June 01, 2012

Packing colorfully

Hello, everybody! Today I'm not publishing a compendium of somethings because I honestly didn't get round to preparing it. I've been really sick in the stomach and didn't even feel like turning on the computer. It feels like very strong heartburn, but I don't even know if it is that :/. I'm feeling a little bit better today, though. So, instead, I thought I might publish a post that I had scheduled for the weekend. Both of my recipients got their packages yesterday, so it's safe to make this public :p.

The other day I was over at the 99c store and when I was walking through the kids aisle, I saw water balloons and had an idea: why don't I use water balloons instead of packing peanuts? :p

I decided to send another ball (99c at Party City), this time to Franck de las Mercedes. I've talked to you about him before, but in case you missed that post, let me briefly tell you that he's a Nicaraguan artist who lives in the US and is currently involved in a project called The Priority Boxes Art Project aimed at promoting peace. He sends these boxes he paints to anyone who asks for one and for free. He's always sending packages, so I figured I could send one to him. I really didn't really know what to send, so I just stuffed the ball with some little trinkets, a little note and colorful balloons; he's an artist so I thought he'd appreciate color, hehe.

I just used transparent tape to make sure the ball would not open, wrote our addresses on stickers that I stuck on the ball and took it to the post office like that. If you're in America, don't be afraid of sending weird unwrapped containers! So far, all of my packages have arrived safely and employees at the post office have not complained :).

Yesterday, he got the package and tweeted a photo of the ball; it's so cool to see it in his studio! ;D

This past week, I also needed to ship a little birthday package and I filled the empty spaces in the box with water balloons :p. If you decide to do this, too, make sure there are no pointy edges in your box/container so the balloons don't pop; you don't wanna scare he post man or let someone think you have explosives or something dangerous! 

Before actually sending these packages, I inflated a few balloons to check how well they'd hold up through time (because, you know, balloons get smaller). After 4 days, which is the standard shipping time within the US, they were still in good shape.

Aaand, I know I could have saved the remaining balloons for future packages, but I wanted to play a little tiny prank on our garbage men, so I inflated them all, put them in a plastic bag and then into the dumpster. Hope they don't get too scared when they hear them pop, haha :p.

Packing peanuts are quite expensive, a bag of water balloons is under a buck ;); they are cheaper and more colorful! And remember you can use popcorn, too :p.


And before I leave, let me tell you that my giveaway winner is Marisa Noelle! :D
I'll be contacting you in a little bit, Marisa ;).

Have a colorful day, everyone! ;D


Mary Has Sound said...

What a great idea, Miki! I love it. I also really like that you sent a package to HIM, great idea!!! I'm going to follow suit. :-)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That looks lovely!

And congrats to Marisa Noelle!

When you said you had stomach problems I had to think back about your recent post about fruit after dinner. I don't know if it could have anything to do with it, but I hear it's bad to eat fruit after you've had dinner. I know I definitely can't do it! I thought perhaps other people would be fine though, but hearing this I had to give you let you know just in case. I mean if that is the problem it's very simple to fix;)

Feel better soon!

Katrin said...

What a fabulous idea, Miki! Love it!
And I really hope you will feel better soon! Thinking of you!


Felicitaciones para Marisa y un abrazo grando para vos, Miki. Buen fin de semana!

eli said...

No podés ser más divina! mandarle a Frank de las Mercedes es lo más lindo que se te pudo ocurrir!
Felicidades a la winner y buen finde, Miki!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Your Packagers are always so fun! Not sure the UK postal service would be so pleased with them

Daisy Dayz

hello bunnies said...

wow, I had no idea you could send packages like that! Thanks for the tip. I hope you feel better soon!!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Has anyone ever told you that you're genius...because you are. A creative genius! How neat that Franck tweeted the photo! It's so neat to see a package with it's recipient. Snail mail is the best. And thank you SO much for sending me the link to that print! Whenever the silly chaos in my world calms down I need to reciprocate and send you something via snail mail!


Kirsten said...

Balloons! That's such a good idea. Man, I need to remember that. It'd be so light, too. I've seen that popcorn thing as well. Too bad it'd be too stale to eat ;]

Hope your stomach issues are all settled!

JoAnna said...

That is such a great idea! I am always looking for ways to get cheaper packing material and balloons sound perfect (and fun!)

Hope you feel better :)

Laura said...

What a neat way to package! Great idea!
I can't believe I missed your post about the towel! I check in very often here. In any case, I am so very glad you like it so much. It was my pleasure to make it for you!

I hope you feel better! Anything planned for the weekend?

Laura Xo

Marisa Noelle said...

That such a genius idea Miki! I really loathe spending money on ugly old packing supplies - so this I must try! I swear you come up with the cutest things ever!

Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are feeling much better today and can enjoy your weekend to the fullest! Rest up:)

xx Marisa

Corina said...

Cool ideas as usual, Miki!

Julie Marling said...

So fun! New follower from hop. Love for you to follow back. I host a facebook hop tomorrow. Love to have your page linked up.

Dorothy Explor'r said...

you're so sweet :) and i love your attitude and positive outlook!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

your posts just make me smile :)