August 10, 2012

A compendium of somethings for lovers

The title sounds a little provocative, but I'm not talking about lovers as partners; no, no, no. Although I highly recommend listening to this song as you go through this post ;).

Something for stationery lovers: I'm sure most of you will love the following items as much as I do. I'm actually drooling! :p.

Something for book & movie lovers: Tees from Tomas & Anouk. Awe, I want the first one! :p

Look at this awesome book maze in London! If you're lucky enough to be in that city, you can visit this installation until August 25th.

Something for typography lovers: Letter pressed cookie cutters.

Something for color lovers: Fantone

This TV commercial

Pretty colorful and interesting info ;). 
Click on source links to see images full size.



Something for classic game lovers: Twister duvet covers.

Something for food lovers: All of the following (mouth-watering) blogs.

Something for Ryan Gosling + Tumblr lovers: I have seen these all over Pinterest, now you can have them all condensed in a book, haha.

Something for packaging lovers: I particularly like the following blogs:

Lovely Package
That's where I spotted these awesome pencils.

They featured these adorable tea bags.

Packaging Uqam
Thanks to this blog, I learned there's something called miswak, a tooth-cleaning twig which is used in the Middle East in replacement of a toothbrush and toothpaste.

    By the way, there's an extra compendium of somethings over at Lisa's blog ;).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ;D


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Great collection, yet again:D
I love that first kit!

And I've always wanted to try a miswak! Have yet to find one though...

Have a great weekend, Miki!

OtherMix said...

Bunny wave! XD I'd love to see the behind the scenes version of it! :D

seelvana said...

excelente como siempre!

pero te comiste una P en el tìtulo

buen fin de semana Mikiiiiii!

Katrin said...

Awww, Miki! You are so wonderful! Now I need to travel to New York and spend all my money online shopping! How do you always find all these wonderful things?
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear! Hugs!

Kirsten said...

I've been eyeing that personal library kit since I was in high school. I'm in LOVE with old library stuff. I'm so mad they don't use stamps anymore. I actually made order cards for my business specifically so I could use date stamps! I'm glad I have a fellow stationary nerd to talk to!

Burkha said...

me encantan los compilados que haces! todas las cosas son súper interesantes.
me encantaron las tazas scrable ;)

Vanesha Prescilla said...

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