September 14, 2012

A compendium of somethings made in Argentina

So, this is an excuse for me to show off some of my favorite stores and products from my home country ;). Buenos Aires city and its stores, cafes and restaurants are probably what I miss the most. Except for a few specific spots such as Hollywood or Pasadena, all the stores in Southern California are chains located in boring brown buildings :/. I don't do window-shopping anymore because I'm not into branded goods or malls and that's all there is around me. If I don't go to the places I've mentioned before or Etsy, I don't really care for shopping. But anyhow, these are some of my favorite things from Argentina.

Something to carry your stuff with style: I love Gorrion bags and backpacks.

Something cute: Remember my teapot? I could definitely not skip Lola Goldstein in this post. She makes the cutest ceramic teapots, cups, shakers and ornaments. My set is one of those belongings I couldn't leave behind when I moved; I actually had it with me in my carry-on bag to make sure it wouldn't get broken between flights.

Something for winter: Love these warm woolen necks by Huija
Something for your legs: Can't wait to go back to buy more tights from No Lineal! By the way, they also sell undies and bathing suits ;).

Something for your feet: 80% of my footwear used to be made up with Luz Principe shoes. I had to leave several pairs behind when I moved and I miss them so much! :/ Hopefully, my sister hasn't thrown them away or anything, so I'll be able to bring some back when I go visit. I love the fact that Luz only makes a few pairs of each model in each size, so it's almost impossible to run into a person who owns the exact same shoes :p.

Chatitas Express is a company that lets you design your own flats. You first choose the shape, then the materials, colors and accessories.

Something to go grocery shopping: I can't imagine a single Californian owning one of these adorable shopping carts, but I would totally use one even when it's so not necessary in this neck of the woods. Check Violraviol to see the cutest shopping carts and bags.

Something for animal lovers: My very favorite pieces in my wardrobe are probably Pesqueira's. I have a bear dress, a bear coat and a bear bag, a koi coat and many other pieces. Valeria Pesqueira hires artists to design the prints she'll later use to stamp the fabrics to make pieces of clothing; they're usually animal-patterned, though not necessarily. One thing is for sure: her prints and clothes are always playful and comfy. I got married in a black velvet dress by her.

Something for your bike: You can find awesome accessories for your bike over at Kitchenette

Something I miss: Coffee shops and restaurants in Buenos Aires! I hate seeing so many chains here. If you want to see more interesting eateries in Buenos Aires, check out Vero's blog.


Helena Resto
Funny thing: I just went to their facebook page and found out they have some pictures (including the ones below) that I myself have taken and posted in this blog a long time ago, hehe.

El ultimo beso

 Have a happy weekend, people! We're going to a comic convention tomorrow, so that shall be interesting. I'm sure I'll have some photos to share.

Hugs! ;D

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Nena Nadine said...

I totally have those shoes with the black tips. But mine don't have bows. I should add bows to mine.