August 03, 2012

A compendium of somethings - Personality traits

Hello, everybody! Can you believe it's August yet? I'm flabbergasted! I can't believe in a couple of months we'll be having all things pumpkin-spiced, wearing thick coats and even putting up our Christmas trees! But anyway, today is time for another compendium of somethings! Enjoy ;).

Something for the uptight: OK, maybe not uptight, but rude, ha. Douchebag indelicate coastersNasty sticky notes and Hey asshole pad.

Something for the brand-obsessed: The logo board game

Something for the naughty: Body talk edible tattoo set and Candy tattoos from Dylan's Candy Bar.

Something for nerds: This set of  Scrabble coasters brings two complete sets of alphabets and costs $20.

Minesweeper postcards??? Yes, please! :P They're $2.

Have you tried fontBomb, yet? You can destroy web text by bookmarking the link and then clicking it when you're viewing the page you want to destroy.

Now I can literally destroy spam, haha.


Something for the childish: Awe, love this UP coffee table

Something for pranksters: Wanna fool your coworkers and friends with these milk caramel erasers? Hehe :p.   

Something for the quantitative: Pie chart sticky notes

Something for the practical: Magazine rack chair

Something for the gluttonous: OK. I totally fit this category. I love having a tortilla salad from El Pollo Loco ... And I eat pretty much the whole tortilla bowl, yum. I'd also eat up this cookie cup.


Something for the original/artsy: And may I add crazy? I can't even imagine myself trying to stick these paper eyelashes onto my eyelids.

Something for the melodramatic: I'm fine T-shirts

Hope you all have a great weekend! ;D


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Awesome post! So many fun things, I can't even remember all:D Loved that cookie cup idea!
Ooh yes, and that minesweeper card is amazing!

Hello Naka said...

omg i want one of those shirts so bad! and the magazine rack and the minsweep postcard, omg can i just have everything in this post #:p they are always so quirky ^_^

Anne's Mail said...

I definitely need the sticky notes and the journal! Great post, Miki! :)

Bubbles said...

What great finds, I loved everything.

Katrin said...

Every time I read your posts I want to go shopping. :) Thanks Miki, you rock!

Mary Has Sound said...

That table is my favorite!! And I think I'm going to buy those postcards.

Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh, these are all amazing! You really always find the best stuff! Even though I am not a fan of the brand that much I love that waffle maker! It would be perfect for my SIL, she loves LV! xxx

Coquis said...

Hi Miki!
Are you having a nice Friday? I really cannot decide which item I prefer... most of them are fantastic and I'm already thinking how to have them :-o
How do you find these things? Congrats on the compilation :)
I wish you guys an awesome weekend!
Have fun :D

Kirsten said...

I don't know why but I've never been a fan of eating my food container - ice cream cones, salad tortilla bowls...nothing. Weird.

But I love those pie chart sticky notes!

seelvana said...

nena te zarpaste!
quiero el tostador, la bomba ya la usé jujuju
los postit de gráfico son divinos y la silla revistero le vendría bien a mi novio!

Excelente compilado!
Buen finde ;)

eli said...

Cuántas boludeces divinassss!!! Me encantó la Hey Asshole pad jajaa!

Caa + Cym said...

quiero todo, la wafflera me mato :D

besos !

Magical Day Dream said...

Love the table cloth and balloon table. So much fun!



OtherMix said...

Great things! The coasters are pretty funny! :3