June 28, 2012

A compendium of whimsical somethings

Hello, everybody! How's your week been? Are you ready to start the weekend? I certainly am! This is probably one of my favorite compendium of somethings; it's whimsical, dreamy and pretty. Hope you like it, too! ;)

Something to ride: OK, I think this is my favorite bike ever!I don't know what I would use the big bucket on the back for, but I still want it. You can get a cargo bike here.

Something in LA: Yay! Can't wait to go see this cupcake ATM over at Sprinkles! :p It's available 24/7, of course.

Something for your hair: I love these giant hair clips. I want one in each color, please!

Something for spoiled brats: Yes, I'm totally jealous of these kids.

Something in China: I want to try this slide in a clothing store in Beijing.

And visit this awesome library, too. 

Something to eat on: It's almost like having a picnic indoors, haha.


Something to sit on: The tongue chair.    


Something to eat: Not only does the packaging look cute, look at the candy itself!

Something you can do yourself: How sweet are these personalized DIY crowns?!

Something made with gummy bears: Poor little bears!



Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ;D

We're babysitting our younger niece Breanne on Saturday, so please, wish us luck, haha!


Katrin said...

Good luck with your niece, Miki! I hope it won't be so stressful.
I must have a table like that!!! That's the best table I have ever seen!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, Miki!

Mary Has Sound said...

hahah gummy bear brain transplant!

lissa said...

cute stuff! love the bikes.

hope you have a sweet day.

seelvana said...

la mesa de pic nic y la hebilla gigantic fueron mis favoritos!
Ahora que volvi de viaje sólo te tengo a ti con estas novedades!

Jazz said...

All these pictures are great! I am also so jealous of those kids, and how cute is that crib!? Loving the library as well, makes my local one look like something thrown together in 5 minutes!
I absolutely love the look of your blog, did you get someone to design it for you? I'm looking to do up mine this summer :) xxx

Hello Naka said...

awh i've seen the heart transplant one before so cute ^_^ and i like the slide, it looks pretty steep though!

Kirsten said...

envious of those interesting houses! love it when people think outside the box.

Benlovesting said...

So Amazing!

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lisa said...

I really love the idea of that grassy picnic table, although I feel like at that point I should just eat on the ground. :) Those beds, trapezes and slides are so awesome, some people really get to live in the coolest houses!

Allison said...

These have got to be some of the coolest things that I have ever seen!!! And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?
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