April 06, 2012

A compendium of somethings - interesting posts

Happy Friday, everybody! And happy long weekend to many of you! Have you made any special plans for Easter? We won't be involved in any egg hunting games, but we're going to a Renaissance Fair, yay! Not Easter-related at all, I know, but I'm very curious about it. It's one of those things us foreigners keep watching on American TV shows and movies, and well, we get curious to experience such events. The same happens with Halloween, Black Friday, etc :p.

As for this week's compendium of somethings, I've come up with a selection of posts that have caught my interest. You know when you randomly get to a blog and as you scroll down, you say to yourself, "I definitely need to keep reading and learning more about this blogger"? So you bookmark the page, one post leads to another and that's it, you're stuck (in its good sense) to this new-to-you blog? Yep, that's what has happened to me with the following posts and bloggers!

Something messy: But undoubtedly cool! A Dutch guy named Siebe took a photo of coffee splashing out of his mug; he uploaded it on Flickr and the rest is history. People thought it was a cool shot to emulate and now there are thousands of similar pictures. If you want to take part in his project, you can read the rules here and browse through the Cookie Splash group on Flickr.    


Something fashionable: I found Lala's blog through the always sweet and adorable Ceci. Its name, Dualidades (dualities), sounded enticing enough and when I bumped into this post in particular, I knew I had to start following her.  

Something food related: Check out this eye appealing post where Miss Moss compares food with outfits.


Something for you to play with: Are you a sucker for TV shows and movies? Then you might find these paper dolls kinda fun :p. There's quite a number of shows featured, from Arrested Development to Breaking Bad. You can download them here.

Something to revamp your shoes: 14 different ways, to be more precise.

Something to read: Maybe? Or just to  judge books by their covers, hehe. Seriously. The Millions compared some US and UK cover design of books. The American covers are on the left, and the British ones, on the right. Which ones do you prefer? 
Don't hesitate to click the link above and go through the whole selection ;).

Something useful: The 101 most useful websites.    

Hope you enjoyed this selection of posts!

Have a great weekend, y'all! ;D             


Sian Lile said...

ooo i like the look of that comparing outfits and food one!

Kirsten said...

I'm definitely going to be going through these in more depth after my classes this week. I'm especially excited for the useful websites one.

Thanks for sharing and have a great time at the fair!!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I swear...I have no idea where you find things for these posts. You'd think considering how many you've done that I would've recognized something while reading. Nope. Nothing. It's always so exciting to read your weekly "somethings"!

The parks and rec cut outs are SO cute and spot on! Also...I'm pretty obsessed with those candy bags. Now I want one. :)

Have a Happy Friday and have fun at the Renaissance fair!


Lala. said...

Hola Miki!! gracias por tu interes y por citarme, me alegra te haya gustado y servido mi post. Que honor estar en esta selección!!!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

The Cookie Splash is great! And I love the book comparrison! Its very interesting to see how they differ.
Daisy Dayz
My Hub Pages

Hello Naka said...

thansk for the links the food comparison post looks pretty cute and fun :p

lisa said...

These look so interesting, now I'm going to spend the next hour checking them out... How do you find such good stuff? Well, thank you for finding it for us :)

Marisa Noelle said...

I love that I always know where to come when I am seeking out anything cool, new, whimsy, sweet, and witty. You always find the most interesting mix of stuff out there Miki! You must have special powers...hehe. I am loving that 14 ways to revamp your shoes simple and cute. Now I want to get to work:) Have one lovely weekend! xx Marisa

jamie said...

a Renaissance Fair? ive always wanted to attend one!! please take lots of photos and share with us! miki i am such a horrible friend. i have letters that i havent even sent to you. omgg you should send me poo in a box just because of that! this tuesday, i have time off and i will be sending you all the goodies i have been meaning to! and if i dont, omg write me off lol. anyway, i hope that and the hubbs are well! muah!

x james