May 04, 2012

A compendium of somethings for kids

Oh, my! Whenever I see the number of awesome goodies for kids there are in the market these days, I kind of want to go back in time; I'd avoid the bullying and eating disorders, though, ha ...

Anyhow, on to the list! Hope you can get ideas for your kids, nephews or even yourselves! ;p

Something to wear: Mina sells the cutest ballerinas. Too bad they only make them up to size 35 :/, which means my sister could probably wear them ... Totally jealous. 

Something to smell: These Scratch & sniff stickers totally take me back to the old days when I'd swap Strawberry Shortcake cards during the break at school :). Each box is $2.95. 

Something to draw: How neat are these crayon rings? If you don't want to pay $6.95, though, you can always go to the 99c store; I've seen colorful chalk eggs, animals, etc.

You can also check out this tutorial to learn how to make these fun bathtub soap crayons ;).

Something to make food more appealing: I would totally use these lunch punch sandwich cutters for myself :p. Although, in my opinion, food always looks appealing enough as it is, hehe.

Cookie cutters can make fruit look prettier, too.

I'm sooo going to do this for the kids in our family!

Something to help babies drink from a box: Cuppycup drink box holder

Something found on Etsy: Imaginary animal tails.

Something to play on the floor: You can find different playmats at Ikea.

This one includes the wall, too! 

You can also make one yourself ;); read the DIY here

Something for curious kids: Thank you, Pinterest for having introduced me to so many awesome blogs for kids and moms! Here are some creative and experimental activities for kids.

 You'll find tons of experiments and games over at Housing a forest.

Something to print: There are several free downloadable paper cities for children to play over at Made by Joel.

There are free downloadable paper dolls over at The black apple.

Something for adults too: There's something called AcquaClimb and it looks like fun.


Something for a slumber party: You'll find lots of links with ideas right here.

You can find more ideas and activities in my Pinterest board.

My computer is taking a poop so I haven't been visiting your blogs as often. David's almost done restoring, though (still needs to add some updates), so hopefully it'll start running smoothly again :p.

Hope you have an awesome weekend! ;D


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Noooo... I totally need those first shoes! I can say I own those egg molds though:D
And though I don't like the cheese I do love the way those baby bells look.

eli said...

Vos decís que son para chicos? porque muchas de estas cositas ya las querría yo para MÏ! jaaja!

chantilly said...

this post took me right back to childhood. scratch and sniffs? crayon rings? yes, please. what an amazing list of little somethings! hope your computer gets running properly soon. xoxo

seelvana said...

me hiciste acordar que era mi reee sueño llegar a casa y que hubiera un paquete de frutillitas bajo la almohada!
no pasaba muy seguido :S

ceci a. said...

Oh oho ohoh ohhhhhhhhhh Miki!
Quiero tener un bebé YA para comprarle todo esto y más. De dónde sacás cosas tan tiernas y creativas?

Sian Lile said...

all these things are so great i don't know where to start! i've used those made by joel city's in work with kids and they loved it! i want one of those tails....

Marisa Noelle said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Miki! Bookmarking this post all the way:) LIke the commenter above said...I don't know where to start...these are all such great ideas. Those babybells are hilariously cute and I need that cuppy cup holder..especially for traveling. Looking up the bath crayon DIY right now! Happy weekend lovely lady! xx Marisa

Hello Naka said...

i hope ur pc becomes better :p and nice ideas! it kinda makes me wanna do them with my little cousin :p

Casablock said...

Quiero esos Cookie cutters para frutas!!

Sigue posteando cosas creativas! Nos encantan! :)

Laura said...

Oh what, where was this when I was a little kid. I mean, DIY bathtub soap crayons??? *_____* so wonderful

lovely blog too btw,
xo L

Kirsten said...

Should I be worried that I want/love almost all of these things? Haha. Great stuff!

Corina said...

Hi again!
I DO LOVE this post!!! I'm going to do some my own when Fiammi grows up a little bit... there are awesome ideas!
A comment between us: you may not be able to go back in time but have the perfect excuse to make the most of all of them - having a kid! :-o