June 17, 2012

Life lately

Hello, everybody! How was your weekend? Hope you had time to relax, have fun and are filled with good energy to start a new week! ;) So, this is what's been going on on this neck of the woods ...

We bought a bag of frozen okra (bamias in Spanish) and it wasn't that hot. I think I'll keep buying it fresh, so much better!

I can't believe I'm so lucky with giveaways. Can you believe I've won a stash of Urban Decay make-up over at Keiko Lynn's blog?! :P I'd never owned such pretty make-up!

I didn't know something called "eyeshadow primer" existed!

Look at the color names, haha.

By the way, I'm not sure how to apply some of the products, but I'll look into it. I know I won't look as good as Keiko in it, but I'll try my best :).

Other things I got in the mail by the end of the week: Every Day magazine (I got an annual subscription for free), Elle magazine and a used tee I bought for $1.40. I still need to look at the previous issues of both these magazines.

Is this really necessary?

It was Anthony's master's  graduation on Saturday, so we went to cheer for him :p.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant with his family and some friends and had a great time. Later on, we went to the movies and watched Snow White and the Huntsman ... Not as good as I'd expected, honestly :/.

I ordered a Negroni at the bar and the bartender said, "Sorry, what?"  So, I ended up having a Manhattan ... and some of David's beer and Martini.

And to help you start the week with a smile, here are some funny photos I saw over at Pinterest :p.

Something for The IT Crowd fans. Shame on you if you need a reference!

Awe, Arrested Development.

Have a great week, everyone! ;D


Katrin said...

Seems like you had a wonderful weekend, Miki! We watched a lot of soccer and had a relaxed weekend!
I have tried Okra once but it was in a glass and tastes weird. But I am sure I did something wrong.
Congratulations on winning the giveaway!
Is there a hair on your banana? Eww.
I love the cat pictures! :)
Have a great Sunday evening! Hugs!

Marie said...

I love the IT Crowd!
I think the episode where Jen has to give a lecture or sth and the guys convince her that "Internet is in this box" is the best half an hour episode I've seen ever, of any show ever forever ahhhhh

Suki said...

I love Arrested Development - possibly my favourite show ever! Too bad we just lent the box set to some friends - I'd like to watch some right now!! :) Have a lovely week xo

Laura L. said...

Oh Moss!! The episode where they go to the play is my favourite half hour of comedy television ever. I have a text tone of Roy saying "acid?" It makes getting texts far more fun!

SabinePsynopsis said...

The things I'm learning here - Frozen okra and eyeshadow primer... I really had no idea they existed either!

Kirsten said...

So jealous of the Urban Decay stuff! That's amazing! And I looove Arrested Development!

Hope you're having a great day!

Mary Has Sound said...

Free Urban Decay!!!? Awesome. Also, I love this post. Bananas, make up, cats, and Arrested Development.

Coquis said...

Hi Miki,
It's nice to read the post and get to know you had a nice weekend!
Congrats on the giveaway once again! You're indeed lucky!
I sent you a few e-mails during the weekend and early this week... did you get them? I even sent a few pics :)
I wish you a great afternoon!

lisa said...

You are one of the luckiest people ever with giveaways! I'm jealous :) I love your Pinterest finds, they put a smile on my face this morning :)
P.S. I love Campari but I've never had a Negroni... I've always been curious so maybe I'll have to make one soon...

Dorothy Explor'r said...

ahahahhahahaha... i just LOL'd at the IT CROWD keep calm poster. i remember that episode and part so vividly, lols. LOVE the show and the humor... prob because i, too, am in IT and those topics are SO TRUE..! ahahah.