August 21, 2012

Add a song to my playlist, will you? ;)

Ok, gals! It's time to leave the sadness and frustration from the last few posts behind. Time for a more pumped-up and chipper post. And it's also time to say thank you all for being so kind, considerate and awesome! Every single comment is very much appreciated; you guys rock! You lift me up when I'm down, take the time to give me pieces of advice and put a smile on my face even when my eyes are all watery from feeling blue.

Today I want to talk to you about something that is actually making me feel happy about myself. A few months ago I started a diet to lose weight, because you have no idea how many pounds/kilos I've put on ever since I moved! My weight has always been an issue in my life and I know it'll continue to be. I have ups and downs, but 2010 and 2011 have been hard on me on different aspects. Getting ready to say goodbye to my loved ones, packing my life in a bag (and Dimitri!), adapting to living in a new country (and with a man, haha!), looking for work to no avail ... All those things have affected my mind, heart and body. It was time to say enough and take serious measures.

I don't want to be skinny. I don't want to starve. I want to be healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin again. Being in a foreign country is hard enough; being in a foreign country when you feel you're not you anymore is even harder. I know that losing weight and being healthy is going to help me re-gain the confidence I lost. That's my goal and what I'm working for right now. I'm taking my time to meet this goal and that's fine.

I'm trying not to eat so much junk and for the first time in my life I'm doing exercise regularly. I loathe physical exercise! However, I'm kind of getting the hang of running on the treadmill. It's unheard-of but I love admitting that I'm starting to enjoy it :). When I run, I get tired and am in pain and that makes me feel alive. I feel stupid writing that, but it's true. It's one little productive thing I get to do every day. It benefits my body and I've realized it also benefits my mind.

Anyway, to the point! In order to complete at least a full half an hour of exercise, I rely on music. I take my laptop computer to the garage (where our treadmill is) and play music videos on YouTube. It keeps me pumped, motivated and entertained as I do the not-so-fun part. I've been listening to the same 20 or 30 songs for months now and I'm starting to feel I need to extend my playlist. This where you come in! I'd really appreciate it if you could suggest songs you think are  suitable for running. And when I say this I mean songs that are lively and/or danceable ;). When on the treadmill I even play songs that I would not normally listen to in any other context. I do throw in an occasional Belle & Sebastian song, but the treadmill calls for faster paced tunes.

I'll list some of the songs I usually play and I'll let you guys fill the comment box with suggestions! Please??? ;D Thanks a lot in advance! :P

Songs in English

Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip.

We're Trying to Stay Alive by Wyclef Jean. In my head I rap and dance this song perfectly. In real life, I can do neither, haha.

Alright by Supergrass.

Paper Planes by M.I.A. I recently realized that Mike D and Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys made a short appearance in this video.

Selfish Jean by Travis. I didn't know Demetri Martin was a famous comedian until I got here.

Old Pop in an Oak by Rednex. Please tell me you've heard this song! David swears he's never ever listened to it.

Never Wanted to Dance by Mindless Self Indulgence.

Common People by Pulp.

Release Me by The Like.

Beggin' by Madcon. I've been obsessed with this song ever since I saw those Adidas TV commercials.

Hold it In by Jukebox the Ghost.

Songs in Spanish

Risa by Babasonicos.

Here Comes the Mayo by Molotov.

Las Flores by Cafe Tacuba.

Tu Estilo es un Free Pass by Nerd Kids.

Well, these are just a few songs in my playlist. There are more by Camera Obscura, Kula Shaker, etc.

Thanks for your suggestions! ;D

Have a wonderful day!


Sarah Evans said...

Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal (because it's bonkers!)

The Fear by Lily Allen (because she is sarky and stuff)

So What by Pink

They should get you pumping!


chantilly said...

miki! i've missed you so! i'm so glad you're taking these steps to be healthy and better yourself! xox

Chrissy said...

I love "Set fire to the Rain" from Adele when I'm walking/ running! Very up tempo!
I am glad you are starting to feel better! I, too, missed you!
Love ya, girl!
Hugs xxx

OtherMix said...

Does Spanglish count too? :p
Ricky Martin - Maria (Spanglish Radio Edit)

Katrin said...

HAHA, MIKI! Sure I know Old pop in an oak! You just made me laugh so much! I heard that as a teenager a lot. It was a hit at all our teeny parties. Haha.
My suggestion:
Apply some pressure by Maximo Park
That always makes me run!
Please click here:
Love, Katrin

lisa said...

Yeah- I love Common People! As for suggestions... do you ever listen to CSS, the Brazilian pop group? 'Let's make love and listen to death from above' always gets me movin' :)

lissa said...

I can't recommend any exercise appropriate songs, although when I'm feeling in a slump, I listen to Maroon 5 - I don't know if you have heard of this band but their songs are pretty fast.

I wish you luck in your quest. you can do it!

Heike said...

Rihanna: Don't stop the music AND We found love
Maroon 5: Move like Jagger
Adam Lambert: Trespassing

I know I know very mainstream but these songs make me move ( and run outside!)

Keep it up lady! :)

Clara Turbay said...

love it! nice ideas!

seelvana said...

aplaudo tu iniciativa!
te tiro una banda, vos ya seleccionarás qué tema va para cada parte de tu entrenamiento!

Gracias a estos tipos nunca llego tarde al trabajo.
Tienen algunos temitas tranquilaucha como 'La Plage' pero dejalos para cuando estás arrancando o terminando. Para cuando estés corriendo iracunda en la cresta de la ola ponete 'I love London'.
Espero que algunos gramos se vayan con esta gente.

Niken said...

I don't know appropriate songs for exercise. And the songs I listen to when I'm feeling slump are various. Shakira ft. Wyclef 'hips don't lie' will make you want to shake your hips. And justin bieber. Haha. Baby and Eenie Meenie Money surprisingly pump me up. But I always listen to The Killers though. No matter what

Jen Umm said...

this is incred, love the photos
Great post, thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

Sian Lile said...

you always look small and cute in your pictures! but anyway,i too could do with losing weight... I go to yoga quite a bit and zumba sometimes...once i get into a routine it's fine and i feel great, and then i miss one session and i end up taking a month off! argh! i need to stick with it!! good luck!x

Hello Naka said...

im glad your feeling btter about yourself, i used to despise running, but now i really enjoy it, i normally stick to the treadmill, but when i run in the open i feel so free

The Perfect Pear said...

oh my gosh, I totally forgot about paper planes! haha its such a fun song to clean to, not that cleaning is any fun! :P

Kirsten Renz said...

I need to make a new workout playlist. I must admit, I listen to some...heavier music when I run. Stuff I don't think most would enjoy, but am going to try running to more happy songs! Thanks for the list!

Marisa Noelle said...

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks by Los Campesinos always gets me going :)

Happy for you Miki! I think getting on the road to health is sometimes one of the hardest things to do. I'm on the exact same road - and it's not always easy, but very rewarding in the end, when you realize you have so much more energy than ever before.

Very best wishes! Paper Planes is always a good classic on my list as well!