July 18, 2012

Contrasts: Our living room before & after

I used to have a quite regular feature where I'd compare two or more things such as our cats, restaurants, Argentina-America, etc; you can find such posts under the tag "contrasts". This is not a comeback, but I thought it made sense to show you the first stage of our living room makeover as a before/after contrast post :).

Our living room - part I 

We had planned to start making our house our home as soon as I got in this country, but for different reasons we kept putting that off. This year, as soon as we got our tax money, we started house shopping and it's been FUN!


I failed to take a good picture of the living room before, so this one will have to do. The boxes on the floor are our new piece of furniture :).

The process

I can't take any credit in this stage because David put everything up himself without help. I think it took him about half a day to complete the whole piece.

We got our wallpaper the next day, so we kept the protective transparent plastic on the black part. We should have probably done the wall first and then put up the piece of furniture, but we got too excited and couldn't wait :p.

About using wallpaper, let me tell ya something, walls can be a bitch, haha! Specially when they're not perfectly even like ours. There was a lot of sanding, bitching, aligning patterns, getting rid of bubbles (a lot of bubbles) and more bitching. But we did it!

 We moved the furniture back onto the wall to see what the whole combo looked like and the next morning we started trimming the edges, which wasn't easy either.


We did the best we could, but since we're not 100% happy with our job, we're going to add moldings to sorta frame the wall and hide the imperfections on the edges. The black material looks really shiny now that we've taken the plastic off :).

Next up is moving David's computer to the office and the drum set to the garage (where he's building a small recording studio). We'll eventually also change this couch to an L shaped one, and since we have some leftover wallpaper we're going to frame it and hang it on the white wall to the right. Maybe a music poster will be added, too? I see a Belle & Sebastian one, haha.

I'm excited with the changes we're planning to make in the house :). We want to fix the office next to turn it into a proper office/guest room and then maybe paint stripes in the bathroom. And as we go, we're also going to add little details here and there :p.

Oh, in case you're curious to know where we got the wallpaper, we ordered it online from If you're planning to wallpaper and have no experience or don't want to spend much, I highly recommend that you choose a pattern with lines, like this one, so it's easier to align and you don't have to worry about matching the pattern on its sides, that was a big time saver.
Happy midweek, everyone! ;D


Suki said...

It looks really great - nice job!!

We are planning an extension to our home soon. I'm dreading the process but can't wait to have more space to help make things look how we want them to!

Happy Wednesday! xo

lissa said...

looks good! that tv screen is huge. anyway, hope you are having a wonderful day.

eli said...

Tiene mucha polenta, Miki!!!

lisa said...

I looks good! You guys really made it look modern and fun with the wallpaper. I like your choice of print :) I've wanted to do a wall or little room with paper but Brian said it's a huge hassle and thinks it won't look right with our textured walls... Boo :( Have a great day, girl!

seelvana said...

muy canchero ese fondo de pantalla! (así me tradujo google la palabra wallpaper jajajjaja)

Marisa Noelle said...

That looks sooooo good Miki! I loved seeing the process of this makeover. We just redid my son's room - almost, finished with that but just waiting to add a few more little elements, then it's onto our guest room. I love the wallpaper your chose for your accent wall - tre chic!! Also, I didn't realize your hubs was a drummer - so is mine:) Happy midweek to you Miss Miki!! xx Marisa

Chrissy said...

Looks awesome! I love the wallpaper and think to did a great job! I know the can be a pain in the butt! And that new piece of furniture is wonderful! Love the shiny black! So excited for you! Hugs xxx

Carrie said...

cute I love the tv cabinet

Lalav said...

My boyfriend too recently had the whole living rooms transformed!
Such clever men we have.. :D

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great job on the revamping! Love the modern feel of the interior! x

Katrin said...

It looks amazing!!!! Love it so much! Thanks for sharing this! And thanks for letting me know where I can find this amazing wallpaper!!! I am in love love love! I need this!

Trish Hughes said...

thanks so much for sharing, love the inspiration!!!

Devi Pope said...

Sorry for bitching so much through the wallpaper portion of it. Haha! I was never mad at YOU! Just the wallpaper. Grr!

LT said...

Looks great guys! I am coveting that wallpaper!!!!

Kirsten said...

That looks so sleeeeek! I love it! I'm totally jealous, too. Nothing like a young couple's first set of livingroom furniture, huh? Your new livingroom looks so so good.

vero mariani said...

muuuuuuuuuy canchero miki! me gustó :)

"coy" colleen said...

what an awesome transformation! should be on an episode on HGTV! :)

a coy perspective

Dorothy Explor'r said...

hey miki! i just wanted to say, I GOT MAIL! ;P thank you!!! and i'll be reciprocating, soon!

so excited!

also... AWESOME transformation. i'm SO diggin' the wallpaper! so retro, in an absolutely cool way!

good luck with the rest of it. and you need some feminine touches, ahem! eheh.


Corina said...

Fantastic job, team!
Now it's time to rest on that comfy sofa and watch a good movie ;)