April 30, 2012

Fashion magazines

As you probably already know I'm a sucker for fashion magazines. I don't use them as shopping guides or care too much about fashion mandates. I like browsing through nice photos for inspiration and well, I can't help cutting off articles, pics and words/phrases in nice typo. I get them for cheap at the library I volunteer at (5 for $1), so my collection keeps growing even though I get rid of some of them every now and then.

I am no expert in the subject, but I thought I could share what things I like and don't like about fashion magazines in particular. So, yes, you can label this post as shallow and completely trivial; but don't we all, girls, indulge in some banal reading once in a while? OK, you're right, I probably do it too often :/.


What can I say about Vogue, right? The minds behind it are probably the biggest and most successful trendsetters and every designer wants to have their pieces of clothing featured there. I like their editorials, the paper quality, but it's too elitist, in my opinion. Of course, it's a great source of inspiration, but it's not my favorite magazine. There's something I do love about it, though, and it's the fact that they're not afraid of having an older woman like Meryl Streep in their cover. I take my hat off to them for that.


I love the shops and products they feature in their city guide section, although I don't think I'll ever buy anything from such stores. The clothes and accessories are still way out of my budget, but I like the fact that they come up with edgy outfits. I also like their beauty products reviews for all budgets. I don't care much about Joe Zee's section, though.


Nylon is my favorite magazine for many reasons: it's modern, fresh, artsy, even musical; they publish interesting articles and the outfits are more "street-like". Unfortunately, I rarely find them at the library.


Lucky is also aimed at a young audience and is fresh and fun. I really enjoy it when they feature a city and list the must-go stores, art galleries and bars. Also, how fun are their stickers? :p


For some reason, their cover never looks appealing to me. However, whenever I open it, I find interesting items and things worth looking into. I applaud their monthly section Big girl in a skinny world; have you ever read it? Oh, and their product photos are usually eye candy.


I had never paid much attention to Glamour, but one day, David saw a Groupon for this magazine; they were offering an annual subscription for $10, so he got it for me. To my surprise, I found it more interesting than I had expected! Their regular features are fun and it balances the right amount of articles and photos. They always take the cover celebrity's look and come up with a similar outfit for less than $100. The month in hairstyles is a great source of inspiration.

And I kind of enjoy looking at The month in outfits where they show how their staff style 5 different pieces of clothing throughout a month. We want her job is interesting to read, too.

It's loaded with sex-related topics and idiotic tips. It's fine if you want to have a good laugh, I guess. 

There are other magazines I always bring home to give to our teenage niece; those are Dance (she's a ballerina) and Seventeen. With the latter I have to be careful, though, because they talk about topics I think are inappropriate for a 13-year-old, so what I do is just pull off the articles I know she'll like and are suitable for her (they're mostly interviews to her favorite actors).

A magazine I miss from Argentina is Inrockuptibles :/.

In case you're wondering what I do with the photos and words I cut from these magazines ... I make cardsgarlands and save the material in envelopes for future collages :p.

What magazines do you like? Why? Are you subscribed to any?

Have fun a week, y'all! ;D


Maru said...

Adoro las revistas de moda... tengo una collecion enorme...

Mary Has Sound said...

I am absolutely in love with those garlands. I want to make some stat!
PS - Nylon is my favorite too. When Border's went out of business I went to one that was like 2 days away from closing and the magazines that were left were 80% off and I found a couple Nylons.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Miki, I hope you never get tired of me gushing over how creative and interesting you and your posts are. I would never think to do a "review" of magazines! This is so unique and interesting. I agree with your opinion or lack there of of Cosmo. It seems to be such a popular magazine that is pushed onto women to love. It's the same magazine...every month. The photos just change.

I do enjoy Glamour has a wide range of things of diverse things most women can find enjoyable to read!

PS - Your banner made out of the cut pretty friggin' adorable!

Sorry for such the lengthy comment!


Casablock said...

A total girly post! Muy buena idea la de la review de revistas de moda. Me encantan Vogue y Elle, sobre todo por sus imágenes, fotos y los vestidos y zapatos que veo y que me gustaría tener!

Super creativo el uso que hacés de las revistas! Me encantó la guirnalda de ropas!

También me gusta Les Inrockuptibles (versión francesa y argentina), y la revista Photo.

Que tengas linda semana!

Katrin said...

I love fashion magazines! :) I'd say Glamour is my favorite. I even like the German edition a little better than the American one. I have a subscription to Glamour, Vogue, Lucky...David's mom got all of them for me. :)

Suki said...

Oh my goodness, this totally a post after my own heart!!! I am a fellow fashion mag addict.

You have me wishing I could read the US version of Marie Claire - I like the sound of it.

And I love your creative re-uses of magazines! I always keep piles of them for collages and envelopes too (and use them in my badges). But I never thought of making a garland - they look incredible!

Miki, I feel like you may be a fellow spirit :)

Kirsten said...

I limit myself to 2 magazines at a time. Currently I'm subscribed to Vogue and Real Simple. I loooove perfume samples and glossy pages.

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh I love thee...hehe! I'm subscribed to In Style and Cooking Light. I set the limit there. I absolutely <3 Vogue and Q though. My favorite past time was going to Borders Books (which is sadly no more) and grabbing a Chai then handfuls of magazines and making a Friday night of it:)

Such a cute post Miki. I didn't know you were quite the enthusiast:) xx Marisa

seelvana said...

ay ay, algunas ni las conozco!

Debo admitir que de las revistas para chicas no soy cliente en absoluuuuuto!
Una sola vez me compré una y era porque tenía un casamiento y no tenía idea qué ponerme, pero no soy target para esa gente!
A lo sumo me compro una Ohlala, sólo para ver las ilustraciones =)

La Inrocks rules =)

DailyGlamour said...

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