March 30, 2012

A compendium of somethings - WTF edition

With all due respect to the people who designed and sell the following products ... What the heck were you thinking?! Haha. This is my funniest compendium of somethings so far. I'll say no more, let's scroll down and laugh along ;)

Something to know the time: Or, actually, to try to figure out what time it is. I like its colors, but I think this About-time clock is too complicated for me.

Something to clear away clutter: That is if you happen to have a deer, a small old fan, a spread-legged Barbie and the rest of the junk you can see below.

Something for pregnant women: Who on Earth would wear this so called pregnancy jewel?

Something for people who don't like to be photographed: Ok, these embarrassing photos shades are kinda funny.

Something to cover your private parts: Hairy panties by Nutty Tarts.

Something to walk your dog: This dog leash is a little dangerous in my opinion :/. I don't think I'd dare use it.

Something for when you're in your period: My jaw dropped when I found out they were selling these reusable cloth menstrual pads on Etsy. No offense, but I'd rather not wear them.

Something ... I don't know, I'm speechless: Wanna sit on this armchair? Bahaha!

Something to learn CPR: I guess this video is more aimed at men ... Even though it's a lingerie ad, haha. Warning: if there are kids around you, you might wanna move them away from the screen before you watch this.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D


seelvana said...

juaaa juaaaa!
amazing stuffs, you grl!

Prima Humberta said...

jajaja me hiciste reír.

Lo de las toallitas reusables las conocía! De hecho hay otro producto similar pero que son tampones reutilizables que se llama la copa menstrual pero que es mucho más higiénico:

Buen finde Miki! y gracias por el humor, sos genial!


ceci a. said...

Muy bueno MikiiiI! Parece que los geniecillos de diseño industrial se fumaron un porro de aquellos y salieron a la carga!

lisa said...

These are so funny! So the other day Brian was saying how he doesn't really like pics of himself on my blog and I joked that I would start putting a black bar across his eyes if that made him feel better :) That clock is cool but looks way too complicated for me too! Have a great weekend Miki!

Kirsten said... god. These are hilarious. Those underwear! Hahaha. This made me laugh. :]

Constance said...

These pictures are awesome!

Courtney said...

Way too funny! Where do you come up with this stuff. Cracks me up every time.

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my gosh...WTF is right! I have no words especially for that dog leash...eek! Um and for those undies. All I could think of is...oh yeah, that's a real turn on...hehe. Gotta love the people who designed these though. Totally unique or just plain up smoking a little sumthin sumthin if you know what I mean. Where do you find all this hilarious stuff Miki?! Coming to your blog always makes me laugh:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx Marisa

swellmayde said...

People are so clever!! Love the creativity!!

- aimee

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh Miki these are so funny! Thanks for the giggle! I have added it to my link catch up this week!
Daisy Dayz
The Penthouse Clan

Coquis said...

You've chosen the perfect title for this post! OMG!!! I'm also speechless...

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That clock is really cool! And that clutter system too.

I like the idea of not creating too much waste, but on the other hand I'm always so relieved I can just throw those pads out. Having to wash those out, probably hand rinsing them first, uhm, I'll pass. Though I'd really love to find a more "green" solution.