March 29, 2012

Happy in my new sunnies

Hello, there! How's everybody getting ready for the weekend? Fortunately we have plans for this one and the next :p. We're going to the movies with David's friends, the following one we're going to a Renaissance Fair, hehe, and later in April, I believe, we're going to see The Misfits, which I don't really know, but David and his brother want to go, so I'm going, too.

Anyhow,  here's a quite impromptu post today in order to thank Chantele and to show you these awesome sunglasses I got in the mail. A while ago I won a giveaway over at her blog Daisy Dayz, then got contacted by and I ordered my favorite shades in the store. The Polaroid shades I'd chosen were out of stock, so I had to wait a few weeks till they got restocked; well, they are here now! And I am stoked! :D

I've never had a real pair of sunglasses, basically because my eyesight is so bad that wearing them was pointless; but given that I have contacts now, I am able to wear them, yay! :p I really, really like the model I chose and can't wait to start wearing them!

Of course I took some pictures, but they suck. I've learned that I don't know how to take photos of glasses. How on Earth do you avoid the glare and the reflection of your tripod??? Grrr!

Please, forgive the awkward poses and expression on my face; I added some captions to make the pics ... less awkward, haha.

Thank you so much, Chantele! ;)

Have fun, everybody!



Kirsten said...

Those are cute! I've been looking for some new sunglasses. I should check out that shop!

Veronica said...

Love those!

eli said...

jajaja uno no sale de acá sin una sonrisa! están geniales tus shades, ahora que podés usar, seguro te comprás varios pares (en mi caso, son un vicio!)

yiqin; said...

the shades are so cute <3

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

the sunnies are so cute! i love your silly photos.

Marisa Noelle said...

You always have me smiling with your giggle worthy posts Miki! And my, you've managed to score plenty of cool stuff on these giveaways you've won as of late! I love those sunnies. I need a new pair so bad after I just sat on & broke my good ones. How graceful I am! Super cute photos!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Ooh, those are really nice! And that blouse is really cute as well.

I recently bought some new shades. I already have the picture ready haha, but I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to post it.

Hope you're doing great!

Meli. said...

geniaaaaales!! para el sol de la primavera!!!!!
i love!


chantilly said...

you look amaaazing in them miki! but please... don't be afraid to mug for the camera... your hairdo so IS working, and don't be afraid to rock it!! x

Courtney said...

Oh you are adorable! Love the sunglasses and your face!

Hope you can enjoy a lovely wkend dear girl!

Coquis said...

Hahahaha! Love your comments!