June 13, 2012

You've got mail

Don't you love it when you open your mailbox and it's filled with unexpected letters? :p I was a bit disappointed on Saturday when I didn't get a package I was impatiently waiting for, but on Monday, I knew there had to be something in there! And to my surprise, it was more than I'd expected :D.

This is the package I was impatient to get: a really cool set of cookie cutters which lets you stamp custom messages on your cookies :p.

It comes with words such as "thank you", "happy", "birthday" and a bunch of single letters so you can write whatever you want. I can't wait to start baking! By the way, I bought this set over at Williams Sonoma. The photo below is from their site, that's what cookies are supposed to look like, although I doubt I'll do such a good job, haha.

I also got this envelope from sweet Katrin :). Have you visited her blog, Land of Candy Canes, yet? She's a German girl who moved to America, so we have experienced a lot of similar things. The States is a weird country, let me tell ya! Well, at least to people who come from far away, like myself, hehe.

Another pal totally worth meeting, the great Mary, sent me this postcard when she knew I was feeling sick in my stomach. How thoughtful of her, right? ;)

Keeping up with the mail, I got the coolest spam ever! Well, at least I believe it is spam, since I don't recall signing up for anything like this. Take a look at this typo leaflet/catalog.

Isn't it pretty?

When I showed it to David, he said, "Boy, you're gonna have fun cutting all these letters!" Hahaha.

I might do that, but I'm debating whether I should just write a letter all over its pages.

Ok, enough of this; I know!

And this has nothing to do with getting things in the mail, but here are some photos of a spontaneous date night David and I had last Wednesday. We went to Buca di Beppo, have you ever been to one?

I really like this place. Its decor is unique, the drinks are great and so is the food.

If you're a new visitor, they offer a tour to their kitchen. They even have a booth right inside the kitchen that you can book. This time, I had a 4-cheese pizza which was really good. They used a can of peppers as a stand.

Oh, and one more random thing. I am totally hooked on this book, which is very, very rare considering that I usually choose non-fiction books or classics. I read almost half in a like 3 days.

So, what have you been up to?

Are you reading any interesting book? Have you been to any cool place lately?

Please, do share! ;D

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* It's only open to people in the US, sorry international readers :(; I'll soon have another giveaway open to everybody ;).


Jenstar_Blonde said...

oooo i really wanna read this book now!! I was intrigued by the cover so looked up as to what it is about and i think i might get a version of it for my kindle! it looks like a good read, but maybe quite heartwarming and sad in parts?

lucky you for getting all those loevly things through the post! :) hehe

Jen xxx

Laura L. said...

Oh my! Those cookie cutters are adorable! I like the idea that you can customize the words too--wouldn't it be great to bite into a cookie that says "write me?"

Ooohhh, I also LOVE Buca! When I'm in San Diego, I go there all the time. When I'm feeling hungry, I lament the fact that they don't have a restaurant in Canada. The food is sooooooo good. I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time.

Have a great week! :)

Salvaged Strawberry said...

Found you thorugh Lisa's blog! :) I LOVE those cookie cutters! They are so freaking cute! I want to see photos of what they "really" look like! hah! What great mail you received! I've just been getting bills! hah!

Mary Has Sound said...

That restaurant looks awesome! I'm so excited for you to use those cookie cutters for the first time. <3

ceci a. said...

Vi esos cortantes de galles el optro dìa en tu post y no la podìa creer! Y ahora son tuyos! Buenísimos geniales,. La manera más dulce de agradecerle algo a alguien. Te mandaría tres docenas de mis cookies si no fuera que van a llegar sequitas y rotas.
Tengo en mente otra cosa.......
Besotes linda!

Katrin said...

Thank you for mentioning me, Miki! I am glad you like it! :) I hope you'll like the tea. One is with raspberry and one with blueberry.
That restaurant looks so cool! And I want to get spam mail like that too. :)
Have a great day! Hugs!

Chrissy said...

Wow, isn't snail mail the best! Love everything you got! How sweet of Katrin to send you that yummy tea and that cute bracelet!
That restaurant looks really cool!
Hugs xxx

Lucila said...

Que lindo todo. Yo justo habia hecho el viernes un post con esas letritas para cookies que quiero! Despues mostranos como salen las galletitas! Beso

hello bunnies said...

Those cookie cutters look so fun! I like the shapes they come in. And yes, I've been to Bucca di Beppo before and I do enjoy the ambiance w/ all its randomness! I didn't know you could tour the kitchen though. Sounds like fun :D

Also, I don't know if you were able to see my reply to your comment on my blog, but YES! i LOVE mameshiba!! we will have to share favorite mameshiba videos at some point. haha. one of my personal faves is the edamame one

Kirsten said...

Holy moly. Those cookie cutters. I love the way those cookies look so much I might have to invest in those!

Raquel said...

Wow! Your mail is WWWWAAAAYYYYY more fun than mine! Love those cookie cutters. I love Buca! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

♥ Shar said...


I'm Shar! Your newest follower from the blog hop!

Come visit me over at:

Love this post! Snail mail is awesome! Looking forward to reading more!

xoxo -Shar

harpyhorses said...

i want the cookie cutters!!!!