August 12, 2012


The always adorable Chrissy has tagged me with this blog award. I decided to do it because it's the perfect excuse for me to tell you random things about me. Plus, I love reading random facts about other people, too :p.

These are the rules:

1) Post the award logo on your blog and link back to the person who nominated you.
2) Tell seven things about yourself.
3) Nominate up to 15 additional bloggers whom you think deserve the award.
4) Post a comment on the blog of each nominee to tell them they have been nominated!

7 facts about me.

1. I have more magazines and books than this house can hold. This is what I bought on one single day of volunteering at the library. I can't emphasize it enough: check your local library for book sales. Even if they don't have a sales area, most hold 1 or 2 buck/s a bag sale on a regular basis or special annual sales where they get rid of tons of material for ridiculously low prices.

2. For a little while I was obsessed with bidding on E-bay. I won lots of auctions (mostly from China) for just cents. My latest purchase is a box of tea called "Stomach treasure", bahaha! I just tried it; a sip was enough to make me gag. You don't believe me? I can send you a sample so you gag, too, haha. 

3. I never check for follow-up comments when I comment on other blogs. That's why I don't reply to comments here either; I prefer to go to the commentator's blog and write a reply there or e-mail the person. 

4. I don't know how to apply liquid eyeliner. I've tried and tried, but nope! I can't get it right; even after watching a lot of tutorials. Speaking of make-up tuts, I find most of them frustrating because I can't replicate them on my Asian eyes. I recently found a few YouTube channels, though, that are quite useful. If you're Asian, too, you might want to take a look at La Belle Mel and Michelle Phan

And by the way, I fail at hair tutorials, too. Look at my braids! They look like Great Dane poop, hahaha. When I showed David what my hairdo was supposed to look like he said, "I like yours better!". That is actual love, I thought. Although now I'm thinking he was only trying to get me out of the house to arrive at the family gathering on time ...

5. I have never felt so unaccomplished as I do now. My hope was to become a better person here and I'm not even half the person I used to be. Sometimes I wonder if I'm depressed, but I convince myself I'm not. I know that it all relies on me and that I need to try harder; I just lost the drive, stamina and motivation to try to better myself.

6. I wore a black dress the day David and I got married. I had bought a beautiful 50s style blue dress before moving (A Vero Ivaldi during the sales. Girls from Bs. As. you know what I'm talking about), but I put on weight and couldn't fit in it that day :(. We didn't have a wedding reception or anything, but I'd have loved to wear it when we got our marriage license.

7. I miss Argentine TV commercials to death! TV ads here are not as funny (no offense, anyone). Would my adorable pals from Argentina please recommend any commercial I might have missed? Thanks a lot!!! ;D

The girls I want to tag are  Mary, Hello BunniesKatrinKatie and  Kirsten.

Have a great week, everyone! ;D


Jazz said...

You're like my mum haha, she has so many magazines, I'm constantly telling her off because they're left EVERYWHERE! The stairs, sofa, kitchen counters, the landing, hallway!!
I do the same with follow-up comments, it would be nice though if Blogger would create some kind of notification thing where it says when someone has replied to you on their blog.
& keep trying with the eyeliner, it took me about a year to get the hang of it, and it's still not perfect, but if you look closely, not many people do it perfect anyway ;) you'll get there eventually!

Katrin said...

Aww, Miki! You are so sweet! Thank you so much! :))))))) It's such an honor! :)) Thank you, thank you, thank you! :))
And yeah...books and magazines! I have soooo many and not enough space for all of them. But I don't stop buying!

lissa said...

I don't know how to apply eyeliner. liquid would have been even a greater challenge.

hope you have a great day.

ceci a. said...

Miki, no te castigues así! Cómo que no sos ni media Miki? NO te creo. Vos sos una tierna que ahora estará encontrando otras facetas suyas, pero depresiva? Si? Te parece? Hmmm a mí no.

Por lo demás me hiciste reír mucho!
Un beso ENORME y per´don mi ausencia. Mucha cosa mucha este tiempo!

Bubbles said...

Thanks for sharing these facts, it was interesting to read. You are not the only one who can't follow tutorials I'm just awful. Mine mostly is wanting to do nice things with my hair...

Gaby said...

Did you try Odesk yet? I'm not sure what you do or used to do. But I got a lot of translation, tutoring and other admin work in Eng/Spa there. Each job doesn't pay much, but it adds up quickly.
I use it to buy things online so I don't have to use cash or credit cards.
if you need tips, email me =)

seelvana said...

juajua, el segundo el traductor de google no me lo tradujo bien, y como mi inglés no es bueno, no entendí nada!

el resto me causaron gracia, algunos ya sabía y otros me alarmaron! Lo que sigue te lo mando por privado MIIIII!

hello bunnies said...

Miki! Thanks for the tag. it was fun! I enjoyed reading your 7 facts and thinking of my own.

I will make sure to always respond to your comments on your blog instead of my own now :P and if you are curious for a beauty guru who helps you with liquid eyeliner for Asian eyes, i'd recommend frmheadtotoe. She has a few good eye makeup tutorials, specifically for Asian eyes. I love Michelle Phan! she was the first guru I found to become a fan of!

ZaZa said...

Hola Miki, para aprender a delinearte los ojos creo que le única clave es practicar y practicar, suerte con eso!

Chrissy said...

Love this! You are so cute! I had so much fun reading this!
Hope your week is wonderful so far!
Hugs xxx

Lalav said...

So this is what you are like when you are not in top mood?! That sounds strange.. you really seem so lively!

Ps: I have plans to go to Argentina one day (I am a dancetherapist trained to the method of Argentinian dancer Maria Fux); I'll look for commercials in case!!

Happy summer Miki!

Kirsten Renz said...

Could we be more similar?!
I have a ton of books. I used to have more but then honestly went through and made myself give up the ones I knew I'd never re-read.

I went through an e-bay phase. It took MAJOR changes to get me to stop. I barely have any of the things I won auctions for now... haha.

I don't check follow-up comments either. I love that you respond via e-mail!

You should see my liquid eyeliner. Never ever ever symmetrical. I love how it looks on others but I'm incapable.

I do, however, wish you'd feel accomplished! I don't know too too much about you, but you have a beautiful blog with super nice and caring followers. It takes a lot to get a lot of people to care enough about you to comment daily!

If you see me in a white dress at my wedding, I'll be more surprised than you.

I can't say anything about Argentine TV commercials, but I'd love to see them!

Maybe when I'm not so overwhelmed I'll do this tag. Thanks for tagging me! I've been so swamped with stuff and not feeling myself. (which is also making it take more time for me to send you some mail, but I shall not forget!)

Hope you're having an awesome week and keeping your head up!

Eee longest comment ever...

Burkha said...

Nooo Miki! pq decís eso? pq estas triste? arriba el animoooo!!! buscare alguna actividad que te guste y dedicare a eso. no hay nada mejor que hacer lo que a uno le gusta, te renueva día a dia.
vamos! fuerza!!!

Suki said...

I loved reading the 7 things about you! I'm the same with magazines.

And btw, I think your hair looks much better than the pinterest version. You have amazingly gorgeous hair!