May 06, 2012

Inland Empire Food Truck Fest

Ok, by the name of this post, you probably imagine we ate like pigs; well, you're darn right! Anthony, one of David's closest friends and our witness the day we got married, had been telling us about these gourmet food truck festivals; this time it was held in Ontario, so we couldn't pass. We met him and his girlfriend at the venue and spent a good couple of hours there just eating and having fun in the sunshine :p.

We first took a look around and then got started with the grilled cheese truck, the one with the longest line. 

David and I had a plain American cheese sandwich + tater tots.

I was happy to see an Argetinian truck! :p And of course that was our next stop.

I guess they could have offered more typical dishes, but we had a chicken milanesa sandwich and was not bad at all; I liked their chimichurri, yum!

Oh, we also bought a bottle of what was advertised as "Mexican Coke", haha. It tasted exactly like the one I used to have in Argentina; yeah ... American Coke doesn't taste as good (to me, anyway), isn't it ironic? :/ I remember the one they sell in Japan isn't as good either; too sweet, in my opinion.

At this point, we were all full, but we were not going to leave without dessert. I had the best waffle ever over at Waffles de Liege's truck! 

Having a sugar rush here ...

Anthony and Cathy's looked prettier, haha.

We left with full a full stomach and a happy heart. And as you can imagine, I can't even move right now. It was a fun experience, but you can only eat (and afford) so much, you know. 

So what have you guys done this weekend? Did you take a look at the super moon? We did, for a little bit.

And earlier on Saturday, I bought this red bag at a garage sale our complex was having. It was $5 but my neighbor let me have it for $3 ;). I kinda love it! All the bags I have are either too big or too small, too formal or too childish; this one is the perfect size and very comfy. I wore it today for the first time and I have the feeling I'll keep wearing it a lot.

Hope you're all ready to start the week with a huge smile! ;D


Mary Has Sound said...

Aw looks like a fun time! I'd love to try all different types of Coke to understand the tastes. Also, I'm so jealous of your moon picture! I wasn't able to see anything last night! It was too cloudy :-( very sad. I'm glad you had a good weekend. <3

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That looks great! And I love that new purse as well.
Funny how big brands like that still vary throughout the world.

Katrin said...

I have never heard of a food truck fest. But it looks great. So I will definitely go if there will ever be one in my area!
Love your new purse!

Leticia Lipszyc said...

Este post me abrió el apetito...y eso que acabo de terminar de comer.. :(

Preciosa la cartera!!


Nice Post!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Chic and stylish like always! Take a look at my blog and if u like we can follow each other! :)

seelvana said...

por diosssss!
si comiera como vos ya estaría empachada!
mi estómago es muy marica, lo tengo mal acostumbrado :( y los churros me hacen vomitar!

qué linda la cartera, la super luna me la perdí porque me estaba bañando, 17 años de espera para mi!

Buen lunes y gracias por mi jpg! ♥

Kirsten said...

There are no words for how much I want to eat that food at this moment.

You find the best things to do!

Flor said...

Bueno, obviamente me estoy actualizando.
O sea: quiero todo eso que comiste, todo+milanesita sandwich. Me hiciste acordar a la coca de India, la tomé solo una vez cuando fui, es re re especiada, perfumada, nose, medio puaj.
Y lo mejor: los Gaufres de Liege, hace poco alguien le dijo a mi maridobelgavikingo: "si los waffles son americanos" y casi muere comido crudo por mi belga querido.
En fin, eso, sigo poniendome al dia.

lisa said...

I love the food truck craze! And you can't beat a classic grilled cheese & tator tots :) I've never been to a food truck festival because the ones around here are usually like $35 to get in! Craziness when you are going as a couple. We do have a thing called Food Truck Friday though, a bunch of them gather in a a parking lot around lunch time. Looks like a fun weekend, girl!

Corina said...

Hi Miki! These vans made me become hungry after having lunch! haha
OMG! I'd have liked to join you, guys ;)
We also ate like pigs at the weekend and do not feel guilty about it :P
On Sunday, for example, we had fish "a la parrilla" and it was really yummy
Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Colleen said...

Mikki! I'm from the IE! Chino to be exact! I love seeing your pictures! I've missed home so much the past year!

JoAnna said...

Aw you went to the Food Truck Festival! My boyfriend and I have been wanting to go since last year and we didn't get a chance to go this time either. Were the prices decent? Everything looks so delicious!

Ronnie Walter said...

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