September 27, 2012

A compendium of exceptional somethings

You usually see my compendia of somethings on Friday, but tomorrow is going to be cra cra! I'll be all day at the library organizing our big annual sale on Saturday, so I decided to go ahead and hit "publish" a day in advance. So, here's a list of some unique and original somethings. Enjoy!

Something public: Look at these amazing street art displays! This one's for you, Mary ;). 

 How incredibly awesome is this replica of Monopoly in the streets of Chicago?

I've always been curious about Vietnam, and now that I've seen photos of these light stencils by a Vietnamese artist I want to visit the country even more.

And how neat are artist Heppe Jein's benches?

Something for those interested in doing ballet: Keeping up with street art, look at this leaflet :p! 


Something for you and your bestie: Peanut butter and jelly rings and peanut butter and Nutella rings.

Something to wear: Too bad this tee is a 2009 calendar

And these ones are for you and your other half.

Something for your lips: Lip balm which flavor is unicorn farts, haha. The description says it smells like cotton candy; I mean ... duh!!

Something for the rain: I'd love to watch water coming out of this adorable gutter accessory.


Something scary: Gun-shaped chalk and soap.

Something for popcorn addicts: The Poppinator. Don't let this picture fool you, this is not just a popcorn maker, it shoots popcorn so you can catch it with your mouth, bahaha. You can see how it works here.

Something to keep your coffee and tea hot: Here are two original cups.

Do you have any cool plans for the weekend? If you happen to be in the Ontario area, do come by our City Library and shop! You'll find lots of new and old books, magazines, videos, DVDs, etc. for way cheaper than in bookstores ;).

Have a great weekend, everybody! ;D

September 25, 2012

Hello, fall!

Fall is officially here and I'm trying to embrace it as much as I can. You see, I don't want to be a downer, but to me cold weather means having my asthma inhaler handy at all times, extremely dry skin and cold sores, having a runny nose (the whole time!), oh, and my mom passed away in fall, so unfortunately I think more about her and how much I miss her during this season. However, as I told you before, fall and winter in the States are all about celebrating (Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Holidays), so I'm trying to focus on its perks rather than its drawbacks ;).

So, here's my first outfit post in fall; it doesn't look too autumn-y because here is SoCal temperatures are still above the 90sF (30C)! But anyway, I really like this dress, but after I bought it, I realized the upper part looks like a cheerleader costume. What draws me to put it on is the fact that it's covered in white sheep :p and in my opinion, anything that has sheep on is worth wearing! Our youngest niece turned 8 years old on Sunday, so I thought her birthday party was the perfect occasion to wear it.

This dress is from Objecto (Argentina), which no longer exists :(. However, its designer has created a new brand called Chiche, which is pretty much the same thing.

Yeah, I don't know what I'm doing here ... Just wanted to show you how high these wedges are :/. It took me a while to get used to them. I bought them online on a special offer (3 pairs of shoes for the price of 1), no returns; since I couldn't exchange them, I'm wearing them whenever we don't need to do much walking.

My idea was to fix my hair in two big buns to complete the outfit, but I didn't have time. I was hurrying till the last minute to finish baking these babies :p. This was my first experience using yeast, so I didn't know how these garlic cheese bread sticks were going to come out. My first yeast + warm water mix didn't work out, but I googled "how to use yeast" and followed those instructions instead; lucky me, that link totally saved me! And my two batches of bread sticks were a complete success, yay! :D

One more thing, I wanted to tell you that Monday was a great day! 1) I finally got some parts I needed to start using my sewing machine and I'm slowly figuring out how to start using it; 2) David started his online classes (he's studying anthropology); and 3) they called me from the City to have a job interview to fill a part-time position at the library I'm volunteering!!! Hurray!!!! :D I don't want to get too excited, but this is huge to me, guys! I know it's just an appointment to have an interview (that won't take place till mid October!), but I am beyond happy. I need to get this job! :D Fingers crossed.

Hope you've started this week with a huge smile, too! ;D


September 23, 2012

Photo props

I got these fun photo props from the Curiosity Shoppe for Target and I couldn't help taking a few (ok, many) photos with them. 

In case you're curious, I used this website to create the animated gif.

 SA_Hxz on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Speaking of bitchfaces, have you seen Tavi Gavinson talk about Rookie Yearbook One at Jimmy Fallon's show? She explained a few bitchface expressions included in the book; I now like her even more. 
You can watch part of her appearance here.    

These props are fun! :p I should bring them to the next party I'm invited to.

By the way, all the fonts I've used in this post can be downloaded for free over at Dafont. Oh, and if you want to print some cool photo booth props, you can do so here. You're welcome ;).

May you all have a nice & productive week! ;D

September 20, 2012

A compendium of somethings to give

This post is almost completely made up with photos taken from my "Christmas ideas" folder in my computer. This year, the holidays are not taking me off guard! I have a ton of ideas, the problem is everything requires money :/. I think I've come up with a good and consistent list of inexpensive goodies to give away to David's relatives, but as you know, every little thing adds up, so I'd better start getting those little gifts asap! Of course, I can't show you the exact packages I want to prepare just yet; David's family hardly ever check my blog, but who knows? I don't want to ruin the surprise. I'm using some of these products as inspiration to recreate my own little thingies ... And I've also included a lot others I wish I could afford.

Anyway, if you want to start shopping for the holidays or for whatever reason, here's a list with some of my favorite and most original online stores and ideas. 

Something for the Christmas tree: I know it's way too soon to think about putting up your tree yet, but I've found these bizarre ornaments and had to share them with you. They're all available at Sur la Table. Just a heads up: they're not cheap.

Something for those with a sweet tooth: If you love chocolate or know someone who does (wait, is there anybody who doesn't love chocolate?), Chocomize is the store you need to check out. You can create your personalized chocolate bar and find a lot of yummy products.

Something for make-up lovers: So, you have a favorite lipstick shade that has been discontinued and can't find it anywhere; or maybe you think you can come up with a unique signature shade of your own ... Is that you? Then go ahead and get it over at 3 custom color specialists. You can create and order your custom color make-up (and when I say make-up I mean pretty much anything: lipstick, eye shadow, concealer, etc.) online or schedule an appointment to consult one of their specialists.

Something for button lovers: Badge Bomb sells boxes with the cutest buttons and magnets. My favorite are all of Gemma Correll's and The Black Apple. They also take custom orders, so you can make your own buttons :p.

Something for those who are proud of the city/state they live in: MapTote sells the most adorable tote bags, tees, buttons and pouches. And once again, they take custom orders.

Something for color lovers: I want to throw parties just so that I have an excuse to get and show off all of these colorful items, hehe.

Aren't these the coolest table runners ever?

Something for geeks: You can find odd products such as pixelated censorship towels and something called "Pinata Anatomy" at Carmichael Collective.

I'm not sure these glasses belong in this category. I can't tell if they're nerdy or just terribly fashionable. What do you think?

Something for those who love cooking: Les Gouters Rigolos is one of the most playful cookbooks I've ever seen.

Something for paper lovers: You'll find the most adorable stationery and everything made of paper at Upon a Fold.

Hope you enjoyed this compendium!

Have a great weekend, y'all! ;P