April 29, 2012

Postcards of my weekend

We've had a quiet but nice weekend. We went to The Upland Lemon Festival, but we didn't stay there too long. I guess packed places and having to wait in line are not my cup of tea. It was nice to be in a fair after so many years, though :).

I regret not having gotten food there. There were trucks and booths selling garlic fries, pretzels, cupcakes and other mouth-watering food.

After the fair, we did our late Friday night classic: we drove to Walmart to do our grocery shopping ... And we spent more that we should have on things we didn't need :/.

On Saturday, we took Dimitri to the vet, fortunately he's fine and we didn't even need to get him meds! :) I just thought his ears were becoming bald and noticed he was scratching himself on the area, but I guess I was just paranoid, haha. The vet said his ears are really clean and he doesn't seem to have been scratching more than normal; phew! Before we got home, we stopped by a grocery store where we get our Argentine goodies :p. We also bought a piece of "vacio", which I forgot to snap.

Sunday morning, my great husband surprise me with breakfast in bed :D and the rest of the day consisted of cleaning the house and relaxing.

So, how was your weekend? Are you ready to start a new week? Hope so! ;D



Mary Has Sound said...

I've never seen a cupcake stand at a fair, but I bet they'll become more abundant now that so many people love cupcakes like they do. :-) It also makes me so jealous that you an buy alcoholic beverages at a regular store. In Maryland they can only be bought at a specific Liquor Store. Ah! PS - I'm so glad that Dimitri is okay! <3 Mary

lisa said...

As I get older I hate packed places and lines more and more :) You got some really cute photos though! Hope you had a great weekend!

chantilly said...

are these photos with the new camera? the look great! the lemon festival looks like it was so much fun! xoxo

Flor said...

Hace mucho que no te leo y es porque el google reader no me da las novedades de tu blog, nose porque, pero como te vi seguidora en fb de seel, me acorde y aca estoy.
yo soy mas de los pitufos que de kitty, ahora empieza la temporada de ferias y kermesses por aca y seguramente voy a encontrarme con alguno...
Bueno, eso, vuelvo a encontrarte, un placer! chau nena!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

how can you not have gotten food there!? ahah... i love their calories-packed food! lol... especially cheese curds, elephant ears and cream puffs! ;D ahah.


seelvana said...

qué pena que no pudiste comprar nada en la feria del limón!

me causó gracia la parrillera!
y la de sacarnos la peluca comprando a lo loco en walmart es un mal de muchos!

Hello Naka said...

im glad to hear your cat is okay ^_^ and the festival sounds pretty cool, although i hate waiting in queues too!

Katrin said...

I am glad Dimitri is fine! I am always paranoid with my pets too. :)

And I am so in love with donkeys!!

Kirsten said...

Is it sad that closet organization is one of my favorite things? Probably.