March 15, 2012

Rhetorical questions

* Why do people say "I had my hair did" instead of "done" these days?

* Why do actresses now refer to themselves as "actors" instead of "actresses"?

* What the hell does ombre mean?
Btw, I know "ombre" comes from "hombre" = man, in Spanish.
But I don't get why Jessica Biel, for instance, is considered to have ombre hair.
I mean, seriously, how come the following are called "Ombre cupcakes in a jar"?


*  Why do they use so many people with a British accent in TV ads here in America?

* I saw Secret Outlast (deodorant) TV spot last night and got surprised when I heard it offers 48 hours of odor protection ... 48! Is it aimed at women who don't like showering?

* A lady that looked like a doctor said that a cheap way to get rid of yeast infection is to use a tampon that has been soaked in unflavored yoghurt (The Revolution is about You - abc). Why did I make it till the end of the segment? Or why did I start watching this in the first place?

I am mentally exhausted! I have been filling out job applications all day. It's time to jump on the treadmill to get physically tired, so I'm even.

Happy Thursday, guys!
We're getting closer to the weekend ;).


chantilly said...

i first heard the term "getting your hair did" from a rap song... i forget which one. i say it now and then, because i think it sounds quirky :)

those cupcakes in a jar look like heaven...

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I love all your posts...seriously. You are so clever!

The 48 hour protection guarantee is hilarious! What is it..."just in case" deodorant? Just in case you aren't near a're covered!

I'm with you on the ombre hair thing...I don't get the name or the desire for it...but I'm not hip enough to understand it!

I wonder the same thing about the actor/actresses thing or waiter/waitress. I think it's not considered "politically correct" to be male/female specific. It confuses me though!

Just my two cents!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

lol your so funny at times!
1. I have never said did instead of done!
2.Actresses wish to be considered equals!
3. ombre is when something is darker at one end and ligter at the other! So kinda fades. so the hair gets lighter at the tips and the cake gets lighter in shades! I was originally going to ombre but decided to go blue instead! lol
4.I have no idea on the ads!
5/6 WTF! hehe!
Daisy Dayz

Marisa Noelle said...

You had me rolling here Miki! I don't get the hair did thing...well actually, I do...but I would look and sound ridiculous if it came out of my mouth. #2....Chalk it up to Girl Power. I think that started with the Spice Girls....haha. #3 nom nom nom. I'll take ombre cupcakes any day. #4 I'll take a british accent any day. #5, #6 That's ba-nasty!

Anonymous said...

ombrè es una palabra francesa, es el degradado de un color hacia sus tonos màs claros o màs oscuros, por eso los cupcakes son ombrè, van del rosa oscuro a rosas màs claros!