April 25, 2012

Buenos Aires in American TV commercials

This post will probably mean nothing to most of you, but you have to understand, as an expat, my heart gets happy when I see something made in Argentina, my home country, here in the US. I've been noticing lately that they're broadcasting American TV ads that were shot in Buenos Aires.

This one was obviously filmed in Bs As, hehe. In the beginning you can see 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest avenue in the world, and different typical locations in the city such as San Telmo.

When I first saw this one, I recognized the 152 bus that I used to take to go to work. I later realized they show 9 de Julio, too, at the very beginning. And that house and staircase look like a lot of old houses I've been to :).

Target's latest commercial, I suspect, has also been shot in Buenos Aires. Maybe my buddies from over there can help? Don't the main shots seem to have been filmed in Recoleta?

It makes me proud to see bits of my country. It sounds like a cliche; us, Argentinians, are known for being proud of our country once we leave it, but while I am not proud of many things about it, I've always loved and will love Buenos Aires city.

Awe, this post brings me back to the old days. I think some of the last pics I took there would give it a perfect closure; what do you think? ;)

At El Ultimo Beso in Palermo

This tea house has the most adorable bathtub!

With Val, my bestie, at Magendie

At Tartine

With Ceci in San Telmo

With David at Milion

Codigo Pais 2011

What do you love most about your home town/city?

Happy midweek, everyone! ;D


Marie said...

i think the Target air balloon lands on Plaza san Martín

Katrin said...

I always get happy when I see something German in America.
I guess one of the best German things is the beer. :)

ceci a. said...

Ahh es una hermosa ciudad!!!
Magendie y El último beso son lugares soñados!!!
Tartine ya no existe =/ UNa vez comí un muy rico brunch ahí, y me quedaba a cuadritas de casa....
Un beso enorme MIkiii!

uncustomary said...

Lovely! The Milion store looks colorful and great! I love living near Baltimore because even though most people don't consider it a city that they want to vacation to, I find awesome non-touristy things to do there all the time. Quirky museums and a free book store?! Doesn't get better!

seelvana said...

ajjaja qué buen posteo!
qué lindo que sientas un poco de argentinidad estando afuera, tendrías que traducir los contenidos del blog también! jajaj :D
me quedó picando lo de las postales, te escribo mail!

Jenna said...

Awww Miki! Your post makes me want to go with Bs As with you :p

Your photos are lovely too thanks for giving us a little glimpse.


Marisa Noelle said...

My hubby is from Philly, so he gets the exact same way when he sees anything Philly related represented in a movie or on's pretty sweet:)

I loved seeing a little glimpse into your world. I almost went to Argentina once a white always looked like such a beautiful place!

I grew up in the picture perfect little suburban town...small but still full of culture. I definitely miss it.

Happy midweek back at you darling Miki! xx Marisa

Kirsten said...

That's awesome that you recognized that! Argentina seems amazing from pictures I've seen. I really need to leave the United States for a bit.

Dorothy Explora said...

i know what you mean when you talk about that sense of pride! :)

thanks for sharing... and i'm looking forward to following your blog!


Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

estuviste en BA y no me escribiste?
uh!! what a pity!

Corina said...

Ya que es un post sobre Argentina, va el comentario en español :)
También diría que el globo aterriza en Plaza San MArtín, aunque no estoy segura.
Qué es lo que más me gusta del lugar donde vivo? Ir caminando por la calle y saludando a todas las mascotas del barrio :D Creo que fuiste testigo de eso, no?
Que empieces muy bien el finde!

Casablock said...

Qué lindo post! Entiendo perfectamente ese sentimiento de sentirte orgullosa cada vez que escuchas o ves algo sobre Argentina cuando vives fuera de tu país :)
Recuerdo un momento especial, cuando el año pasado me enteré que estaban organizando una milonga a cielo abierto frente a la Torre Eiffel, con los campeones de tango argentino. Me sentí tan feliz :)

Precioso post, Miki! Y los lugares que elegiste con las fotos finales son parte de esos lugares que hacen encantadora a nuestra querida Buenos Aires.

Muchos saludos (con aroma a nostalgia porteña)!

Lillí said...

¡Ea! ¡Yo estuve contigo en El Último Beso! Buenos Aires mata mil.
I think everybody should come to Buenos Aires at least once in their lives... Well, maybe that is too much to say, but what can I say? I love Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

I love the food in my city. You capture the beauty in your city. thanks for sharing!

Carla said...

This post means something to me. I´m an expat too and every time I hear the word Argentina or someone saying that they have been there my face changes (I have been told). So I had noticed the same as you in the Tagert commercial. I believe it was shot in Rodriguez Peña St. Last year when i went to visit my family and friends, I stayed in a Buenos Aires temporary rent that was located there, so I believe I recognize the street.
Un beso!