March 09, 2012

A compendium of somethings: Party edition

It's ironic, I'm one of the most anti-social people I know and I don't know if I ever want to have kids; yet, the 2 boards on my Pinterest that are growing the most rapidly are: Party supplies & ideas and For the kids, bahaha! I have an explanation, though. While I suck at hosting gatherings and being the heart of the party, I plan on getting better at it. And I may be no social butterfly, but I do enjoy organizing the setting for a social gathering and preparing surprises. As for the other board, well, I may never become a mother (but, never say never, right?), but I can work towards being a cool auntie ;p, so I need to gather up ideas and supplies to entertain our nieces when we have to baby sit them.

But, back to party time! Here's a collection of my favorite ideas when it comes to hosting a party!

Something for a birthday party: Doughnuts instead of a traditional birthday cake and Ice cream candles or matches instead of candles.

Something to rent: I've discovered that there are several companies out there that are known for renting awesome pieces of furniture and ornaments for parties and photos shoots.

Something super simple to embellish your table: I kind of dig the idea of keeping it rustic and simple. There's no need to splurge on expensive table cloths or place mats; you can just throw some paper on the table and draw the mats with a black marker ;). And how cool are the confetti dot place mats?!

Something to eat with: If you don't feel like doing dishes after a party or if you happen to hold an outdoor event, disposable cutlery is probably the easiest choice. 


You can present cutlery in these adorable pouches that you can download for free here.

Something to drink with: Awesome disposable cups. The first ones are no longer available, though :/.

Something to eat: Easy-to-make sliders, shooters and snacks.

Something to drink: Here is a selection of good party cocktails and their recipes.

Something to invite your guests: Make balloon or party popper invitations instead of traditional paper ones ;).

Something cheap and colorful: Great low budget ideas to cheer up any kind of party; check out the following DIYs: Drink stirs and painted flowers.

Something for a photo booth session: Lots of free downloadable props ;).

Something for a wedding: This wedding day emergency kit. And may I suggest my weddology posts? Haha. It's a series of 32 wedding-related posts I published about 2 years ago (Oh, my! How times flies!)

Last but not least, today you can also find me in one of Vero's blog: Alma Singer: Take Me Out. Here, she writes about restaurants and tea houses in Buenos Aires; it's my personal digest of must-go places in my home city! :) She's a total sweetheart and you can also find her here.

Have a great weekend, party people! ;D


eli said...

Lo de tomarse fotos con accesorios divertidos me encanta, es bien sencillo de hacer y va tanto para grandes como para chicos!! A ver, cool auntie, say cheese!
Y gracias por el lindísimo post lleno de ideas piolas!

vero mariani said...

POR QUE NO EXISTEN TODAS ESTAS COSAS EN ARGENTINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MALDITA SEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??? jaaaj sorry el exabrupto, te juro que si tuviera todo esto a mano (y talento para hacer los DIY), encontraría motivos paa hacer fiestas todas las semanas jajaja!

SOS GRANDE MIKI! besos y gracias linda!

Lindsey said...

These are all super great ideas! I want to do the doughnut thing for future birthdays :]

Debbie No Está ® said...

Que lindo todo!! coincido plenamente con el comentario de Vero, por qué no existen estas cosas acá? Y cuando digo estas cosas me refiero a las doughnuts, que rico dios mio.

La próxima que hago una fiesta te doy mas bola con estos tips, en mi cumpleaños llené todo de globos y eso fue todo.


charley said...

SO many cute things! Great blog!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

A great fun post as usual miki! i would seriously want to come to a party you were hosting! Love the fun picture props and that purpke plastic cutlery is great id use it all the time. Oh and you may see on my blog I now finally have a button! Yay! I'm gonna add yours to my side bar once I have it sorted! If you fancy swapping??
Daisy Dayz