May 11, 2012

A compendium of somethings - A personal whislist

First and foremost I would like to thank you for all your supportive comments in my previous post! I really appreciate every single word! ;D Even though I rarely feel lonely here, I have no friends of my own, so your comments keep me company ... if that makes sense, haha.

Now, let's pretend we have loads of money to blow, shall we? What would you buy? Well, if you ask me, here are some little as well as lush somethings that I definitely do not need, but oh-so-want!

Something to record memories: I am drooling over the Canon Retro Cinema EOS100 camera

Something you can personalize: How awesome are these Clippy bags? You can change the bag as many time as you want with magazine pages, your own photos and you can even buy accessories for it in their store.

Something to pack: Isn't this Center duct tape great?

Something to eat: I am in love with The Deli Garage! I mean how original is this company?! They sell pasta shaped like nails, screws nuts and bolts ...

Chocolate glue :p

Lollipops shaped like screwdrivers

Cheese pencils!!! Probably my very favorite.

Chocolate filler + spatula

Something for the bathroom: Yes, someone is selling a sink that works as a fish tank or a zen garden.

Something to keep a tiny trinket: Macaroon limoge trinket boxes

Something for my imaginary car: Since I probably won't ever have a VW Camper bus, I'd like to at least have these air fresheners. I've always wanted a blue VB bus ... Now if we're dreaming big, the Vespa 400 is the car I would probably buy.

Something for the bedroom: An Illume Ceramic Candle - Heirloom Pumpkin

Something to display food: Or jewelry, a cardboard cake stand.

Something cat-themed: I love Tsumori Chisato, especially all her kitty products :p.

Something made of concrete: Yes, I wouldn't mind having business cards made of concrete like Murmure's.  

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! ;D


RideToFight said...

I don't know where you find these things, but they're awesome. My life needs screwdriver lollipops and cheese pencils!!! Thank you for sharing.

Sian Lile said...

i am particularly in love with the tape. sometimes making friends can seem to take ages and then you suddenly get loads!! lots of my friends have moved away recently, so am on the look out for more!!

Suki said...

Love each and every thing here! And I'd never seen any of it before.

Top of my list is the camera without a doubt :)

vero said...

mikiiiiiiiiiiii, te iba a comentar que cosas me gustaban más pero ya perdí la cuenta, es todo brillante!!!!

beso enorme y gran finde linda!

Trisha said...

i would totally love a purple screwdriver please! haha

Heike said...

Did u realize that everything from the deli shop is GERMAN! Gosh, we are creative people, aren't we? ;)
Happy Weekend

Jenstar_Blonde said...

Hi!! i love that fish sink!! haha that would be soo random to be like washing your face and all the fish are watching u!! hehe! my cats would be fascinated though and the fish would probably die with fright from the cats!!

the shop i work in also have those vw campervan air freshners!! haha they used to have the blue and red ones but now they have flowery campervans too! and they smell nice! :)

just thought i would let you know!! haha

Jen xxx


I love them!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

You did it again!1 You always find such fun things! Ok the camera is so cool! Jon is getting into old film cameras at the mo, which is great fun. The clippy would be great as I get bored easily, the celoptape is a littel OCD - Jon would love it! Tool pasta! I bought eiffle tower pasta for our house mate in Paris. Adore the pencil sharpening cheese!! I want the fish tank!!!!!! and the cats eye glasses are amazing!!!!

Ok im done lol!
Daisy Dayz
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fee @ chipper nelly said...

I came over cos Colleen said she liked your banner! Man, I'm so easily distracted. Anyway, wonderful post. I didn't realise I wanted a Vespa 400...and now I know i do.
fee x
(pleased to meet you)

Kirsten said...

Dear lord that sink is the coolest thing! If only it were like $40, I'd have one in every room. However cleaning out the poop might be taxing.

Thanks for the birthday wish-list ideas ;]

seelvana said...