March 23, 2012

A compendium of creative somethings

Here's a compilation of the neatest and most original somethings I've been bumping into lately.

Something to drink your tea: How adorable is this tea set!? I wish I knew where to buy it.

Something for the unpunctual: Who don't care about changing their bad habit: The ish watch

Something to light a room: I love these balloon lamps!

Something that makes me giggle: The Stampler

Something sticky: Very creative sticky notes; all available at Suck UK

Something colorful: Awesome packaging by Piccsy (photo 1) and Pierre Herme (photo 2).

Something crafty: I love this idea of framing maps of places you've visited or have marked your life. The tutorial also includes the website where you can print the maps ;).

Via Carrie

Something for a crazy cat lady: Like me, haha! And Jenna and Chantilly! I so need to have this cat-shaped silicon tray!!!

I can't wait to have the tray to make something like this, tehee :p.

Something to keep kids entertained: How about these busy bags? ;)
Something to bake:  Yeah, you heard me :p. Click the link to learn how to make these Polymer clay bracelets?

Something retro: This site sells interesting objects such as these vintage stickers and 3D drawing kits :).

Something to eat: Awesome recipes with an original combination of ingredients.

 Grapefruit olive oil cake

Persimmon bread 

Our nieces are sleeping over for the first time tomorrow, so please wish us luck, haha :p.

Have a great weekend, everyone! ;D


Hello Naka said...

i love the stampler :p i wish i staple things more now so i have an excuse to buy it :p and i lvoe the tea cup so cute :3

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Yet again a great list of things!
Daisy Dayz

ceci a. said...

No sé dónd eencontrás éstas cosas, pero son como regalitos para los ojos =) Ahh esos gatitos!! AhhH! Y esos globos de luces, y los mapas! Y la taza del principio, qué original!Me encantó MiK! Feliz viernes!!!

Lois said...

I love this! That teacup is the best - I want one!

jamie said...

if time didnt exist, id run to where you are right now and we'd have the best time of our lives shopping and eating sweets until our money tree needed to retire! misssss you girl, seriously. i miss good conversations with good friends and i'll be around blogger more. promise!

love, james

Junah Cagang said...

aw :'> cute stuffs. I want that cat-shaped silicon tray tho.
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

Visit Ohit'sJuno▲

Sifi -- Rafa (Hiper Friends) said...


vero mariani said...

jaaajja tus post compis son lo maaaaaaaaas (bah, todos!). a veces soy tan goma leyendo el reloj que el de 12ish me marearía jajajaja! todos muy geniales mikirocker!!!

muy buen finde linda!

Kirsten said...

Wow. This is a really great post! I love the balloon lamps best. And must admit that watch would drive me insane. I'm always early or on time.

These are such cool things.

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much your personal style.

Marisa Noelle said...

You always manage to find the most adorable little trinkets and goodies. I kind of want one of those watches...I am never on time, so that would be the perfect excuse..hehe. French macaron loveliness...I want one right now:)

Walk This Way said...

Just found my way to your blog and already loving it! Love this post too! You've found so many cool stuff! :) The framed maps are such a cute idea, I think I'll have to try to do something similar by myself... :)


Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

que lindas cosas!!!!! los gatitos me matan
beso desde BS AS

Coquis said...

I ABSOLUTELY love everything appearing on this post!!!
Are these objects available at your plece?

Casablock said...

The tea set and the balloon lamps are adorable!!