May 08, 2012

For real this time

Hello, lovelies! ... I feel as if I were stealing this greeting from another blogger (can't remember which one), but I'm entitled to address you as "lovelies", right? ;p. Anyway, I'm popping up to tell you a thing or two about me. I probably don't need to say a word, but since most of you have become my friends, practically, noblesse oblige!

I've been feeling down these past few weeks, very unaccomplished and unhappy about myself (so what else is new, right?). I've realized that I haven't accomplished anything at all this year (or since I moved to to California, really) and I know I've said this before, but I think my current situation calls for a big change, a 180-degree turn. It is now time to grab the bull by the horns and I'm determined to do it!

I'm not going to crack into my rant again, because I already did so earlier this year. I'm just going to tell you that I'm taking measures to fix myself and I'm working on becoming a happier me. I'm taking baby steps today to get results in the near future; doesn't sound too bad, does it? :)

Specifically, the goals I'm trying to meet right now are: 1) eating more healthily, 2) studying to get my TESOL (Teaching of English to speakers of other languages) certification (I'm taking an online course) and 3) getting my driving license. 

I know these goals are not very far-fetched; however, I have a reputation for procrastinating and giving up, so these goals involve a change in lifestyle. So far so good, I'm taking a day at a time and setting deadlines to complete assignments; I'm focusing on goals #1 and #2 at the moment.

As you can imagine, this involves spending less time in front of my computer which, in turn, means not visiting your blogs as often. No worries, I am definitely not going to stop dropping by or posting; you'll hear from me regularly, I promise, but maybe not on a daily basis. As much as I enjoy reading you and finding things on the internet, I need to take care of this untenable situation and be at the helm of my life.

Thanks a lot for bearing with me if you do! ;D

And I'm closing this post today with "Sail Away", one of my favorite songs by Travis, just because :p.

Happy midweek, everybody! ;D


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Your goals sound very good. And I hope that once you've achieved them, or at least made some good progress you'll start to feel happier too. I know the eating healthier can help a lot too, especially if you eat nice and delicious things that are healthy at the same time!

Also, thanks so much for that song. I hadn't hear of Travis before, but I love this song and will look up more. In fact I already looked up the chords to this one and played and sung it myself just now;)

Katrin said...

I love Travis! :)

Good luck with your goals! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you but I know that you can achieve everything you want!

I want to eat healthier too. So I know how you feel. I think the hardest part for me is to give up drinking coca cola. :)

lissa said...

good for you. I wish I have the same determination, I'm such a slacker.

I'm sure you can do it. you seem like someone who can get things done if you put your mind to it. good luck!

Kirsten said...

It's awesome that you've set goals! I am with you on the whole feeling unaccomplished thing. I've been procrastinating pretty badly and getting down on myself. But setting goals is the best thing! Best of luck to you!

You're an inspiration. I need to join you on the eating healthier front!

Marisa Noelle said...

Good for you Miki! It's never a bad thing to give ourselves a good kick in the butt at times (I'm know I'm in need every so often as well...hehe) I think the hardest part about accomplishing major goals like this is just taking the initial leap.

Travis has always been a true blue favorite of mine...Love Will Come Through - ah swoon. As for your goals, I'm right there with you on numero uno. You can totally conquer all these things. Very best wishes darling gal! xx Marisa

Mary Has Sound said...

In full support of this, Miki! Stay up late, dance under stars, get your license so you can take a California day trip, and report back on how it all felt. <3

seelvana said...

felicitaciones por tus determinaciones!
Tomaste la más sana decisión, elegir un objetivo que sea posible! (o 3 jaja)
y buscarle metas pequeñas y ponerle plazos realizables es todo lo que lo hace posible!

Fuerza, a no flaquear, cualquier cosa tenés a la blógsfera que te va a dar aliento ;D

chantilly said...

girrl, i'm sure it's not true that you've accomplished nothing all year. even so, i'm glad you recognize that you're unhappy and you want to change it. i DEFINITELY understand wanting/ needing to take a step back from being online. it can suck you in, and can feel really overwhelming. a lot of bloggers are feeling this way right now.

:hugs: sending you good vibes in staying happy and accomplishing your goals!!

Sian Lile said...

oh good luck! hope all these things make you happy! take care of yourself.x

Chrissy said...

Oh, sweetie, I am sorry for not being as present as I used to, life has kind of been busy and tough and I have cut back on my online time drastically. But, I am still here and I think your goals sound wonderful! Wishing you the best of luck with everything! Heads up, sweet friend, it will all work out in the end!
Hugs xxx

vero said...

uy volveré cuando pueda a leer bien este post. besooos!

lisa said...

These are such great goals, Miki! And accomplishing personal goals makes us feel so much better. I think you have done so much this year, I know I have told you before- but you are so brave for moving and I know in my heart things will start coming together for you soon! These all sound like good goals for making bigger changes happen soon. I'm glad we have become friends via blogging and if there's anything I can do, let me know! xoxo

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh Miki!! Im sorry your feeling so down, but Im glad you have a good attitude towards change and achieveing your goals. I think all 3 are very reasonable goals you just need to be focused on it!
I understand that you may need to spend time away from the blogging world and us, just dont be gone al together or we will all kmiss you greatly. I so enjoy your compendiums. You could also try making some income from your blog. i know I do ok from mine, it just takes a bit of pushing and if others can be full time bloggers Im sure you could too!
Good luck with the course and speak soon!
Daisy Dayz
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