March 30, 2012

A compendium of somethings - WTF edition

With all due respect to the people who designed and sell the following products ... What the heck were you thinking?! Haha. This is my funniest compendium of somethings so far. I'll say no more, let's scroll down and laugh along ;)

Something to know the time: Or, actually, to try to figure out what time it is. I like its colors, but I think this About-time clock is too complicated for me.

Something to clear away clutter: That is if you happen to have a deer, a small old fan, a spread-legged Barbie and the rest of the junk you can see below.

Something for pregnant women: Who on Earth would wear this so called pregnancy jewel?

Something for people who don't like to be photographed: Ok, these embarrassing photos shades are kinda funny.

Something to cover your private parts: Hairy panties by Nutty Tarts.

Something to walk your dog: This dog leash is a little dangerous in my opinion :/. I don't think I'd dare use it.

Something for when you're in your period: My jaw dropped when I found out they were selling these reusable cloth menstrual pads on Etsy. No offense, but I'd rather not wear them.

Something ... I don't know, I'm speechless: Wanna sit on this armchair? Bahaha!

Something to learn CPR: I guess this video is more aimed at men ... Even though it's a lingerie ad, haha. Warning: if there are kids around you, you might wanna move them away from the screen before you watch this.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D

March 29, 2012

Happy in my new sunnies

Hello, there! How's everybody getting ready for the weekend? Fortunately we have plans for this one and the next :p. We're going to the movies with David's friends, the following one we're going to a Renaissance Fair, hehe, and later in April, I believe, we're going to see The Misfits, which I don't really know, but David and his brother want to go, so I'm going, too.

Anyhow,  here's a quite impromptu post today in order to thank Chantele and to show you these awesome sunglasses I got in the mail. A while ago I won a giveaway over at her blog Daisy Dayz, then got contacted by and I ordered my favorite shades in the store. The Polaroid shades I'd chosen were out of stock, so I had to wait a few weeks till they got restocked; well, they are here now! And I am stoked! :D

I've never had a real pair of sunglasses, basically because my eyesight is so bad that wearing them was pointless; but given that I have contacts now, I am able to wear them, yay! :p I really, really like the model I chose and can't wait to start wearing them!

Of course I took some pictures, but they suck. I've learned that I don't know how to take photos of glasses. How on Earth do you avoid the glare and the reflection of your tripod??? Grrr!

Please, forgive the awkward poses and expression on my face; I added some captions to make the pics ... less awkward, haha.

Thank you so much, Chantele! ;)

Have fun, everybody!


March 28, 2012

Things you always wanted to know

I was going through a folder where I keep tips and pieces of info I think I might need one day and it suddenly occurred to me that you may find that info useful, too. So here are a bunch of how-tos and random facts that may come in handy! You're welcome! ;)

* How to print on a doily: OK, maybe you've never even wondered how to do it or why you would ever want to; but you can't tell me you are not curious to check this tutorial now, haha.

* How to find small objects you've dropped: This is a no-brainer and yet, I had never thought of doing this.

* How to keep a snag in your stockings from growing: Easy peasy, apply some nail varnish on the snug.

* How to fold a fitted sheet: You can read the instructions here.

* How to organize and display newspapers: You can easily put up something like this.

* There's a wide list of household tips in this post over at Woman's Day

Ok! Ready to feed your tummy? ;) Here we go!

* How to bake your own fortune cookies: You can buy them at the grocery store or even better, customize the fortunes and bake them yourself. Check out this post.

* How to keep a cake moist when cooked overnight: I had no idea this worked.

* How to freeze individual portions: Use freezer bags and split the portions before freezing.

* What not to freeze: Read the list here.

* How to make homemade vanilla extract: This recipe is easier than going to the grocery store to buy it.

* How to cook quinoa: Have any of you given quinoa a try yet? ;)

Did you find this post helpful?

Would you like a second part? Aye or nay?

Have a great one! ;D


March 26, 2012

My crocheted blanket

I knew the postman was paying me a visit on Thursday and I waited impatiently till he arrived to deliver my package. A few weeks ago I participated in a giveaway over at My Girl Thursday and guess what? I was drawn the winner! Yay! :p I won an adorable crocheted blanket made by sweet Trisha, the lady behind Veranilles.

She also sent some treats in these plastic eggs :p, which, needless to say, are gone by now, haha. Aren't they cute?

I'm excited to own this crocheted blanket because it takes me back to the old days. My grandma used to crochet blankets for my sister and me when we were kids. They are all in my house in Argentina and God knows in what condition!

It's called the baby blanket, but I'm going to use it for myself on chilly days, as a picnic blanket or just have it displayed at home :).

Don't hesitate to go say hi to Trisha and visit her etsy; she sells crocheted blankets as well as vintage objects.

Thank you so much, Trisha! ;D

Happy Monday, everybody! Have a great week! ;D

March 23, 2012

A compendium of creative somethings

Here's a compilation of the neatest and most original somethings I've been bumping into lately.

Something to drink your tea: How adorable is this tea set!? I wish I knew where to buy it.

Something for the unpunctual: Who don't care about changing their bad habit: The ish watch

Something to light a room: I love these balloon lamps!

Something that makes me giggle: The Stampler

Something sticky: Very creative sticky notes; all available at Suck UK

Something colorful: Awesome packaging by Piccsy (photo 1) and Pierre Herme (photo 2).

Something crafty: I love this idea of framing maps of places you've visited or have marked your life. The tutorial also includes the website where you can print the maps ;).

Via Carrie

Something for a crazy cat lady: Like me, haha! And Jenna and Chantilly! I so need to have this cat-shaped silicon tray!!!

I can't wait to have the tray to make something like this, tehee :p.

Something to keep kids entertained: How about these busy bags? ;)
Something to bake:  Yeah, you heard me :p. Click the link to learn how to make these Polymer clay bracelets?

Something retro: This site sells interesting objects such as these vintage stickers and 3D drawing kits :).

Something to eat: Awesome recipes with an original combination of ingredients.

 Grapefruit olive oil cake

Persimmon bread 

Our nieces are sleeping over for the first time tomorrow, so please wish us luck, haha :p.

Have a great weekend, everyone! ;D