March 16, 2012

A compendium of somethings: Bargain edition!

... Yep! With an exclamation mark at the end ;p.

The following post came out quite spontaneously as I bumped into a few items that were very reasonably priced. Isn't it great to find items you love that happen to suit your pocket?

Note: I haven't been paid by any of these companies to publish this post. 

Something for summer: When I opened 80's Purple's page, I was delighted by the shades I saw and even more so when I checked their prices. Not all the frames are cheap, but the following ones, which happen to be my favorites, range from $10 to $12.

Something crafty: I've seen lots of online stores which are selling scalloped heart cut-outs. I actually bought a batch myself to send to a person in Argentina. I knew there was not much science behind those cardboard hearts; they were made with a craft punch. Well, that punch happens to be available at Martha Stewart's store for $24.50; not exactly a bargain, but if you consider it will last for a long time and will let you make probably thousands of scalloped hearts ... I don't know, sounds like a great deal to me!

Something to give away: It stresses me out to think I have to buy a present to someone when I'm flat broke. And don't let me get started on massive gifts such as on, erm, Christmas? Are we on the same page? Well, I realized that if you start preparing yourself ahead of time, it doesn't have to be stressful at all. I've seen many bloggers who prepared special boxes with inexpensive objects. I love the idea of putting together a present that doesn't break my piggy bank (ha! As if I had one!) and is creative and unique. I mean, don't we all love to get a little something that was made especially for us and shows the person behind it put his/her heart on it? ;) That's what I'm talking about!

Something to get discounts on Etsy: If you register on Heartsy, you'll get lots of great deals to purchase on Etsy; it's like a Groupon for Etsy. To be quite honest, I cancelled my account there because I was never interested in the items they offered, but that was a year ago.

Something vintage: As you already know Ebay is a great source of vintage clothes and objects. You obviously have to check if the listed items are actually vintage and in good condition, but you can find amazing deals if you take your time and have the patience to bid. Hellhound Vintage is one of my most frequently visited online stores. These 3 dresses are $9.99 this moment (well, not now, but when I wrote this post).

Another online store I recommend is Pulp Vintage; especially because if you subscribe to their newsletter, you get discount codes that sometimes make a substantial difference in the final price. By the way, I'm kind of curious to try that black eye make up on pic 1, hehe.

Something to organize your shoes: Can't afford to buy a cool shoe rack? Well, you don't need to! Just grab a few hangers and tweezers and you're all set ;). Here's the tutorial.

Something you don't need but would probably like to have: Fred Flare has all sorts of novelties. The camera, for instance, is $4.99 and the toast stamper, $1.99.

Something to revamp your tees: This package of Instant Iron-ons brings 60 different decals and it costs $4.99.

Something for the kids' bedroom: Or maybe a party? 4 simple and inexpensive elements will let you make these whimsical cloud lights ;). I found this tutorial on Wedding High.

Something sweet: Not only are these treats cheap, but also low-calorie. You can find the directions to make these yogurt coated strawberries and yogurt drops right here.

Hope you're making plans for the weekend! ;D



daisymay aka Chantele said...

Ok too much fun going on in that one!
1. Glass number 3! Amazing - look like my vogues exactly and they were meant to be £80 (I got them free!)
2. I got my friend red felt coasters with that exact heart pattern.
3. Brthday in a box! Genius! I love doing more personal gifts and think this migt be a good idea this year, to help save some cash!
4. I have that 4 lens pop camera! Bought 1 on ebay with a 3 and 9 lense one! Gonna have fun with them in the summer
5. Oh and the yogurt strawberries look yummy!!

Daisy Dayz

lindsi said...

the cloud light is so neat! and i really want to make some of those frozen yogurt strawberries. yum.
ps,to your question, the yarn the slippers are made from is machine washable,but the straps and trim are made of cotton thread,and might shrink. so i'd recommend washing them in cold or by hand and rolling them in a towel and laying them out to dry. thanks for the question! i'll have to write washing directions on a little note if i sell them next year.

two birds said...

i'm off to check out the vintage stores right now. thanks for the recommendations! and also, those strawberries...yum! happy friday!

ceci a. said...

Siempre me encantan tus compendiums of somethings
ojala acá mercado libre fuera como e bay! U ojalá e bay tuviera shipping a todos lados!!! La otra vez me colgue eligiendo ropa copadisima en ebay y resulta que al final de todo me dice "no hay shipping para estos prpoductos a su ciudad" aaaaagh.
Un beso enorme y buen fin de semana Miki!

lissa said...

they are all sound good. I like gift in a box.

hope you have a good day.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Ooh, hand me these yummy strawberries, please! Big love also for the secretary sun glasses... and your wonderful vintage finds. xo

Courtney said...

I'm digging the last pair of sunglasses especially! Sooooo cute and I'm in the market too cause mine broke this week.

Marisa Noelle said...

Holy Moly Miki....I love everything here! You have a great eye for the adorable:) I'm definitely checking out that eBay vintage store...though probably a dangerous idea knowing me and how eBay sucks me in like nobody's business! The cloud heart is swooning and that bday in a box, such a brilliant idea! Hope you have a marvelous weekend sweet lady! xx Marisa

eli said...

Todo quiero! pero los shades son una de mis peores perdiciones!!!

Coquis said...

Hey Miki!
This is really cool stuff, esp being a bargain :D
Enjoy St Patrick's Day!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Love this post^^I like your blog.


I'm trying to reach certain amount of followers for my new giveaway. I'd love to follow you if you would do the same for me?:)

Sandy a la Mode said...

what a fun post! love the glasses and the vintage! :D