July 29, 2012

Shopping in America

If you live in the States, this might be a very boring post. If you don't, though, you might find it amusing (maybe a little?). Every time I go grocery shopping I feel I'm taking a tour, not just checking items off my to-buy list. You can learn so much about the local culture just by browsing through the products on the aisles! When I'm at Walmart, I sometimes feel I come from very far away ... Which I do, duh, but I feel the gap between Argentina and America is even broader than I'd imagined. And don't let me get started with online shopping! The sales are actually real. It's so hard not to give in to temptation when you're offered so many incredible bargains. I hate to see myself fall for them; I don't want to be weak and feed the capitalist system so shamelessly! (Ok, I might have gone too far) Especially when we need to save. I try, though; but sometimes I just surrender.

This past Friday, for instance, I got an ad from Shoe Dazzle which read "Triple treat: 3 for $49.95". The second I opened the link, I knew that was it for me. 5 minutes later, these 3 babies were in my cart and 2 minutes later, I got an e-mail with my order confirmation.



In my defense, I haven't worn a pair of wedges for over 2 years. I didn't bring any from Argentina because they were all shabby and not worth stuffing into my suitcase. As for the satchel, I got it with the hope it'll match my new lipstick.


Coming back to grocery shopping, whenever I'm at the store I have my cell phone camera ready to go because I know I'll find something amusing to snap. Do you want to see some of my latest photos?

Chocolate cupcake mix in a jar!!! Who on Earth would think of a jar as a marketable container for cupcake mix?! It looks like a bottle of fabric softener! Something that also looks very unappealing to me is green tea sold in cans :/.

And white rice in the frozen section? Isn't that funny, too?

You can find containers for practically anything here. I'm not sure I'd buy one for a single cupcake, but they do look cute.

Here's something I'll definitely buy one day: colorful ice cream cups :p.

I'm impressed by the broad variety of products there are. Marshmallow vodka does not sound very appealing, though.

Unlike Argentina, people here peel corn off before buying it.

I kind of want one of these cute watermelon knives.

America is all about themes and seasons. If you like say, Hello Kitty, you can stuff your house with Hello Kitty trinkets, clothes, games and even food. Fall, for instance, is all about pumpkin spiced food, everything orange and spooky because of Halloween and Christmas ... I think mentioning that there's something called Christmas in July says how big this holiday in this country.

Home Depot is another place I really enjoy going to. There's a section where they customize your keys to the color and topic of your choice.

There's a place where you can test spray paint ...

And they sell 3-day survival kits! I had certainly never seen anything like this anywhere else.

What things caught your eye while in a foreign country?
What things from your home country do you think would amuse nonnatives?

Have a great week, everyone! ;D

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Chrissy said...

This is awesome and seeing all those familiar things make me want to go shopping there right away (not that I'd buy marshmallow vodka, haha)!
Love those wedges! They are hot!

I nominated you for a blog award, go over here to take a look!

Happy Monday xxx

Katrin said...

Haha, such a fun post! It is always an adventure for me to go grocery shopping in America! So many weird things that we don't have in Germany! I am in love with the watermelon knife too!
Have a great week!

Kirsten said...

I was JUST talking about that Marshmallow Vodka! A friend of mine tried it in chocolate milk (sounds gross but they LOVED it). I'm going to try it on our next girls night and I'll definitely let you know what I think.

As an American, I still enjoyed this post :]

Cindy said...

Wow, I've never seen it where the corn is shucked before buying it! That's new to me! Yeah, I don't know about the marshmallow vodka either--my thought was that maybe it would taste good in a cupcake frosting--like grown up s'mores?

Anne's Mail said...

In some areas people shuck their corn before buying it to make sure it's good (i.e., make sure the kernels are developed and there aren't any bugs eating away at the ear of corn).

The cupcake mix in a jar is really gross. I agree it looks like laundry soap or fabric softener!

There are so many pointless things for sale in America, it's just ridiculous. Walmart is especially bad though. The explosion of cheap (both in price and quality) *stuff* in this country drives me nuts sometimes. Admittedly I buy lots of stuff from anthro, so I can't pretend to be anti-stuff in general. It just seems like it's not worth it to buy something inexpensive if it also won't last you very long. People buy junk and then it breaks and they just throw it away and it all ends up in landfills. Ugh.
/end rant

vero mariani said...

llevame al super mikiiiiiiiiiiiiii jajajaa!

besos y muy buena semana querida!

Mary Has Sound said...

Okay, the corn shucking in the store is bizarre to me. I asked Matt and he said he's never seen that either. Maybe it's a west coast thing?

seelvana said...

qué dilema, querer frenar el consumismo pero temer que te tilden de socialista!
Te banco en la duda!

jajaja besooo///

Suki said...

I Love this post! Sometimes it feels like we live in such a homogenous world that these little differences and quirks are especially magical! I particularly enjoy america's exotic aspects because we speak the same language (or nearly) so there's a special thrill to find how different our cultures are, and to see parts of the US culture unfamiliar from the movies. When abroad I love the different products and smells of shops. I'll have to think about what's exotic in the UK - it is fun to think about one's own country in another way:)

Marisa Noelle said...

A cupcake holder!!! Ok, yes, I need one of those. I saw an onion holder in the store - Michael's Craft Store - the other day and all I could think of is, what the heck? Haha - gotta love the US, right? I will admit though, I rarely go in Walmart because it absolutely frightens me. I swear every time I'm there, a fight breaks out and it's not like I live in a dangerous area - just a small town. Oh my - sorry for rambling here - very cute and witty post Miki:) Have the loveliest week darling! xo Marisa

Anonymous said...


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Have a great week.

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lisa said...

First of all- I LOVE the shoes and satchel you bought, they are so fun and you have to share pics of you in your shoes! It's fun to see your perspective of weird shopping things that seem normal to us, like over-doing the seasons and that selection of keys :) I've never seen batter in a jug like that!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

haha. what a cute post! nonetheless, i do wholeheartedly enjoy reading about the foreign perceptions of us americans. :) btw, i haven't forgotten about you!

Mystery shopper experts said...

Wow, what an interesting article. You could become a great mystery shopper with your passion for discovering great finds, even in grocery stores! Keep those fun posts coming!

Nena Nadine said...

I've never seen a brownie mix like that. That's crazy! Even though I live in America I don't see alot of this stuff. Small town Wisconsin is quite different than California.

Coquis said...

As you probably know, I LOVE having a look at supermarkets abroad, since you usually find many products you're not used to.
I remember being in Oz and seeing already prepared salads, which called my attention at that time, since it is very uncommon in Argentina.
I was also amazed at the great variety of good-quality frozen food at low prices in German supermarkets. In Buenos Aires they are usually very expensive and not tasty at all.
When foreigners come to Argentina they are usually shocked when they see stuff related to "mate"... I guess you know what I'm talking about ;)