June 08, 2012

A compendium of cleverly designed somethings

Hey! This weekly feature has skipped a week but it's definitely back :p. Here's a bunch of cleverly designed somethings. Enjoy! 

Something for your feet: Oh, my! How neat are these shoes???? You can wear heels and whenever your feet start to hurt, just remove the heels! Yes, only the heels, just like that! Wanna get a pair or see more models? Go to Daniela Bekerman's website.

Something to eat with: These plates are called Iplate and were designed by Todd Borka.
Something to eat on: Love Marlene Jansen's See-Saw table.

Something to eat: Best chocolate cookie packaging ever.

Something to hold fruit and veggies: I kind of want this Newton fruit holder

Something for a baby: These Bubble baby beds look comfy, hehe.

Something for a child: Vespa Rocking Scooter

Something colorful: Inception door.

Something to bake: This silicon mold lets you bake a cake and easily slice it in different sized portions :p.
Something haute couture: Maybe. Maybe not. I didn't know what to call this category.

Something in a public restroom: I know I'd take a bunch of pictures if I ever went into a restroom and saw these mirrors! :p


Something for your ears: Isn't this packaging neat? 

Something creepy: Meat balloons! What the heck?!

Something custom made:  We First Met Here Postcode Puzzle is made to your personal specifications :).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ;D


Katrin said...

Miki, you always post these awesome things and make me want to buy them! :) Maybe not the meat balloons but the rest....

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Those shoes are so clever! And I love that table too, though I already see some accidents happen haha.

Oh, how exciting! I can not wait to see your first pictures! What sort of Diana F+ do you have? I have a Kirameki Sparkling edition:D Though it doesn't sparkle...weird!

Kirsten said...

Meat balloons! How gross/awesome. I can't even pick a favorite this week. Although that cookie packaging is genius.

Sadie Dear said...

All of these are amazing finds! Sometimes, I wonder how people get such creative ideas! Really!

Marisa Noelle said...

Those shoes are the coolest and trippiest thing ever! I had to look twice at them to realize exactly what they are. I most definitely wish that inception door was in my house...and that staircase for that matter! Goodness, your lists are just too cool for school Miki:) Happy Saturday lovely lady! xx Marisa


All of these are so beautiful Miki!

Suki said...

If I'm going to have another child, I will need that bubble baby bed! I spent a year as a complete zombie being woken every hour... The bubble looks blissful!

The cookie packaging is definitely the coolest I've ever seen, and I LOVE the see-saw table too - especially the way it is promoted!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Ohh, these are all truly incredible! <3 I especially love the removable heels - such a clever idea!

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lisa said...

Designer cereal, eh? Pretty crazy! I love the fruit holder and those heels are pretty clever! I hope your week is off to a great start lady!