July 05, 2012

A little help from my friends?

Hi, everybody! How have you been? Today I'm here seeking for help. Yes, all you fashionistas and gals with more common sense than me, help me out, please! We're having an informal wedding party on Saturday and I'm not sure what to wear. I was planning to put on the dress I wore the day I got married (hang on, before you start booing, it's black), but the zipper broke and I didn't get it fixed on time. I went to the mall on Tuesday and I bought one I really like at Anthropololgie for less than a quarter of its original price! :p The thing is I don't know what to pair it with.

I love its 50s vibe, color and texture. I was planning to pair it with a thin red belt; I thought it was a perfect outfit until David saw the combo and told me it was too elf-y. Totally true. Hadn't seen that before. I kind of like the way the dress looks without the belt, but it's too flat. So what do you say, belt: yes or no?

What about the footwear? I randomly put on these booties but I think my orange shoes are a better option. I believe that green and orange match, right? But then again, if I end up wearing the red belt, is the green + red + orange  combination compatible?

Last but not least, I was kind of looking forward to wearing a pink lipstick I won in a giveaway. I never ever wear lipstick because it makes me look too weird. However, I think pink lips would be an unexpected accessory ... But that's probably a bad idea.

I'll also need to bring a coat since the wedding party will be held outdoors in a golf course and it gets really chilly at night here in SoCal; I have no appropriate coat but the one I have will have to do. Oh, I'm also wearing a black bag and black tights.

Green, red, orange, black and pink all at the same time can't be good, I can kinda guess that! Ha! So what do you say? What should I wear? Help me, please!

 Thanks a lot! ;D And have a great day!


hello bunnies said...

Cute Dress - and what a steal.. getting it for a quarter of full price at anthropology is so rare, especially for a dress that cute!!

I like the belt, but I can't really tell w/ the color. Maybe if it's too red i could see how it could look elf-y. It would look cute w/ a brown belt or a color that matches the orange shoes because I agree that orange and green go well together -- especially those tones. You can get a thin brown belt from forever 21 if you have one near you for cheap (only $5 or less). H&M is another option for cheap belts.

As for the pink lipstick, I think it looks nice on you! you should do it. It's a fun look :)

Sian Lile said...

hello!! i love the dress too. it looks cute with the belt but i agree with hello bunnies - maybe the orange shoes and a different colour belt? or if you don't want to get another belt it still looks adorable without!!

Flor said...

Hola Miki!
buen, coincido con los comments anterioriores, antes de leerlos te iba a decir que cambies el cinturón, que es mas facil que cambiar de zapatos. Comprate uno usado, o nuevo barato o tambien a mi me funciona siempre colocarme un lazo de tela, yo uso mucho las telas de punto porque al corte quedan bien no necesitan costura, sino si tenes alguna tela del tono de los zapatos y textura similar (o no) a la del vestido podes cortar y coser, vos te das maña con lo manual y podes atartelo en la parte trasera con un moño. Sobre maquillaje, yo no entiendo nada, solo se que el color te queda bien, no creo que influya en el color de la ropa por lo suave que es, que cartera vas a llevar? es necesario llevar un abrigo? yo me pondria alguna hebillita en los tonos de los zapatos.
Uy espero no haber sido re densa!!

Flor said...

uy que bolu, evidentemente no leí el post hasta el final. Cartera negra, medias negras, un lazo o cinturon oscuro irian bien, pero fijate de algun accesorio que esten en la tonalidad de los zapatos. Bah, me parece a mi!!

Katrin said...

You look adorable, Miki! I love the dress!
And I have to say that I am definitely for the belt and the orange shoes! And the pink lipstick. I don't think it's too much at all. It all goes great with the green and it's the same color family. I would definitely go for it.

seelvana said...

adhiero a las sugerencias del Florengcia, medias negras re va, cinturón: Sí.
Zapatos rojos, cinto rojo y boca roja? eso usaría yo, aunque parezca una ruleta jajajaj.
Beso y éxitos!
Sino mostrá el vestido de casorio! capaz con alfiler de gancho escondido zafa!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

...i, personally, would wear the green dress with nude shoes and some accessories that pop!

but, considering what you have available - including the black handbag and stockings - go with the booties and pink lipstick. maybe a pink belt/accessory?

but then again, it also depends on your personal style and personality! if you can pull it all off - you go girl, too! ;D


Mary Has Sound said...

I think I actually like the dress without a belt at all, regardless of color. I know I originally suggested that but it's got a nice shape once it's on. I am pro pink lipstick 100%. And I like the shoes you're wearing.

Allison said...

Wow, what a gorgeous dress! I actually really like how you are wearing it in the mirror with the red belt and booties. I think it looks great like that!!! And while I love the pink lipstick, I'm thinking it might look amazing to wear red lipstick to match the red belt! Good luck- you're going to look gorgeous no matter what you wear!
P.S. I'm having a $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don't forget to enter! :)
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Kirsten said...

I love it with a belt, but maybe a more neutral colored one? And I loooove the pink lipstick! Especially if you keep the belt and shoes understated.

Definitely loving the dress totally by itself, too. Green suits you!

Anne's Mail said...

Is this the Ganni dress? (anthro addict here...) Great find!!

Did you ask the girls at the store? They usually have great suggestions :)

Honestly I like the dress without the belt. That dress has great shape already, and since the belt doesn't sit where the 'skirt' part of the dress begins it looks sort of off. I think that's the problem more than the color.

If you're wearing black tights I would go with the black booties. Also, if you don't have a coat you can just go with a big scarf and use it as a wrap. If your scarf has orange in it though then go with the orange shoes!

I don't wear makeup so can't help you with that part, sorry.

Fashion babel said...

love that dress.and glasses, they fit you perfectly!

Clara Turbay said...

that look is awesome!

Suki said...

Personally, I love it (and I really do love this gorgeous dress!) without the belt, with the green ankle boots and *with* the pink lipstick which I think looks lovely! You are so pretty and I love your style :)

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I know this has come and gone...since I already read your post about what you wore...but I have to say you look FANTASTIC! If you ever go to wear this dress again...yes to the belt. Yes to the orange shoes and yes to the lipstick!! Wear it all because it's all fabulous...we only live once...mine as well have fun!


OtherMix said...

Bit late but I would prefer it without a belt! :3

And you have a new follower too :]