February 13, 2012

What makes me a crazy cat lady

It doesn't take much to realize I'm crazy about cats; I mean, just by taking a look at my header, you can kind of guess, hehe :p. They are my favorite animal ever and I've always owned then as pets. Wanna know what makes me a crazy cat lady? Here I go!

* Well, to start with, I own a game called The Crazy Cat Lady, haha. David got it for me for Christmas and it's the perfect game! It's about felines, naturally, it brings lots of colorful kitties and it is fun.

* If I see an object with a picture of a cat or shaped like one, I'll more than likely want to get it (and eventually get it, if I can afford it).

* I also love cat books of any kind.

The one about Schrodinger's kittens is a joke, by the way. I got it because I'm actually interested in the subject.

* People know that I love cats, so they get me kitty stuff, yay!
The clock on the back was a present form my mother-in-law. It has 12 different miaows that go off every hour :p. We decided to mute it, though, because it disturbed the cats and us, too, to be quite honest.

* The other day, David wanted to move Dimitri from the computer chair to the couch; Dimitri didn't seem to like the idea, so he scratched and bit David really hard on his wrist; David grabbed Dimitri on his neck so he'd let go of his wrist and the first thing I said was, "Aaaah! Dimitri!" (as in "Poor thing!"). David replied, "Dimitri???? What about my wrist?!".

* I follow Oskar (the blind cat), Jack (the cat that AA lost at JFK) and Maru's blogs and Facebook pages.

* We're all cat lovers in my family. Once, my sister and I even agreed that Sophie's death, she was the 20-year old cat we had before Dimitri, was almost comparable to my mom's passing. With all due respect to human beings and my mom, of course.

* I don't mind surviving a week on ramen if that's what it takes to be able to afford our kitties'  food.

*  When David says, "Come on, hurry! You have to see this!", I always grab my camera before I run to see what's going on because I know it's probably a funny cat-related situation, hehe. The camera is always ready to snap unexpected cat photos! :P

Nosy Dante loves to spy on our neighbors :/.

* I have a Pinterest board devoted to cats :p.

* A few years ago, I realized that cats were what brought my dad and me together. I know it might sound stupid, but we didn't use to have many topics to talk about; as soon as I brought Sophie or Dimitri up in a conversation, we could happily talk forever :).

It is a dream of mine to be able to do something to help strays ... We're working on it ;p.

What about you? Are you a crazy cat lady, too?
Or are you more of a doggy person? ;)

Have a great week!

Kitty hugs!


Naila Moon said...

Our former cat, Taunia (also a black cat) used to sit in her hot tub...aka our bathroom sink.

You and my husband are simpatico in this regard.

I pinned your blog, game and books to my pinterest too.

Peace...Naila Moon

Carrie said...

Cats are my favorite too! I love all your cat goodies

Have a great day

ceci said...

Querida Mikii!
Desde que Kathy llegó a mi vida, no te imaginás cuánto te entiendo!
Además son TAN estéticos!!!
Me encanta la vieja loca de los gatos de Los Simpson!! JAjaj, en el cine, cuando ve una triste, los usa de Carilina! Jajjaj.
Un beso enorme guapetona!

chantilly said...

ahahah, i love this whole post. i can't believe there is a game called crazy cat lady!!

Anonymous said...

My friend would really love the crazy cat lady game - I will have to find one for her. We both say that when we are old, we will have lots of cats and smell of cat pee like those crazy ladies you are scared of as a kid!

vero mariani said...

jajajaajaj yo soy una cat lady a toda honra! la única cagada es que me volvió la alergia por no vivir más con uno :( sniiifff! empastillada y amante de gatos jajaaja!

besos y buena semana mik!!

Laura said...

Crazy cat lady here! ;) That cat clock is so funny! I may need to get one myself. Cute post. ;)

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Oh Miki, as if I couldn't love you any more, but I officially do because this is a perfect post. Well...perfect for crazy cat ladies : )
Dante is so funny spying on the neighbors! Naughty kitty.

Maggi said...

I like kitties, but I really want a dog :) The book in your post: The fire cat looks super cute!!

I'm blogging again, by the way. Come on over and check me out.

Ashley said...

It's posts like this that make me realize how much we actually have in common!

My dad and I are the same way! I get my crazy cat obsession from him.

Corina said...

Hi Miki!
What a nice post!
You know that I love cats, dogs and strays in general... I couldn't live without them :)
Have a nice day and say "miau" to the kitties ;)

Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

me encantoooo, me encantan los gatitos
saludos desde BA

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That game, wow! It looks awesome:) I love playing boardgames, haven't done so in way way too long.

Ooh, I have those markers too, they're so cute!

Definitely a cat person too, though thanks to Cesar Millan I now kinda want a dog too. But first, the dwarf hamster;)

cosas mínimas ♥ said...

I love the Kitty too.

Kiss, Sole

Soledad Cervantes said...

Nada como el ronroneo de un gato para eliminar cualquier estrés o preocupación.