July 27, 2012

A compendium of movie related somethings

I've been wanting to talk about movies for a while but couldn't find an excuse to. Up until I moved to the States, I used to have a feature called "movie task" where I would do something connected to a specific movie (emulate the wardrobe, crafts, etc); I loved to do it! But once I got here, I guess I lost motivation and there were so many things to adjust to that I didn't want to commit to a blog schedule or anything ... Who knows, I might bring it back one day since I love movies!

Anyhow, I don't know why I hadn't though of a compendium of movie related somethings before! :p Today I'll show you products, DIYs, etc I picture movie characters wearing/doing, you know.

Something that Poppy would wear: Do you love Poppy from Happy-Go-Lucky as much as I do? :D This movie was so inspiring to me! Even though some scenes are too long for my taste and yes, her character is too cartoony, I love her spirit, positivity and wardrobe :p. I picture her wearing clothes from La Casita de Wendy  and shoes from Irregular Choice (I discovered the latter on Jenna's blog).

Something Stephane Miroux would create: It was impossible for me not to fall in love with The Science of Sleep for several reasons: 1) Stephane is a daydreamer like me, 2) he loves paper! When I saw these images from Fideli, they totally reminded me of him.

Stephane is a boy, but maybe Stephanie would wear paper dresses like these in Stephane's mind?

Something that reminds me of Lost in Translation: Did you like this movie? Everybody that has seen it twice swears by this film, but to be quite honest, I can't see its greatness. Anyway, these Tokyo in a box sets and Tokyo map playing cards take me back to this movie.

Something Jordana from Submarine would own: I have to admit that I watched Submarine because I knew it was directed by Richard Ayoade; yes! Moss from the IT Crowd! :) How could I not watch it? Although I enjoyed it (and its music), I hated to find the typical cliches most indie movies resort to. But, hey! What do I know about movies, right? I don't think Jordana would wear the Polaroid camera pin, but I'd totally add it on the lapel on her red coat ;).

Something that belongs in Amelie Poulain's apartment: Bianca's bikeanimal votives, green paper lamp and a Beacon Two - Twenty Five camera.

Something to emulate Lady Vengeance's make-up: Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is one of those movies that I started watching, got crept out but couldn't stop watching till the end. Since then, I've been meaning to try wearing red eye shadow like her. Here's a tutorial to learn how to do it.   

Something Marie Antoinette would have eaten: I can totally picture Marie Antoinette eating all of these sophisticated sugar cubes, petit fours and edible lace rosettes.

Something Christine would create: I've seen Me and You and Everyone We Know countless times, it never gets old to me; it's so filled with poetry and things I can relate to. Christine is a low-key creative soul and I think she would come up with products like the following.

Can you suggest any other movies you can relate to products/DIYs, etc?

Hope you have a movie-like weekend! ;D 


Jenna said...

First off...I hope you bring back your movie feature! That is the neatest idea! Though probably somewhat time consuming I'm sure!

Hey that's me on your blog! :) Those shoes are AMAZING! If only the Irregular Choice items weren't so darn expensive! I had Happy-Go-Lucky on my instant queue but I never watched it! Now I don't have the instand play...maybe I'll just put it on the list for my dvd at home option!

Loving all the paper items too...those dresses are so neat! I obviously have not seen most of these movies because I don't "get" the references but now I want to see them.

Amelie...I do get that one :) Love all of those perfectly chosen items!

PS - I've tried red is weird on your average trip to the grocery store or any other place where people may fear someone with red coming from their eyes :p

Fabulous Friday post yet again Miss!


Laura L. said...

I haven't watched half of these movies! What am I doing with my time?! I think I need to hop on the Science of Sleep right away.

Thanks for introducing these movies into my life, Miki! However, once I'm done watching--I want to go back to being weird. I like being weird. Weird is all I've got. That and my sweet style. :D

Have a wonderful day. Remain awesome! ;)

Jessica said...

i absolutely love the science of sleep such a good movie :D the inspiration was so cool


uncustomary said...

This is really creative, Miki. I would love for you to bring back that feature. <3

seelvana said...

excelente entrada!
iba comentar sobre una, sobre dos, sobre 3...
pero todas son muy buenas!
Espero que vuelva para quedarse esta costumbre!

Kirsten said...

Eeee! Such great movies and correlations! I LOVE Lost in Translation! It seems you either love it or feel indifferent towards it.

I'd definitely love to read more movie-related posts. Love love love movies.

Have you seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Everything is Illuminated? Those are two movies that I think are similar to the ones you wrote about here that you might enjoy!

Marina said...

I was planning to watch Happy-Go-Lucky for a while now.. Now I have to do it :)

hello bunnies said...

I LOVE 'me and you and everyone we know' - it is one of my absolute favorite movies!! like you, i have seen it countless times as well. Miranda July is amazing!! I am a crazy fan - purchased her books, movies, old work etc.. her newest movie is also a favorite of mine (called 'the future'). different from me & you, but also very real in a similar way. Love love it!! And yes, i could see her using/making those body washes! haha

Unknown said...

I LOVE your taste in movies! There are just 2 I haven't seen - Submarine (sounds like I'm not missing much) and Me, You and Everyone We Know (sounds like I need to put that right asap!) I think you've found the perfect ideas for every movie, and each one is totally YOU as well ;) Those shoes Jenna found are truly wonderful and make me want to start wearing high heels again (then again Jenna always does!)

chantilly said...

hey miki! just popping in to say i miss you & all my blogland pals. be back soon! xoxoox

Katrin said...

As usual, I love everything you just showed us! Poppy is so inspiring and the outfits you posted are so cute! You are so creative, Miki and I love to browse through your lists! It is always so much fun! Thank you! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, my dear! Hugs!

Marisa Noelle said...

Those mittens, those shoes, those dresses!!! Sheesh Miki, you have seriously made me want to go on a buying spree here! <3ing everything here to say the least. xo Marisa