May 07, 2012

The neatest dishtowel

Last week I opened my mailbox and found an unexpected package addressed to me. It was from sweet Laura from Swing Kitten!

I was even in more owe when I saw what she had sent!

It's a dishtowel and she stitched Dante and Dimitri! :D How thoughtful of her was that?! I can't believe she took the time to do this. I love it!

And her kitties, Tex & Harry, signed it, too, haha :p.

Thank you, soooo much, Laura!

Don't hesitate to meet her over at Swing Kitten ;) and check out her etsy; she's an awesome quilter and a very sweet girl!

Hope you've started the week with a smile! ;D


Flor said...

Miki, ahora que pienso la chica Miki adoradora de los gatos no se anotó en el sorteo que hice de gatis.
Espero que andes bien!
Saludos grises pero primaverales.
Que suerte tenes, recibís cosas copadas seguido, no?

Mary Has Sound said...

Hahah! This is so awesome! Surprise packages and permanent kitties? Perfect.

Katrin said...

Ohhhh, this is so cute! What a great surprise!

Kirsten said...

Surprise mail is so fun! How sweet!

Carrie said...

how sweet!

Lagelle said...

What a sweet gesture! super cute towel <3


ceci a. said...

Ay ay ay
pero qué dulzura
existen gestos así en este mundo
qué lindooo!

lisa said...

So cute! What a sweet gift! That's so scary that you almost got hit by a bus during your bike wreck! I would be scared to ride again too! I'm glad you love that Pulp song, it brings back so many good college memories for me. I would've loved to see them live but Coachella has gotten SOOO expensive. We went once 9 years ago and that will probably be the only time I go :)

Corina said...

Awesome present Miki!
I can imagine how lovely and cute it is for you :) Enjoy it!

seelvana said...

quéeee divineee! =^.^=

chantilly said...

!!! what an amazing, beautiful gift. i love that card and i LOVE the dish towel. x

Laura said...

I can't believe I missed this post! I am so happy that you love the towel so much. I enjoyed making it very much! Enjoy it sweet friend and thanks for the link to my shop! Xo