April 15, 2012


David bought a new camera (yep, he shouldn't have but we love it!) and we tested it out in Prado Regional Park, which is located in Chino close to our house.

Have I ever told you that there are a lot of farms in Chino? You get to see lots of cows and bulls, sheep, strawberry fields and birds. Whenever I hear the word Chino, it reminds me of The OC; remember Ryan? Haha. We drove by the penitentiary where his brother was at.

These are milking cows, by the way.

Some mornings you can smell the manure even here in Ontario (depending on which direction the wind is blowing). When I first got here I thought it was really gross. Now, I got so used to it that I either don't notice it anymore or even enjoy it ... Does that sound too weird? I don't know, I kind of like the feeling of being in a rural area, surrounded my snow-capped mountains; most of the times, anyway. I do miss living in they city, too, though;  going window shopping and having tea in coffee stores that are not chains ... Oh, well, I guess you can't have it all!

We also stopped by my brother-in-law's house to say hi. I like this photo of Breanne, our youngest niece; she seems to be levitating, hehe. She did get the hopscotch I mailed her and really liked it :).

Hope you all had a nice weekend, too, and are ready to start a new week! ;D


Laura said...

Nice pictures Miki! Looks like a lovely weekend. Hope you have a good week. How are the kitties?


chantilly said...

congratulations on getting the new camera, miki!! the pictures look great :) xoxo

Jenna said...

Ooooh your pictures look great! Your hopscotch DIY was SO cute...that's so neat that your nieces enjoyed it so much.

PS - the photo of you taking the look so chic in your jacket and black pants. Super cute!

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Hey Miki! I like the smell too! lol! Reminds me of home as i lived in a rural ish area, not like the big city im in now! Looks like you had fun and its good he got a new camera, more photos! Jon bought a new one too!! As a treat for getting his promotion he got a great old vintage camera - sadly still cost a small fortune, but he got me 2 dresses too so I cant complain!
Daisy Dayz
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Qué bueno que tenés cámara nueva, y tan lindo ojo ;)

Besos y muy buena semana Miki!

ceci a. said...

Mili, què lindas instantáneas captaron! Amo a las ardillitas, aunque a algunos les parezcan meros roedores, yo podria pasarme hs mirándolas =)

Kirsten said...

I've been on the lookout for a new camera, too! It's always an exciting purchase. LOVE the squirrel shot. Those kinds of pictures are always so serendipitous and wonderful.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Pretty scenery! =)

Marisa Noelle said...

Gorgeous gorgeous scenery Miki! Looks like the perfect place to test your new camera out on...also looks like a place that I would quite love! And before I even read your line about the OC...that was the first thing I thought when I read the word Chino...hehe..oh my, I guess great minds think alike:) Happy Monday! xx Marisa