March 28, 2012

Things you always wanted to know

I was going through a folder where I keep tips and pieces of info I think I might need one day and it suddenly occurred to me that you may find that info useful, too. So here are a bunch of how-tos and random facts that may come in handy! You're welcome! ;)

* How to print on a doily: OK, maybe you've never even wondered how to do it or why you would ever want to; but you can't tell me you are not curious to check this tutorial now, haha.

* How to find small objects you've dropped: This is a no-brainer and yet, I had never thought of doing this.

* How to keep a snag in your stockings from growing: Easy peasy, apply some nail varnish on the snug.

* How to fold a fitted sheet: You can read the instructions here.

* How to organize and display newspapers: You can easily put up something like this.

* There's a wide list of household tips in this post over at Woman's Day

Ok! Ready to feed your tummy? ;) Here we go!

* How to bake your own fortune cookies: You can buy them at the grocery store or even better, customize the fortunes and bake them yourself. Check out this post.

* How to keep a cake moist when cooked overnight: I had no idea this worked.

* How to freeze individual portions: Use freezer bags and split the portions before freezing.

* What not to freeze: Read the list here.

* How to make homemade vanilla extract: This recipe is easier than going to the grocery store to buy it.

* How to cook quinoa: Have any of you given quinoa a try yet? ;)

Did you find this post helpful?

Would you like a second part? Aye or nay?

Have a great one! ;D



Marie said...

I eat quinoa every now and then. It's fine for a change but I think other cereals (rice!) are easier to cook and yummier.
(ok, quinoa is a different kind of grain, proteins, bla bla; that kind of stuff is useful if you don't eat meat but I do)

Anyway, I have to learn the folded sheet thing, mine are always like... a ball of fabric, terrible

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Yet another very helpful and interesting post! I think the fitted sheet folding is the biggest thing I'll take from the post. What a handy little photo to have to reference. I usually just stuff the fitted sheet in the linen closet. This is much better :p
I hope you're having a good week girlie!


oliveborgnine said...

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Chrissy said...

This is awesome! Some of the tricks I already knew, but the vacuum trick is new...and so simple...dang I could have had that idea...haha
Happy Wednesday xxx

ceci a. said...

sos genial
el punto 2 y el 3 son sencillamente conmovedores
el 2 no lo entendí bien.. qué es, un coso de gomaespuma? tiene imán? no entendí bien
y el de la funda del colchon es supuerlativooO!
En mi blog there s a proposal for you!

Sian Lile said...

ha! i want to know more! i do like quinoa... but like couscous more even tho it doesn't have as much good stuff...

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Some great tips there, not sure I need any of them though, lol!

Daisy Dayz

Kirsten said...

Your posts...are so great.
I try and I try folding fitted sheets and NEVER can! Even with that diagram. It's the bane of my existence.

Love this post as usual.

Laura said...

I really like quinoa. :) Now you have me thinking of making some tomorrow.

Great post as always! Thanks for stopping by my space. Yes, Jordan does know me now. He told me friends and me that he knows us. (On the inside I was screaming ;)) He makes my heart happy.

Hope you are having a good week!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These are all great links! I'm definitely coming back to this post over the weekend;)

lisa said...

I love this post and definitely think you should do more because you find the most random/coolest things on the internet! So, it is not proper to crumple a fitted sheet into a ball? See, I learned something new!