May 30, 2012

Band Aids

This is one of those things I can absolutely live without, but keep eying for a while; and then one day, in a total fit of stubbornness, just say "The hell with it! I am getting them!" And so I did. And I'm not even sure I am ever going to use them; stupid, right?

Cyhtnia Rowley and Band Aid have joined forces to create "Hurt Couture", a limited edition of fashionable (?) adhesive bandages. You can get them at Rowley's online store for $5 + $8 shipping or do like me and get them at Amazon for cheaper. Neither the designer or Amazon is selling the black or white cans, though; you can only get the regular cardboard box.  

Band Aid is always launching new limited editions; we've all seen from Hello Kitty to Angry Birds, but other companies are very creative, too. Wanna see some original adhesive bandages?

Urban Outfitters sell these trendy Keep calm and carry on and moustache bandages. You can also find the next two models in their store (Life's really not that hard and What happened last night?).

Over at Fred Flare you can find a wide variety of original bandages, too. 
Erm, what's up with this girl's face?

Mmm, underpants? I don't think so. And I don't understand why you can find sooo many bacon products?! Chapstick, toothpaste, etc.

Another online store that sells wacky bandages is Waste some cash. I don't know if you can tell the first ones are sushi themed, hehe.

Of course, you can always resort to Amazon,where you can get Jesus bandages, for instance!

A long time ago, I found a website which designed these so-called brandages; I don't think they ever got to start selling them, though.

Don't want to buy any of these? No problem, you can make your own! ;) Get some neat fabric, double-sided tape and regular bandages; Here's the tutorial.

So, which are your very favorite ones?

Have you bought anything you didn't need, but wanted lately?

Hope you're all having an awesome week! ;D

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May 27, 2012

Eating all colors

The other day I opened our fridge and I was happy to find out it is now filled with color :). Ever since I decided to start eating more healthily, we've been buying a lot more fruit and vegetables. David doesn't eat cooked veggies, but I realized I needed to start getting them for myself. 

Let's start with the reds. I used to dread strawberries because they were too sour for my sensitive palate. But that was until I tried Californian strawberries; seriously, they're the sweetest, most tasteful and prettiest ones I've ever eaten! There are several strawberry fields here in Ontario and surrounding areas.

Oh, and cherries are my new late night snack; they're perfect to ease that sugar craving I usually get after dinner.

Moving on to the greens, I can tell you that you'll always find leek in my fridge. I use it to flavor beef, chicken, home-made broth, rice, whatever. We are also always supplied with bags of salad; in Argentina bagged ready-to-go salad is expensive, but here it adds up to the same or even less than getting all the ingredients separately and making your own. I occasionally eat cucumber if I get really hungry at odd times and use it to make flavored water every now and then.

There's a ridiculously huge amount of dressings here, but I don't like any of them, haha. I kind of enjoy Caesar, but it's too heavy to have on a regular basis. Lucky me, the other day I randomly ran into a recipe to make the perfect dressing for my kind of taste and it was by no other than the one and only, Jamie Oliver !!! *wink at Vero* ;p, because we can hear him say "pancetta" all day long and because we think he rules!

In case you're curious, this is the simple recipe: you just need to put all the ingredients in a jar and shake, shake, shake! It is delish! Trust me ;). The ratio should be 3 to 1: 3 parts of olive oil, 1 part of acid (in this case the lemon juice).

I'm also digging all the yellow/orange-ish hues :p.

Finally, care for some brown? This is probably my favorite guilty pleasure (not that guilty, I guess), a very cheap and quick glass of iced-coffee. Nope, I don't have a coffee grinder so I didn't use those beans, haha, I just used plain instant coffee. No need to dirty the blender, just start by filling half the glass with ice, pour in some water, add one part of milk, a spoon of instant coffee, stir and enjoy. * If you use instant capuccino or any powdery kind of mix, you might have to dissolve it in boiling water first and then cool it down.

Does anybody who has a coffee grinder want these hand-roasted Guatemala Antigua coffee beans? They were part of a Christmas present and have been sitting in our pantry since then. I'll send them to the first person to claim them ;).

So this is how this little journey to my fridge and food cabinet comes to an end, haha. It's funny how can make a blog post out of anything, isn't it?

Have a very colorful day, everyone! ;D

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May 25, 2012

A compendium of somethings - Time wasters

Hello, everybody! How has your week been? I bet you're all happy that it's a long weekend ;). Yes, it so happens to be a long weekend both in Argentina and the USA, haha. Today's compendium of somethings is a little shorter than usual, but hopefully, it'll steal a laugh or two. I'm sorry if I'm offending someone with its title, but I couldn't come up with a better one.

