August 11, 2012

Movie quotes

'Did you google cupcakes?' Aura asked her mom. Tiny Furniture.

'Life is already in 3D.' Setaphanie to Stephane. The Science of Sleep.

'I look forward to a good cry.' Sam to Andrew. Garden State.

'Seriously, Poppy, you can't make everyone happy.' Zoe to Poppy.
'There's no harm in trying, though; is there?' Poppy's reply. Happy-Go-Lucky.

'Philomene likes the sound of the cat's bowl on the tiles. The cat likes overhearing children's stories.' Speaker introducing Philomene, Amelie's friend's cat. Amelie.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These are wonderful:)
The bottom 3 are some of my favorite movies! I own the second one, but have yet to watch it, and I'll definitely look into the first!

Happy Sunday;)

Jazz said...

Ooo I've not heard of most of these films! Amelie always seems to be on TV but I never sit down and watch it, I'll definitely have to some time!
I love movie quotes, I agree with the 'Garden State' one, I always look forward to an extreme cry haha!

Katrin said...

I have seen Amelie so many times and I never get enough. I need to see it again!
Have a lovely Sunday, Miki!

Kirsten said...

I always remember that Garden State quote. It always make me feel less like a sad-sack when I cry.

Marisa Noelle said...

Ok you've manage to put all my favorite movies in one post! It's been way too long since I've seen all of them too so now I have lots to keep me occupied over the next week:). Goodness I adore Amelie! Have the most splendiferous week Miki!

seelvana said...

uy la de Amelié no la recordaba!