July 01, 2012

Babysitting time!

This Saturday we had our almost 8-year-old niece Breanne over for longer than usual, so I had a few activities planned out. I'm glad to say it all turned out pretty well! :p I always feel kind of uneasy knowing a child is under our responsibility because I have no experience with kids whatsoever, but fortunately, Breanne as well as her teenage sister are really easy to look after.

The first thing I wanted to do is try out this colorful drink I had seen in this post. It's inspired on Dr Seuss, but I have no idea on what story or character.

It's colorful and super easy to make. I just filled a third of the glass with blue Jell-o and left it in the fridge overnight. I also made a pan of red Jell-o that I later cut into cubes. Once Breanne got home, I filled the glass with Sprite.

She loved to poke perfect holes in the red cubes by sucking through the straw, haha. I should also mention that once she finished the drink, she asked for a spoon so she could eat the blue bottom :p.

We played this sorta laser spy game (?) I made with pink tape I'd bought at Home Depot for 2 bucks and regular tape. 

Funny thing: David was in the bathroom taking a shower when I set this up, so when he was done and wanted to come to the living room, he had to crawl on the floor, hehe.

I think she liked this game, because later that night, she asked if she could build her own. Let me tell ya, hers (pic below) was more difficult than mine. My muscles are sore today ... yes, I had to do it, too.

The most important activity of the evening was to bake cookies. We finally got to use our new cookie cutters! They work really well; I'm actually surprised.

She had never made cookies from scratch, so it was quite an experience to have to measure all the ingredients and follow so many instructions. The color and the stamped messages were a cool bonus :).

I have to thank David for having weighed and split so many different things! It was my first time playing with food dye, so it wasn't until I read the recipe that I realized the dye had to be incorporated before adding the flour into the batter! (You can see Breanne playing with her drink, hehe)

She wanted to make purple dye so we mixed red and blue; it looked ok at first, but when we added the flour the color changed and it changed even more after refrigerating the dough! Our blue dough also mutated from baby blue to green. There were no instruction on the box, so we put 4 drops in each batch. I guess I should have looked into it beforehand. 

The cookie cutters are fun to play with. Some letters were hard for her to insert, so we had to help her. Oh, and writing messages was a good exercise to practice spelling backwards.

The cookies were cut without trouble and the messages we stamped came out great. She made cookies for two friends whose birthdays are these days, for he parents, sister and dog.

We burnt a couple a little because we left them in the oven 3 minutes too long :/. They didn't look done when we first checked, so we made the mistake of adding some extra time; but all in all, they looked pretty decent.

Once they cooled down, we decorated them with red icing. These are mine, hehe.

It was a very entertaining activity that took longer than I had expected and required a break in the middle, but it was fun for everybody. The time went by fast and she was wide awake the whole time (they picked her up at midnight)! By the time she left, we were very tired and the house was a mess, but it was a happy mess :).

What activities do you guys do when you babysit or look after your own kids?

Hope you're ready to have a fab week! ;D



Sian said...

this looks like the best night ever! that little girl is so lucky!!

Jenstar_Blonde said...

those cookies look amazing!! and i totally LOVE that idea with the tape and trying to get through it without touching it, so like spy movies hehe!!!

Come and join my GIVE AWAY!!! :D

Jen xxx

Laura said...

What a fun night! I love the cookies!

eli said...

Miki! salió email!!
Y con respecto a tu sobrina... va a querer que los padres la dejen todos los días con vos!! jajaa la pasó bomba!
Un beso y linda semana!!!

Laura L. said...

Those are great activities Miki! I'm stealing that drink idea for when I babysit my niece and nephew! :)

I babysat them a few weeks ago, and I gave them access to all my mail art supplies and we made postcards and decorated envelopes. They were especially enamoured with the mickey mouse paint chips.

Lindsey said...

Haha, I want to come over and you can baby sit me lol :P Your house sounds super fun!

ceci a. said...

Qué copadooooooooooo! Qué lindo! Sueño con el día en que pueda hacer eso con mi hijita =)
Hermoso post Mikiii!

seelvana said...

qué santa!
Yo quiero que mis sobrinitos hagan yoga o unos minutitos de meditación, no porque quiera tenerlos quietos, sino para que en algún momento de la vida tengan el vago recuerdo de la tía que los hacía incursionar en las prácticas orientales :D

Qué buena tarde pasaste!

Christine said...

LOL- these have to be the cutest things ever! thank you for the inspiration- I am totally doing this.
aaaaah... these are the times I wish people would do creative things to me as I do to them.. but I am the creative friend of my bunch . lol

I am now your NEWEST follower GFC! I hope you can come visit my bloggie too and let me know what you think- I am always always trying to improve :/ Hope you follow back ^_^

God bless,

Allison said...

OMG this all looks like so much fun! I think you are a way better babysitter than I ever was! I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!
A's Fashion Files

Marisa Noelle said...

Aren't you the best Miki! I love these ideas and am going to reuse them in some way shape, or form for my little guy. Had to laugh about your hubby having to crawl out from all that tape after coming out of th shower!

Wouldn't I just love to fly you out my way to share you nannying goodness with Keane:) I would never have guessed that you are not a complete pro in this field. Can I just tell you how excited I am to make that Dr. Seuss drink concoction!

Have a beautiful week Miki! xx Marisa

lisa said...

Miki, you are the best babysitter! I have no experience with kids either and would totally be freaking out :) You came up with such fun ideas! Seriously- laser obsticles?? My babysitters were always super lame... I hope you're having a good week and have a fun 4th!

Jazz said...

Oooo this looks like so much fun! Can I come over the next time you babysit? I won't be too much trouble, I promise! I really want to try that spy game (I think I might play this regardless on whether I have kids to babysit)
Funny you did this post actually! I babysat last night for the first time in about a year! 3 kids under the age of 10. Ouch ouch ouch. It was painful. Literally. I was attacked by a 'duvet monster', and Lego was planted throughout the house for me to step on. Little devils. I was only there for an hour before they had to go to bed as well! I'll definitely be using your activities next time I babysit (IF I choose to ever do it again!)

You so made me laugh on the comments you left on my blog by the way! You really have to do that vlog now, I'm intrigued to know what your accent is like ;) bet it's amazing! & I love the American accent! (Also, I didn't realise only the British said telly. Does no one else call it that!? Flippin eckk, I feel out the loop, I really thought it was something everyone called it!)

Have a lovely week xxx

Kirsten said...

I'm surprised you say you have no experience with kids because you seem AMAZING! That tape spy game? Awesome. This all looks like such fun. If only I weren't 21, then you could babysit me.

Pauline | The Gapeseed said...

Great funny tips! I'll try sometime :D

Unknown said...

what a great activity. i'm a mom so this is a great post. :) great blog, and everything is so beautiful and cute here. you have a new follower. i'd be honored to visit again and stay connected. :) cheers!

Unknown said...

She is one lucky kid to get looked after by you and David!!

Jenna said...

I know this is weird...but I would want you to babysit me if this is what we'd do! :p

You did a bang up job on your babysitting activities!

Those cookies look delicious too!