Something connected with Easter: I still can't understand who on Earth would create a tumblr dedicated to Peeps, but Peep this turns out to be kind of funny.


Remember this movie?

Something dedicated to Tom Selleck: Yeah, you heard me. And sandwiches. And rainbows .... Whaaaat? Yes, there's a website called  Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

Something to play with: Just open this link and click on the squares.

Something dedicated to My Little Pony: Yes, she did.

Something musical: This one's quite interesting. Someone stops people walking down the street and asks what song they're listening to. If you open this on YouTube, you'll find videos of this survey taken in different parts of the world.


Something aimed at adults: Adulting requires reading; some posts are fun/interesting to read, some aren't.

Something fashionable: I could've mentioned any street fashion blog, but this one is from Argentina. 

Something for your cell phone: Apps can be a big time waster, here are some that have caught my attention.

Yumemiru is an app that lets you choose different scenarios to dream about and then through sounds influences your thoughts while your snooze.

Erm, these are not real, of course.

You can watch more videos here.

So, yes, this post was probably a big waste of time. Sorry about that.

Have a fun long weekend! ;D

May 23, 2012


I must confess that I'm thrilled with this post, because it's not like any other post. Today I want to introduce you to the fabuleux Seel! (aka Seelvana) :D She's one of the Argentine bloggers I had the pleasure to meet after I left the country and learned to love very quickly. She's an artist, a very generous gal and she's so cool she doesn't hesitate to pull out her mate set and sandwich right inside the Louvre, ha! (see bottom right photo)

She has a very special furry assistant :p.

She loves to cook, so it's only natural that she was featured over at The Draw & Cook


She has done works for the city, for private companies and she also takes custom orders from bloggers.

These are some of the blog headers and buttons she has designed.


Since I want you to get to know her a little better, I asked her a few questions to share here in this blog.

When did you realize you wanted to do art for a living?
It's going to sound a bit silly, but a long time ago a neighbor saw a doll I had made with a toothbrush and he told me I was going to do well with that. Anyhow, I'm not sure what I do qualifies as art; I just know that I draw as a job and for pleasure.

Did you family support your decision?
Mmmm, to an extent they did. I studied a career that's connected with film-making and it's known that that's not a money-making business on this neck of the woods; I'd say the didn't oppose it. Although I afforded all the expenses incurred in throughout the course of my career.

Have you ever considered a different career?
All my options had to do with design or advertising, I started business administration because I thought it was going to lead me to advertising, but I had to drop out for personal reasons and when I decided to go back to university they had opened a career in audiovisual arts.

What inspires you to create?
Mmmm, I'm inspired by everyday situations, I draw about things that have happened to me (such as putting on my undies the wrong way around) and inspirational phrases (be yourself, is one of them). Recipes are more complex but I really like the way they look when they're embellished with drawings.

How did you start doing custom works? Is it hard to interpret what your clients want?
Since I've been working as a graphic designer for 10 years, I can't remember what my actual first work was; I'm pretty sure it must have been something a friend passed on to me because he/she needed to outsource. I do remember my first job as an illustrator, I designed a friend's double book cover.
And generally speaking, it's not difficult to interpret what my clients want; although sometimes they are not even sure of what they want

What artists do you look up to?
Here are 3 of them:

Who would you like to work for? And where would you like to exhibit your art?
I would like to work for myself, haha! I have no idea what company I'd like to work for; I'd like to take up varied kinds of work, have illustration books published, collaborate with other artists is also fun and lets you learn about many different topics! I've just finished working on the graphic design for some software aimed at apiaries and I'm currently illustrating short poems; it's awesome!
As for exhibiting my art, I place no restrictions on the venue; I've only done 3 exhibitions so far, so any place would be fine by me.

What can you see yourself doing in the future?
I've taken up 2 projects that are quite important, so I feel I have a good future in illustration. I believe I'll keep doing this for a few more years before it gets tiring!

I love Seel's style and her way to depict our Argentine idiosyncrasies :); and I am particularly excited about the lovely postcards she has just launched!  I've been lucky enough to get 3 :p.

I've put one on my mood board and I think I'm going to frame the other 2 :p.

Aaaand to celebrate this post, Seel is sharing these downloadable labels with all of you! ;P 
* Click on the image to download the sheet full size.

If you want to contact her to buy her postcards (which you can browse here), posters or ask her to redesign your blog or whatever other reason, you can do so at the following e-mail address: She ships orders worldwide.

You can look into Seel's art in all of the following places:
Blog - FBFlickrTwitter

She speaks English, so don't be shy and hop on over to her blog to show her some luv! ;D She's a doll.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!