May 27, 2012

Eating all colors

The other day I opened our fridge and I was happy to find out it is now filled with color :). Ever since I decided to start eating more healthily, we've been buying a lot more fruit and vegetables. David doesn't eat cooked veggies, but I realized I needed to start getting them for myself. 

Let's start with the reds. I used to dread strawberries because they were too sour for my sensitive palate. But that was until I tried Californian strawberries; seriously, they're the sweetest, most tasteful and prettiest ones I've ever eaten! There are several strawberry fields here in Ontario and surrounding areas.

Oh, and cherries are my new late night snack; they're perfect to ease that sugar craving I usually get after dinner.

Moving on to the greens, I can tell you that you'll always find leek in my fridge. I use it to flavor beef, chicken, home-made broth, rice, whatever. We are also always supplied with bags of salad; in Argentina bagged ready-to-go salad is expensive, but here it adds up to the same or even less than getting all the ingredients separately and making your own. I occasionally eat cucumber if I get really hungry at odd times and use it to make flavored water every now and then.

There's a ridiculously huge amount of dressings here, but I don't like any of them, haha. I kind of enjoy Caesar, but it's too heavy to have on a regular basis. Lucky me, the other day I randomly ran into a recipe to make the perfect dressing for my kind of taste and it was by no other than the one and only, Jamie Oliver !!! *wink at Vero* ;p, because we can hear him say "pancetta" all day long and because we think he rules!

In case you're curious, this is the simple recipe: you just need to put all the ingredients in a jar and shake, shake, shake! It is delish! Trust me ;). The ratio should be 3 to 1: 3 parts of olive oil, 1 part of acid (in this case the lemon juice).

I'm also digging all the yellow/orange-ish hues :p.

Finally, care for some brown? This is probably my favorite guilty pleasure (not that guilty, I guess), a very cheap and quick glass of iced-coffee. Nope, I don't have a coffee grinder so I didn't use those beans, haha, I just used plain instant coffee. No need to dirty the blender, just start by filling half the glass with ice, pour in some water, add one part of milk, a spoon of instant coffee, stir and enjoy. * If you use instant capuccino or any powdery kind of mix, you might have to dissolve it in boiling water first and then cool it down.

Does anybody who has a coffee grinder want these hand-roasted Guatemala Antigua coffee beans? They were part of a Christmas present and have been sitting in our pantry since then. I'll send them to the first person to claim them ;).

So this is how this little journey to my fridge and food cabinet comes to an end, haha. It's funny how can make a blog post out of anything, isn't it?

Have a very colorful day, everyone! ;D

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Sian Lile said...

oh that all looks good! i've been trying to be healthy and do more exercise... yesterday we had quinoa and roasted vegetables. my boyfriend has a fruit phobia! i know! it means i can't have fruit in the house!! hope you are feeling good with all your healthy food!x

Mary Has Sound said...

Colorful foods! Lovely observation, Miki. You have really cute plates/dishes.

Laura said...

Great post Miki! I'm digging all the fresh vegetables and fruits. Cute stuff all around!

Have a good week.

Laura :)


Miki, qué lindo post y colorido!!

Meli. said...

Que cosas tan coloridas! y taaaan ricas!!!!!!
la dire que te pasé sigue siendo la misma, asi que espero el envío cuando puedas! sin apuro! :D

y obviamente que me encanataría tenerte como invitada en el blog! cuando quieras!!!

Erin Kate said...

Oh, I love all the red foods!

ceci a. said...

Eso MikiiI! Aprovechá la inspiración de primavera! Acá el gris no da tregua!!! Comer con muchos colores es la posta,. La posta! Un besote!!

Suki said...

Another inspired post! I always know I'm being unhealthy when there is too much brown and white in my diet!

My husband would LOVE those coffee beans! I don't drink coffee but he is French and it runs in his veins. We have a grinder and amazing coffee machine. Only thing is ... we're in the UK... and postage costs can really suck!

Kirsten said...

GO YOU!!! This is so awesome! I recently bought some bananas and berries, so our fridge is pretty colorful, too. But you definitely win. This is an inspiration!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I've always loved the concept of eating all colors, bentos are based on it too. It's so healthy, but so lovely too:D

P.S. I used to watch that meerkat show too, but it got way too depressing for me as well. So many young ones died!