August 31, 2012

A compendium of somethings - Remarkable blogs

Happy Friday, everyone! And happy Labor Day to all hard-working Americans (in advance)! Here's a compendium of a few remarkable blogs I've recently stumbled upon; enjoy!

Something beefy: Ha! Meat America is a blog which compiles meat pictures taken by photographer Dominic Episcopo.

Something to keep your house organized: I heart organizing is the ideal blog for those seeking tips on how to clear up clutter.

Something to make you smile: And piss you off at times. Lol damn is a source of jokes, animated gifs and .


How to speak like a Bostonian

Something for cat lovers: This adorable blog called My Two Cents is run by Argetine girl Soledad and combines 3 of my favorite things: cats, music and movies. Isn't her art just adorable? :p






Something for vintage cut-out lovers: Over at Il Favoloso Mondo di Carta di Toto you'll find tons and tons of cool vintage templates and figurines. 

Something for fabric lovers: Ok, this is not a blog (yet), it's an etsy called Nana Gracy, you got me. But I needed to tell you about this store; look at all the beautifully patterned yards of fabric you can get here!

Something for the curious: Industry of One is a blog that features people with different professions and their relationship with their line of work and style. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Something for color + design lovers: Plenty of Colour.

Isn't this the most beautiful school you've ever seen?

Have a great weekend, everyone! And a long weekend if you live in the States! :p

And if you want to win a piece of clothing from my closet, just scroll down and read the post before this one ;).


OtherMix said...

Cute things! I found the strawberry gif very adorable! :]

Sarah Evans said...

Thanks for the lovely links!! Have a great weekend :)


lissa said...

I want to go to that school. if it had existed when I was going to school, I wouldn't have hate it so much.

have a great day.

Alone in the moon said...

Excelentes recomendaciones Miki, estoy mirando una por una y así seguirlas.
Un lindo post que hace que conozcarnos nos sea mucho mas fácil.

Beso grande y que tengas un lindo finde!!

Kirsten Renz said...

I Heart Organizing is bound to be a new favorite. Thanks for sharing!

Katrin said...

Miki, I love love love your posts! :)
And I am also a huge fan of cats, music and movies so thank you for sharing that blog! It's awesome!
Have a wonderful long weekend, my dear! Hugs!

Allison said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous! I'm shopping there now!!
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seelvana said...

como siempre increíble!
me gustó lo de la comida y el AH!

Nena Nadine said...

That meat blog is to funny. Also I would like to make that school my home!

hello bunnies said...

Wow, that school looks amazing. I want to work at a school like hat!!!

Corina said...

Hello and Happy Sunday, Miki!
How are you? It's been a while since we haven't caught up :(
I love this post and I really can't believe the colorful school... it's just adorable :)
Thank you once again for sharing these nice things with us!
Lots of love from BA

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

these are all super cute! i want the fabrics!

lindsey louise

Marisa Noelle said...

Ah man, this looks like hours and hours of eye candy, that's for sure! How do you manage to find the most beautiful, nifty, and clever things out there. Looks like a rainy day tomorrow will bring more internet surfing time for me...hehe. Between the plenty of colour and organizing sites, I'm not where to begin - but I will surely be popping back here to start! Have a wonderful week Miki! xo Marisa

Lula said...

loved many things!! I am sending you an email

Ponja said...

Miki, muchas gracias por haber compartido mi blog :*), me siento muy halagada. Te mando un beso, un fuerte abrazo y como 500 besos en naricitas y orejitas a Dimitri y a Dante.