April 13, 2012

A compendium of cat-related somethings

Yes, it was going to happen sooner or later, haha :p. If you're one of those wackos who happen to hate cats (I've met a few), please close this window or step away from your computer. Having said that, I'd like to dedicate this post to all the crazy cat ladies out there and especially to the cat moms I know, namely: Ashley, Jenna, Chantilly, Lisa, CeciSian and Laura

Now on to my list of cat-related somethings! ;p

Something interactive: I posted about Meowmania a long time ago, but for those who missed it, here it goes again. Make sure the volume's up when you click the screen, hehe.

Something for your fridge: Aren't these huge fridge magnets awesome?

Something 3D: Go get your old blue and red 3D glasses and check out Depth and time's Flickr.

Something a little creepy: Ma + Chr, via Bianca.

Something to wear: I so want one of these kitty scarves!

Something for your books: You can get these bookends here.

Something I want to try on Dimitri: This is too funny, haha!

Something for your nails:        

Something to play with: The Black Apple's kitty dolls

Something you can embroider: You can find this embroidery pattern over at Craftzine.

Something you can do to help stray cats: Hope on over to The Teal Cat Project and get something from their store. 

Something funny: I love Lisa's pics of her cat wearing a custom-made saddle! :p No worries, she's not riding her cat!

Something scary: Look at what we saw on our surveillance camera the other day! Apparently, Dimitri's not afraid of heights :(.

If you'd like to see more fun cat stuff, you can hop on over to my Pinterest board: It's a cat's world.

Have a purrfect weekend! ;D


seelvana said...

por un momento pensé que el gato iba a deslizarse por la baranda ;D

buen finde//

Bianca Jagoe said...

I get so excited when I see you've got a new post up! A great collection of kitty bits! I loved Meowmania and played with it for ages. I love that you have surveillance cameras and can spy on your kitties. Cam and I have been really wanting to get a collar-cam for one of our cats who wanders a lot.

ceci a. said...

Jejej yo te agregaria uno pero me lo guardo porque lo tengo planeado para hacerte un regalo cuando llegue el momento

Kirsten said...

Love the idea of the human eyes on the cats! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I really want the fridge magnets!

Prima Humberta said...

No odio los gatos pero no soy una ferviente amante tampoco (sí amo los perros! <3)

Pero los vinilos para heladera son muy lindos! Y me hiciste reír con los gatos con ojos humanos y el pobre gato bolsa.

Buen finde Miki! :)


Lindsey said...

Haha, I love this. I think cats are funny, but unfortunately my brother is allergic so I can't have one in the house or he'll never be able to visit lol.

lisa said...

Yay! A cat-related compendium! Thanks for the dedication Miki, and for making Mo famous :) There is so much awesomeness in here, I'm off to check them all out and hopefully not buy too much stuff! Enjoy the last bits of your weekend!

Unknown said...

What a lot of kitty awesomeness! That embroidery is so cute. And the Black Apple cat makes me want to create one of my own... hmmm, now there's an idea! x