April 30, 2012

Fashion magazines

As you probably already know I'm a sucker for fashion magazines. I don't use them as shopping guides or care too much about fashion mandates. I like browsing through nice photos for inspiration and well, I can't help cutting off articles, pics and words/phrases in nice typo. I get them for cheap at the library I volunteer at (5 for $1), so my collection keeps growing even though I get rid of some of them every now and then.

I am no expert in the subject, but I thought I could share what things I like and don't like about fashion magazines in particular. So, yes, you can label this post as shallow and completely trivial; but don't we all, girls, indulge in some banal reading once in a while? OK, you're right, I probably do it too often :/.


What can I say about Vogue, right? The minds behind it are probably the biggest and most successful trendsetters and every designer wants to have their pieces of clothing featured there. I like their editorials, the paper quality, but it's too elitist, in my opinion. Of course, it's a great source of inspiration, but it's not my favorite magazine. There's something I do love about it, though, and it's the fact that they're not afraid of having an older woman like Meryl Streep in their cover. I take my hat off to them for that.


I love the shops and products they feature in their city guide section, although I don't think I'll ever buy anything from such stores. The clothes and accessories are still way out of my budget, but I like the fact that they come up with edgy outfits. I also like their beauty products reviews for all budgets. I don't care much about Joe Zee's section, though.


Nylon is my favorite magazine for many reasons: it's modern, fresh, artsy, even musical; they publish interesting articles and the outfits are more "street-like". Unfortunately, I rarely find them at the library.


Lucky is also aimed at a young audience and is fresh and fun. I really enjoy it when they feature a city and list the must-go stores, art galleries and bars. Also, how fun are their stickers? :p


For some reason, their cover never looks appealing to me. However, whenever I open it, I find interesting items and things worth looking into. I applaud their monthly section Big girl in a skinny world; have you ever read it? Oh, and their product photos are usually eye candy.


I had never paid much attention to Glamour, but one day, David saw a Groupon for this magazine; they were offering an annual subscription for $10, so he got it for me. To my surprise, I found it more interesting than I had expected! Their regular features are fun and it balances the right amount of articles and photos. They always take the cover celebrity's look and come up with a similar outfit for less than $100. The month in hairstyles is a great source of inspiration.

And I kind of enjoy looking at The month in outfits where they show how their staff style 5 different pieces of clothing throughout a month. We want her job is interesting to read, too.

It's loaded with sex-related topics and idiotic tips. It's fine if you want to have a good laugh, I guess. 

There are other magazines I always bring home to give to our teenage niece; those are Dance (she's a ballerina) and Seventeen. With the latter I have to be careful, though, because they talk about topics I think are inappropriate for a 13-year-old, so what I do is just pull off the articles I know she'll like and are suitable for her (they're mostly interviews to her favorite actors).

A magazine I miss from Argentina is Inrockuptibles :/.

In case you're wondering what I do with the photos and words I cut from these magazines ... I make cardsgarlands and save the material in envelopes for future collages :p.

What magazines do you like? Why? Are you subscribed to any?

Have fun a week, y'all! ;D

April 29, 2012

Postcards of my weekend

We've had a quiet but nice weekend. We went to The Upland Lemon Festival, but we didn't stay there too long. I guess packed places and having to wait in line are not my cup of tea. It was nice to be in a fair after so many years, though :).

I regret not having gotten food there. There were trucks and booths selling garlic fries, pretzels, cupcakes and other mouth-watering food.

After the fair, we did our late Friday night classic: we drove to Walmart to do our grocery shopping ... And we spent more that we should have on things we didn't need :/.

On Saturday, we took Dimitri to the vet, fortunately he's fine and we didn't even need to get him meds! :) I just thought his ears were becoming bald and noticed he was scratching himself on the area, but I guess I was just paranoid, haha. The vet said his ears are really clean and he doesn't seem to have been scratching more than normal; phew! Before we got home, we stopped by a grocery store where we get our Argentine goodies :p. We also bought a piece of "vacio", which I forgot to snap.

Sunday morning, my great husband surprise me with breakfast in bed :D and the rest of the day consisted of cleaning the house and relaxing.

So, how was your weekend? Are you ready to start a new week? Hope so! ;D


April 27, 2012

A compendium of practical somethings

This week's compendium of somethings is all about tips and ideas that will help you save time, space and hopefully, will make you smile ;).

Something to ration out what you eat: I'm not sure these wheel of nutrition plates would help me eat more healthily, but I'd just buy them because of their colors :p.

