August 01, 2012


To the girl who sold me this blouse on E-Bay: I understand the auction didn’t end  the way you’d expected, but you still should have washed the blouse before sending it to me! It stunk to cigarette. Oh, and it’s a miracle the small envelope didn’t rip before making it to my mailbox. 
P.S.: You should quit smoking.

To Dante & Dimitri: Please, guys, stop hanging out on our neighbor’s roof and walls!

To Crystal Light: Your mojito powder juice rocks! I think this is the first flavor I actually enjoy drinking. Plus, I love its color! :P

To the snake which was awaiting us in the garage on Friday night: Please, do not come back. Be happy somewhere else.

To employees at Oscar Mayer: How on Earth am I supposed to unfold the turkey slices without breaking them?!

To Jenna: Thank you so much for having introduced me to Lose It! ;D

To my best friend: I disagree. I don’t think my watermelon balls look like dolphin fetuses.

To my new followers: Thanks a lot for joining this little blog! ;D I do appreciate it a lot!

To the anonymous commentators/spammers: I don’t care about your scams. Won’t open your links or read your comments.

To self: Focus! And make this a profitable day!

Have a great one, everybody! ;D


Jazz said...

Ahhh I laughed so hard at the watermelon balls thing! Hahaha.
Ew that is awful of the ebay seller, really rude. I bought my prom dress off ebay because I couldn't afford a big fancy one, but I still paid a decent amount, and it came in a smaller package than yours, no joke. It was SO creased, and was a none iron dress. I was soo annoyed! I know how you're feeling!
Oooo I love snakes!!
Enjoy the rest of your week xxx

Sian Lile said...

that top is nice even if it's stinky!
those kitties are naughty (and cute)
down with spammers!x

Katrin said...

Haha, Dante & Dimitri always make me laugh. They are awesome.
Did the girl respond to your message? How can you send stinky clothes? Eww!
Have a great day!

Laura L. said...

To Miki (from the snake in your garage): But I just wanted to be close to you! It's dank and lonely being a snake. And I'm hungry. Got any of those watermelon dolphin fetuses left?

To Miki (from me, as in Laura me): that is a lovely, sunshine-y shirt. It makes me want to create some sort of hybrid cherry-flower combo in my secret science lab. :D

Have a lovely day, lovely Miki!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

oooh... i need to get my hands on that crystal light mojito mix! sounds (and looks) refreshingly adorable! :)

Kirsten said...

I think smokers should be required to disclose their bad habits if they sell clothes/handmade goods/etc. It totally changes things. I can't stand the smell of smoke! And that packaging...eck.

I'm absolutely going to try that Crystal Lite flavor. It sounds delicious.

Love this post! A good way to get your thoughts out.

Chrissy said...

I can't believe she didn't wash it...that is unheard of!
Oh,, I would love to try that crystal light and I remember those slices of turkey ripping all the time!
Happy Wednesday! xxx

eli said...

jajajajaa por diossss qué genialidad, Miki!! Tu día fue totalmente provechoso con sólo concebir este post maravilloso!!!

seelvana said...

qué interesantes mensajitos!

grite y patalee!
celebre y festeje!
reclame lo que es suyo!

haciendo esas pequeñas cosas hacés de este un mundo mejor.

*amo esos gatos*

Courtney said...

Too funny! I love this post!

New follower from Musings of an Imperfect Mom

Nguyen Tien Manh said...

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Marisa Noelle said...

That's the one thing about Ebay - you just never know what you are getting. But it's like, come on - at least try and make an effort when you package and ship something, right? Last item I ordered was a so called vintage 60s dress - when I got it, it was clearly from the 80s and had a big hole in it where the tag was cut off because obviously the person wanted to fool me to thinking it as older than what it was. It smelled and was thrown into the envelope to boot. Oh gosh, sorry for my rant here...haha. These things get me going though:)

That thing about the watermelon balls had me laughing! Your posts always make me smile Miki. Happy Thursday! xo Marisa

lisa said...

This is such a funny post :) So cute how the kitties hang out on the neighbor's wall. So lame about the ebay shirt! I've bought stuff like that too, that was stinky or not vintage (like listed) but I'm always afraid to leave negative feeback because I don't want them to do it to me. It's a cute shirt though! Hopefully you can wash it out... Have a great day, friend!

ceci a. said...

Jajajja hasta cuando te quejás sos tierna y dulce! Te sale por los poros!

Nena Nadine said...

I was just thinking that the other day, how I am I saposta be able to get the meat apart with out tarring? Thanks for the kind words. I'm slowly making my way back into the blogger world. Catching up on all the blogs I follow first. Started like a month ago and I just made it to the M's today!

muy Luli said...

que show tus gatos!

que provechoso tu día! besotes!!


Burkha said...

lovely pictures! so so sweet!
i loved the mojito powder juice, I would like to try that. Specially because I hate preparing mojitos! I own a bar and I try to be a barwoman every weekend :) and I hate it when they ask me for mojitos! I have to go outside for the mint, wash it, then all the preparation step by step....aaaagg. and the rest of the people waiting in line to get their drink.
anyway, lovely blog! Mmmuack

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Aw, hope you got the stench out! It's a very nice blouse though:D

Have a happy weekend!

Coquis said...

To Miki: I enjoy reading your posts :) Have a great day and keep smiling!

Alone in the moon said...

"You should quit smoking"

Como me reí con eso, aun no entiendo como pueden vender cosas y entregarlas en ese estado tan calamitoso.

Me da mucha vergüenza ajena.

Lo de la serpiente me hizo estallar de risa!!

A seguir con las quejas que me encantó el humor!!!

Saludos y que tengas una bella semana

amyschmamey said...

The truth is. I think I followed your blog but deleted it when I did a mass purging of the over 500 blogs I was following. I didn't mean to. I'm following again. Furthermore this post is awesome.