Voy a probar de hacerlos ahora que se viene el calorcito en Buenos Aires :)

Nena Nadine said...

Sprinkles are necessary!