August 31, 2012

A compendium of somethings - Remarkable blogs

Happy Friday, everyone! And happy Labor Day to all hard-working Americans (in advance)! Here's a compendium of a few remarkable blogs I've recently stumbled upon; enjoy!

Something beefy: Ha! Meat America is a blog which compiles meat pictures taken by photographer Dominic Episcopo.

Something to keep your house organized: I heart organizing is the ideal blog for those seeking tips on how to clear up clutter.

Something to make you smile: And piss you off at times. Lol damn is a source of jokes, animated gifs and .


How to speak like a Bostonian

Something for cat lovers: This adorable blog called My Two Cents is run by Argetine girl Soledad and combines 3 of my favorite things: cats, music and movies. Isn't her art just adorable? :p






Something for vintage cut-out lovers: Over at Il Favoloso Mondo di Carta di Toto you'll find tons and tons of cool vintage templates and figurines. 

Something for fabric lovers: Ok, this is not a blog (yet), it's an etsy called Nana Gracy, you got me. But I needed to tell you about this store; look at all the beautifully patterned yards of fabric you can get here!

Something for the curious: Industry of One is a blog that features people with different professions and their relationship with their line of work and style. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Something for color + design lovers: Plenty of Colour.

Isn't this the most beautiful school you've ever seen?

Have a great weekend, everyone! And a long weekend if you live in the States! :p

And if you want to win a piece of clothing from my closet, just scroll down and read the post before this one ;).

August 28, 2012

Don't shop my closet - Get it for free!

Can you believe I was able to pack my whole life in just one bag when I moved? I, myself, sometimes find it hard to believe. What's even more surprising is that I brought clothes that I've never worn and probably never will. That's why I am here today. I was going to get rid of such items by donating them to Good Will or somewhere else, but I thought I could ask you first if you wanted them ;). So take this as a giveaway sorta thing, a way for me to say thank you for being there and a way to celebrate having reached 380 followers (yay!). 

Now let's set things straight. Each item will be sent to the winners as is; everything is in great condition as you can see in the pics and I will not be responsible for loss or damage during shipping. There are no returns because these are single items I own. Everybody in the world can participate, the only mandatory requirement is that you follow my blog; that's only fair, right? ;)

So here's how you can enter: you just need to leave a comment and let me know which item or items you want to get (that's right, you can participate for 1 or all of them). I'll randomly choose a winner on September 5th and will send the goodies by mail. That's it! Are you in? ;D Great!

Up for grabs, there are 5 items. I'll try to describe them as accurately as I can. Note that colors might be slightly different from the photos and that the measurements I took are approximate.

Paris necklace
This necklace (modeled by Katie, hehe) has only been worn once. It's made of fabric and plastic and it looks a bit worn out, but it did too when I first got it brand new. It's 7.9"/20cm long.

Tulle pleated shirt
This shirt/dress by Tulle is brand new. Unfortunately, I removed the tags before trying it on, so I couldn't return it when I realized it was too big.
It has two straps you can tie around your waist.

Size: XL
Length 34.4"/87.5cm
Waist: 47.2"/120cm
Bust: 42.9"/109cm
Sleeves: 26.4"/67cm

Vintage dress
I bought this dress on E-Bay as vintage. There are no labels, so I can't tell if it's actually vintage; judging by its material I'd say so. It has an invisible zipper on the back and medium-length sleeves. It feels like a size large and the fabric stretches a little.

Length: 41.7"/106cm
Waist: 37"/94cm

Mint cashmere cardigan
This cardi is really nice, but it's no really my style. It's 100% cashmere and has some embroidery on the front.

Size: S
Length:  19.1"/48.5cm
Width:  33.9"/86cm

I love this vest and wore it only once, but I'm getting rid of it because I don't really like to wear sleeveless pieces. It's really light, see-through and elegant.

Length:  17.1"/43.5cm
Width: 17.1"/43.5cm

You have time till Wednesday September 5th to enter.

I'd really appreciate it if you spread the word ;).

Hope you're all having a great day! ;D


PS: Dimitri say thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes he got! :P