Something to help you keep a track of the burgers you're cooking: Kind of practical if you're having several guests over.

Something to feed a toddler more easily: Fill an ice cube tray with colorful and healthy food ;).

Something to fill your packages: Styrofoam peanuts are expensive, that's why we save them all whenever we get them together with what we've order. After seeing this, though, I don't think I'll use them again, haha.

Something to help you keep in touch: Well, I guess people are hardly ever sending telegrams anymore. I did send one a couple of years ago, when I was still in Argentina, for David's birthday. I went to the post office a few days before his birthday and was told my telegram was going to take 4 freaking days to get to California :(; and it actually took 5, can you believe that? Had I known Telegram Stop existed, I wouldn't even have had to leave home to have my telegram delivered on time.  

Something to save space in your closet: Skeleton hangers.

Something to measure: 1) how much it's rained; 2) your waist; 3) how much candlelight there's left.

Something for a party: Use lollipops or rock candy swizzles as cocktail stirrers.

Wanna serve ice cream to several guests? A few hours before they arrive, place individual scoops in cupcake liners, then place them in cupcake baking pans and keep them in the freezer. You'll save time and your hands won't get sticky during the party :p.

Jell-o shots  served in lime skins; so much fun!

Something to protect yourself from thugs: These kitty keychain self-defense devices are not toys but a serious self-defense weapons. They cannot be sold in some States and you must be older than 18 to be able to purchase them.

Something crafty: You can make a neat stamp with lettuce! How cool is that?!


Something for ketchup lovers: Ketchup salt. So you don't have to use both (although I know David still would).

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! ;D

April 25, 2012

Buenos Aires in American TV commercials

This post will probably mean nothing to most of you, but you have to understand, as an expat, my heart gets happy when I see something made in Argentina, my home country, here in the US. I've been noticing lately that they're broadcasting American TV ads that were shot in Buenos Aires.

This one was obviously filmed in Bs As, hehe. In the beginning you can see 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest avenue in the world, and different typical locations in the city such as San Telmo.

When I first saw this one, I recognized the 152 bus that I used to take to go to work. I later realized they show 9 de Julio, too, at the very beginning. And that house and staircase look like a lot of old houses I've been to :).

Target's latest commercial, I suspect, has also been shot in Buenos Aires. Maybe my buddies from over there can help? Don't the main shots seem to have been filmed in Recoleta?

It makes me proud to see bits of my country. It sounds like a cliche; us, Argentinians, are known for being proud of our country once we leave it, but while I am not proud of many things about it, I've always loved and will love Buenos Aires city.

Awe, this post brings me back to the old days. I think some of the last pics I took there would give it a perfect closure; what do you think? ;)

At El Ultimo Beso in Palermo

This tea house has the most adorable bathtub!

With Val, my bestie, at Magendie

At Tartine

With Ceci in San Telmo

With David at Milion

Codigo Pais 2011

What do you love most about your home town/city?

Happy midweek, everyone! ;D

April 24, 2012

Bombay Beach & more

Are you ready for a creepy journey? If you are, fasten your seat belt and I'll hit the gas!

On our way to Salvation Mountain (when I still believed we were going to Area 51 instead), we stopped at Bombay Beach, a place David was curious to check out. According to Wikipedia, it's a census-designated place located on the east shore of the Salton Sea in Imperial Country, with a population of only 295.

As soon as we got there, I felt as if I had been taken to a David Lynch movie. The time stopped and once we parked the truck, the only thing we could hear was the mild hot wind and an occasional bird in the distance. Why was this place creepy? You see, there are a lot of destroyed houses right next to little old houses that are still inhabited which makes the scenery even more fascinating.

We only got inside one abandoned house because we felt like intruders. And to be quite honest, there were pretty weird (witchcraft-y) stuff all over the place.

Do you see the tiny toy bunnies on the mattress?

Some house were completely torn apart.

Closer to the shore, the scenery was just as gloomy; the dirt cracked and my heels sank into it as I walked and we kept encountering dead tilapias, the only kind of fish which can survive in such salty environment.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the water there is red!

Anyway, if you ever decide to go to Salvation Mountain, I think you should pay Bombay Beach a visit. And Slab City and Salton Sea, too! They're all right there. We took a few photos in these 2 locations, but Lisa's are way better, so hop on over to check her post ;). I recommend visiting Salton Sea in the morning; when we first drove by it, the water was amazingly still creating a stunning mirror effect. When we stopped to take photos later that day, there were waves and the water did no longer look as breathtaking.

Hope you all have a great day! ;D