March 08, 2012

Somewhere in a town called Ontario ...

California, not Canada. I always feel I have to clear that up.

Last week, there was a 2 bucks a bag sale at the library I volunteer and of course, I couldn't miss the chance to fill up a few bags with books for me and to give away. These are some of the ones I already have at home. There are still a few more awaiting in the library :p.

Does this photo say "I'm desperate!"? Haha.

That encyclopedia was one of my major scores.

Kitty books! :p

Yeah ... Don't judge me. I've always considered myself a lame reader :/. I'm never quite sure I'm getting the whole picture, you know. I grabbed these notes on books that I've read or own and have not yet read.

On a sadder note, Dimitri injured his left front leg in a fight :(. We took him to the vet and he's now almost 100% recovered :p. Those antibiotics started working right away! We had to lock him in for a couple of days, though, and it was hard! He can't stand not being able to go out as he pleases. Every day, there was a point when he would go nuts and throw a tantrum! Whenever he got tired of trying to get out, he went to bed and slept like a bunny, like this, hehe.

Yesterday, we let Dimitri be outside as usual and he was very happy and hyper. When he's hyper, he does this thing when you wanna touch him where he jumps really high and tries to bite your hand playfully. He did that to me repeatedly, then hid under the bushes, "charged", ran towards me (sometimes he even kicks me with his rear legs) and I suddenly noticed his face covered in spiderwebs and dirt. I then started recording this video because his face was hilarious to me (that's why you can hear me laugh so hard, hehe). After several times, and a few gentle bites, I could clean his face. Although I think he swallowed a piece of spiderweb :/.

I don't know if I'm happy or sad about this one ... Has anybody tried these ice-cream sandwiches? They are probably the worst ice-cream sandwiches I've ever eaten, hahaha! They're dry and tasteless, but very cheap. They're great for dieting, though, not because they're only 70 calories each, but because we aren't even eating them.

And I know I'm definitely happy about this! A couple of weeks ago, I won a giveaway held by Chantele at Daisy Dayz. The prize was a 50 pound gift certificate to buy sunglasses from I ordered the ones in the pic below; I fell in love with them the second I saw them. They're out of stock right now, but they promised to send them as soon as they received a new batch; can't wait to start wearing these shades! :D

So what's the news in your neck of the woods? ;)

Hope you all have a great day! ;D 


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh miki you made a great choice on the sunglasses front those are so you! and so cool!
Daisy Dayz

ceci a. said...

Qué capo Dimitriii!
Y qué lindo oír tu risa ahí atrás! Qué lindo reís!

Anonymous said...

Y???? Cual es la moraleja? crimen y chatiment? Irish famine? y? la famina la conoci en un Alpe y te dire que mismo con famina.. jamas pedi nada a nadie y aun menos a gente que no vi durante mucho tiempo! Dignidad, Dignidad no es solo una palabra que se utiliza para la posicion horizontal! dignidad tmb es no exponer a los jovenes utilizandolos a entrar en un ruedo de viejas locas! hay muchas formas de DIGNIDAD .. y muy variadas, lastima que esas formas tienen memoria AVeriADA!

chantilly said...

what an amazing giveaway to have won! i love all your book choices- especially the cat ones :) and the job books made me chuckle.

hope you're having a great day, miki!! xx

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

you're always getting such great books! and oh man. that video is so cute. i was laughing too. he seems so playful. and congrats on the win! you chose well.

Lola said...

You got so many great things!! X

lisa said...

Girl, you get so lucky in the giveaway department! Send me some of your good luck please. Great shades! And I'm sure they actual work compared to my collection of colorful but cheap quality ones. You must have the biggest/best book collection by now!
Have a great weekend!

Kirsten said...

I wish my library would do this! That would be amazing. I absolutely love buying books.