August 19, 2012

Incoming & outgoing mail

Here's a peek at my incoming and outgoing mail. I gotta tell you, this week was all about great surprises. I have the best pen-pals ever! And the funny thing is that your letters always arrive the right moment when I need a hug, a word of encouragement, something to make me smile. Are you guys psychics?! You definitely rock! ;D

This first package came as a great surprise. When I saw it by my door, I couldn't believe my eyes and more so when I opened it. This beautiful package is from Dorothy :D.

Look at all that she sent! To say that I love everything would be an understatement. Saturday night I ate the Indonesian noodles; they were delish! :p I can't believe she gathered so many awesome things. This will be very difficult to top, but I'll have fun trying my best ;).

This cute box below took a long time to get to this house, but there's a reason. It came all the way from the UK, I believe it got to Canada too and then made its way to California. Suki knew I live in the States, but wrote Canada instead of USA, haha. Someone at one point corrected it in red pen and this little treasure got to my hands. I'm so glad it did!

She sent me some awesome buttons and a cat heart you can find on her etsy! And the letter ... Oh, my, the letter! It's a garland made with rounded pages sewn together :P.

These past couple of weeks I got not one but four envelopes from Mary! There's one that I haven't snapped yet and the pink envelope on the right is actually from Anne.

I forgot to take a photo of the contents in Anne's envelope and I've already used them :/. There was a little envelope and some cool stickers.

Last but not least, my awesome husband surprised me with a package, too. I saw a huge box by our door after coming back from my monthly library meeting and had no idea what it could be. As soon as I started opening it and saw this, I knew exactly what it was :P.

He had mentioned he wanted to get a toaster, but since we're on saving mode, we didn't get one. He spoils me so much! :D And needless to say, I love our new toaster!

We knew it wasn't going to work as well as shown in the photos, but it actually does a better job than we had expected ;).

Aaand this is some of my outgoing mail. I usually forget to take pictures of my letters, but here are a few I've just sent. I'm sorry if I'm spoiling the surprise to some of you ... I guess I should've waited a bit longer to post this. Well, it's too late now :/.

Thank you all for the wonderful mail! :D

Have you been sending and writing letters, too?

May we all have a wonderful and productive week! ;D



Katrin said...

Oh wow, I love all your mail, Miki!
I really need to go to a craft store and get some cool stuff. And I need some time to write letters and craft also!
Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Cori said...

Hi Miki!
I love your new toaster :)
I've just sent you a few e-mails with some updated photos that I hope you like. Have a lovely week :D

JoAnna said...

Love your new toaster. I've always been curious if it actually works. If I could, I would have my entire kitchen Hello Kitty-fied.

Thank you the letter and goodies! Loved it all!

Hope you have a good week :)

Elisse said...

Your new toaster is too cute! Such a sweet husband :)

And I absolutely adore all your mail! So colorful and happy, your mailbox must 've been so happy :) The little box from Suki is so adorable! Thank god it still arrived at your door :)

Chrissy said...

Oh my goodness, that toaster is super cute! Mail surprises are awesome! xxx

The Perfect Pear said...

NO FREAKING WAY! oh my goodness what I wouldnt do for a totally adorable toaster like that, my goodness you are one lucky girl! :)

Maria said...

miki, what amazing friends and gifts you received! i am a lover of cats, so i was loving all of the sweet gifts. that hello kitty toaster is awesome. omygosh, i have never seen one before.
i would be making toast every morning. lol.
i hope you have a wonderful day. <3

Katie said...

Hi Miki! Wow I love all of your pictures of your incoming and outgoing mail! Your penpals are so thoughful and kind, I'm happy to be your penpal, now, too. :D I love your mail art, and will be sooo happy to see your letter in my mail slot.!
The letter made from garland sewn together is so kool! Very, very creative! I love it!
Thats so cute someone crossed out Canada and put USA :D I'm so glad your package reached you.
I love the Hello Kitty toaster! Its so cute!! hehe. Such a nice gift from your Husband. <3

Dorothy Explor'r said...

aw :) SO GLAD you like the items, miki! kindred spirits deserve good people in their lives! <3

and that is one darling toaster!


Kirsten Renz said...

Great mail as usual. That's the cutest ever toaster!

eli said...

jaa! no imaginaba que las tostaditas iban a salir con la imagen de Kitty, qué divertido! Y cuánto lindo snail mail!!
Besos y buena semana Mikiii!

vero mariani said...

eeeeeeh qué lindo recibir tantos correos miki!!! y esas tostadas POR DIOS! geniales!!! beso enormeeeeeeeee

Marisa Noelle said...

Holy moly Miki! You've had quite the week here with all these beautiful packages. That little scalloped one would sure make my heart skip a beat and look at all those lovely darlings that your pals have stuffed inside. I need to get myself some pen pals, I swear. I had so many as a kid that's I've lost touch with over the years! It's sad that it's such a lost practice today. So sweet to see you reviving the whole movement :)

Have an awesome week darlin! xo Marisa

eskimo*rose said...

How lovely - you really do have the best pen-pals ever!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Those are all wonderful! And that toaster is the cutest<3 And it does do a pretty decent job:)

seelvana said...

yo mandé yo mandé!
pero no llegan :(

polka dot said...

Oh Miki these are lovely! You are lovely. It was so nice to hear from you out of the blue - I've thought of you and hope all is going well. We've got lots to catch up on. Actually... we really should send letters to each other! When I'm home I'll send you my post address (I can't send emails while I'm on holiday unless you want to use my travel address:

You're reminding me that I really should send proper letters to my lovely elderly aunt. She doesn't use a computer and she's posted me beautiful long letters in the past.

And I love that toaster - did I see it's from your HUSBAND?? : ) we DO have a lot to catch up on!

Happy for you: you're clearly very happy, and deservedly so. much love miki! xo

Suki said...

Hi Miki! I'm so happy my little round parcel made it in the end!

I always love seeing your incoming and outgoing mail. It's like getting a whole bunch of extra parcels!

I'm not online much at the moment :( missing blogging and reading lovely blogs like yours! Will be in touch by email :)