April 10, 2012

Party shooters, anyone?

As if drinking cocktails weren't fun enough, there is an even more fun and playful way to have booze. Have you ever heard of party shooters?

If you're afraid of needles, you'll probably dread this idea even though there's none. I think these so-called party shooters are cool, especially for gatherings with friends.

To try them out, I prepared a simple concoction; and yes, of course, it had to be red, haha. 
These are the ingredients I used:

You just need to blend all the ingredients, pour the drink in a glass so that it's more comfortable to load the syringes and that's it!

With a standard box of strawberries, that much ice and 3 shots of gin, I filled 3 of these glasses.

... Now ... Party time! :p

Warning: it's easy to lose track of the number of shots you've had. Drink with moderation. Or don't, but beware of the fact that a few of these can easily get you tipsy, hehe.

Hope you're having a great day! ;D



ceci a. said...

Amé tus fotos, Sos una GENIA!!!!
Pero la idea ,confieso, me da demasiada impresióN! Me quedo con el modo clásico de tomar alcohol =)
Besotes Mikiiii!

Hello Naka said...

i wanna try this ^_^ although i don't think i could handle that many :p

Kirsten said...

I love novelty stuff like this!

chantilly said...

omg, these look so perfect for a halloween party! or i dunno, if you threw some kind of sicko horror hospital/ doctor/ nurse themed party? :P crazy, mannnn...

the last pictures of you are so funny. "ready for a shot?" :) xoxo

Marisa Noelle said...

What a genius little idea! Those look both adorable and dangerous...and your concoction sounds delicious even sitting here typing this at 10 in the morning:) You have the best witty photos I've ever seen!

Have a wonderful week Miki!

xx Marisa

lisa said...

Those sound tasty! I've never seen the needle shooters before but I totally want to track them down. Like Chantilly said, they would be perfect for Halloween! Although I don't want to wait that long so maybe I can incorporate a "needle theme" into my July 4th pool party... Hmmm... :) Great idea Miki, hope your having a great week!

swellmayde said...

pretty genius!! love this idea!!

- aimee
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