July 13, 2012

A compendium of upcycled somethings

Erm, does this post look familiar to any of you? If it does, I apologize, my chubby fingers accidentally hit the "publish post" button a few days ago :/.  Anyhow, this post should have to come life way sooner, but I don't know why I had never thought of compiling a bunch of recycled/upcycled/restored/revamped/repurposed somethings. The concept of putting junk into good use is just amazing. Look at all the awesome things you can do with materials you'd probably throw away! :P

Something found on Etsy: Sartoria is an amazing Etsy store which makes undies out of old cashmere sweaters. I don't know about you, but to me, this looks like the perfect way to keep your private parts warm, haha.

Something to recycle old books: When I saw these photos over at Lindsey's blog, I knew I had to borrow them for this post.

Something that puts pins on Pinterest to the test: Are you familiar with Pintester, yet? The girl behind it is just hilarious! She tries some DIYs and recipes from Pinterest and shows what the real-life version of a certain projects looks like, hehe.

Something to organize your clothes: Had you ever thought of using a tree branch to display your clothes? :p Pretty awesome, huh?

Something to light any room: Love all these lamps.

Something to put old containers into good use: Neat ideas!

Something to get your mail in: Ha!   

Something to revamp an old dresser: Here you'll find a lot of DIYs to learn how to do it. 

Something for Spanish speakers: I'm pretty sure I got to this blog through Alma Singer. If you speak Spanish and are interested in recycling and reusing everything you can imagine, Ecoexperimentos is the blog you were looking for. You'll find tutorials to learn how to make garbage bags out of old newspapers, self-watering pots,  a broom out of a plastic bottle ... Lots of things you had probably never thought of!

Something to do with moss: Not Moss from The IT Crowd, eh? Haha :p. Anyway, this is Moss Graffiti.

Via Meli

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D


Fashion babel said...

love it!some creative ideas, yeah.
I have new post, wooot woooot, so if you're bored(again), check it out!

Katrin said...

Again, so many wonderful things! Miki, thank you so much for all the inspiration! And for always making me want to spend money!

lissa said...

fun stuff! I like globe lands, those are wonderful.

have a sweet day.

eli said...

Qué buen post Miki! aguanten las tres RRR y todas estas geniales ideas! Las lámparas, todas muy buenas! Los de los envases de tic tac lo había visto antes y me pareció bárbaro! Y creo que es la primera vez que veo que se le da algún uso a los compartimentos de las computadoras... con la cantidad infinita que debe haber ya de chatarra informática hay que pensar algo pronto!
Buen finde Miki linda!

seelvana said...

las chabombas para cachas frías y el grafitti de musgo matan miiiiiiil!
no entendí que es lo que se pone en la licuadora, musgo mismo?

Sarah Evans said...

I totally love the book boxes and the lamp globes.

I linked you up to my Fabulous Etsy Fridays linkup today - hope you don't mind :)


Satin and Souffles said...

These are all so fab! I love the moss grafitti! & the chevron drawers! xx

Dorothy Explor'r said...

i love that you made the "moss" reference. i have an it background and the show is my kinda humor - to the tee! hah.



yiqin; said...

cute <3

lisa said...

Great finds, as always Miki! I love the tree branch clothes hangers and the globe lamps. I'm off to check out Pintester :) Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Lalav said...

thanks for sharing, this post is sooo my kind of stuff! well of course most projects aren't easy but skills come eith time and recycling is an attitude!
I had a nice relaxing Saturday and so I hope you did!

Marisa Noelle said...

I totally just bookmarked that dresser DIY site - genius! Upon returning home, I will be jazzing up my bathroom vanity cabinet (it's in dire need of something as the last owners decided to put primer over the wood and just stop there!). I was thinking of doing scallops all along, so that will help tremendously! I will admit - I so want a pair of those undies!!!

Happy Sunday Miki! Hope you weekend is fabulous:) xx Marisa

Hello Naka said...

i love moss from it crowd so socially awkward ^_^ and i love the tic tac idea ^_^

Kirsten said...

ooo i might have to try that branch/clothes hanger idea when we move into a house! that looks so cool. i'd keep it natural though. such a great idea. well, all of these are.

Corina said...

You constantly surprise us followers with cool ideas - even if they are someone else's ;)