August 27, 2012

Random things about you

Wait. What? Yeah, you heard me! ;) This post is an excuse to talk about you, wonderful ladies, and tell the world why you are absolutely worth meeting.

Mary loves color, her favorite one is yellow and her grandma's was purple (my personal favorite, too). She's also colorful inside and warm and always has something fun and interesting to say. She loves dancing and having pen-pals. I only met her a few months ago and feel like we've been friends forever.

Seel is an awesome artist, although I don't think she knows it yet. I freaking love the words she makes up! You should definitely create your own dictionary, Seel! A picture dictionary kinda thing!!! El pequeno Seel ilustrado, hahaha! :P She has a heart made of gold and I'm so incredibly lucky to call her a friend. She traveled to Europe recently and I can state without a doubt that she was the coolest thing in the old continent.

Katrin claims not to be a great baker and I sympathize with that. She loves animals, she moved from Germany to the USA for love, like me. Her husband's name is David and he's a musician ... So many coincidences! I sometimes think she might be my Doppelganger. A more beautiful and perfect Doppelganger, that is. She's cold even in summer and is soon bringing her kitties from Germany, yay! Oh, and she dared take a photo of a guy unloading guns from his trunk! :O

Ceci has recently moved and is expecting her first baby named Tomas. She's sweeter than sugar and has a huge heart. Tomas is going to be one lucky child to have such an awesome mom! She is a journalist, she loves cooking and is so kind she does not hesitate to leave her house in the rain to give a homeless man a sweater so he can keep himself warm.

Lisa is cool, kind and cute as a button. She has taken a pledge not to buy new pieces of clothing, so she gets vintage and thrifted pieces. She has a thing for flamingos and wants to visit Miami. I think she's a talented seamstress and would definitely love to meet her one day. Oh, and she put on a saddle on her cat; yes, she did, haha.

Laura is hilarious! Whenever I visit her blog, she makes me chuckle. She sends some rad snail mail and makes up words she should patent (if that's possible, hehe). I've never seen her face, though, but I know she has to be just as pretty as her soul and the adorable letters she writes.

Marisa is a teacher; actually she's the coolest teacher ever. She's also a mom and a great baker. She has an etsy and manages to take outfit pictures in countless amazing landscapes. Her little boy is called Keane, after the band which she has met several times. She has a great sense of style and is sweet and kind. You can't help loving this girl!

You all know Chantilly. And if you don't, oh, my! Where the heck have you been?! She's an awesome singer/songwriter. She lives in New York but she's originally from Rhode Island, she loves coffee and cats. She's just gotten back from a music summer camp and I can't wait to read her blog posts on a regular basis again! She's talented, gorgeous and super sweet.

Lissa lives in New York as well and is also a talented artist. I have never seen a photo of her and yet, I feel her close. Whenever I think of her, I picture one of her drawings. She's had several different blogs, all of which had a peculiar name; her current one is Don't Rain on Mondays.

Cori is the only blogger in this group that I have met in person. Actually, we met a long time ago in college. She's loyal, forgiving, fun and all the coolest adjectives out there. She blogs both in English and Spanish and I love her to pieces.

Chrissy is a German who used to live in the States and now is living in Germany again. She misses Chicago, which she has made her home and hopes she can come back one day. I know that she will ;) and I hope we can meet in person when she does. She's absolutely lovable, considerate and a great friend.

Vero is the girl to talk to if you're planning to visit Buenos Aires. She knows all the best spots in the city that you can't miss. Her side blog is like Yelp if you live in the States or Guia Oleo if you live in Argentina. She's funny, sweet and I'm sure we'll meet in person one day.

Making this list has made me realize how lucky I am to be able to call all of you my friends. I hope you don't feel I take you for granted because I don't. I do appreciate your friendship and you're in a special place in my heart. And please don't feel left aside if you don't find your name in this post! I know I'm missing a lot of people, so there might be a part II.

Have a great week, everyone! ;D And thank you for being there!


Anne's Mail said...

Aww this is lovely! What a great way to start the week :)

Katrin said...

Aww, you're so sweeeeet, Miki! You just totally made my day! I totally agree on the Doppelganger thing! But you are the perfect, sweet and beautiful one. That's for sure!
Again, you are so fantastic, thanks so much for mentioning me, you will always have a special place in my heart, love you, girl!
And I will totally check out the other blogs! A cat with a saddle? That is awesome!
Hugs! You rock!

chantilly said...

aww, how sweet, thank you!! this is actually making me cry... one of my camp friends who has been staying with me just left go to boston. then i read this! <3 you. xoxo

Lucila said...

Ey me voy ya a conocer a quienes no conozco. Beso enorme

Mary Has Sound said...

I'm so flattered that you put me in your list!!! I love it. <3 Thank you.
Also, saddle on a cat? YES.

Alone in the moon said...

Bellísima forma de nombrar a las personas que te hacen bien.
Beso grande!

seelvana said...

qué santa!
hacía rato que un post no me emocionaba!
Mikimelina! vos tenés los amigos que te merecés! Sa be lo !

Si hago un diccionario te lo dedico!


Sian Lile said...

so lovely! i'mm going to check out all these blogs!! thank you!

Bubbles said...

What a lovely idea :D...

As for my take some love I don't think anyone will get in touch as that night it absolutely poured it down with rain so those outside will have got soaked to tatters or blown away. The ones indoors I knew if they weren't taken the cleaners would remove them.... I feel really disappointed.

Chrissy said...

Miki!!! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for this super sweet shout out! You are truly one of a kind! I love you, girl! xxx

Kirsten Renz said...

I love random facts about people. Great idea!

Marisa Noelle said...

Whoa! So I am so behind in the blogging world and as I was getting caught up on your posts, I came across my picture and the sweetest little write up you did on me...and all these gorgeous ladies! You are a doll Miki! Thanks so much for the nicest shout out ever and for totally just making my day :) xo Marisa

lisa said...

Hi Miki!
I've been so behind on blogs for a couple weeks! This is such a fun feature and I was scrolling through all the blogs I need to check out when whoa! There's me! Thank you :) You are the sweetest! And thank you for the list of lovely sites to explore. Hope you're having a great day!

Corina said...

What a nice tribute, my dear friend :) I feel really really happy for this... thanks a lot!!! You're a great person and real friend! I hope we can see each other somewhere in the near future :D