February 23, 2012


First and foremost, I want to say thank you, all for your sweet and encouraging comments and e-mails! They really mean a lot to me and have certainly filled me with hope and optimism ;D. I'll check out the links you've recommended and reply every single message. I think I am now truly ready to start from scratch and face the music! It might sound like it all happened too fast, but I actually decided to post about it when I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak ;).

And to open this new stage in my life, there's a little trip to Catalina Island this weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary <3.

Catalina is about 70minutes away from the beach (here in SoCal) and according to what I've seen on TV, it's a very small and beautiful place. We're leaving on Saturday first thing, spending a night there and coming back on Sunday evening. 

I hope the weather remains this nice till we come back! It really feels like spring, which I love.

As you can see, I spent part of the morning sorting what things to pack. It'll just be one night, so we're leaving really light.

I still haven't decided what to wear, but I'm sure I'll pick something the last minute, haha. Oh, I wish my wardrobe were as varied as my paper one here below :p!

The rest of the day, I'll be writing letters and catching up with e-mails ...

And maybe relaxing like Dimitri? :p

What a rascal!

Later today, we're meeting one of David's friends for dinner, so our fun weekend starts tonight! :) He may even be able to take Monday off; fingers crossed!

Hope you have fun plans for the weekend, too!

And thank you so much for being there! ;D


Heike said...

Catalina Island??? I am so jealous!
A very good choice to spend your anniversary there!
We loved it:
You'll have a blast!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Have fun! That sounds great:)
And I love your paper wardrobe!

The picture of your cat yawning is so cool by the way!

M.* said...

Dimitri! El nombre me puede. Te hablo en inglés, en español, en geringoso? Lindo outfit (spanglish, vale?)

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy Catalina! Visiting Catalina is one of my favorite memories from my days living in LA.

Laura :)

lindsi said...

i hope you have a fun anniversary getaway!
ps, nice slippers!;)

Corina said...

Happy wedding anniversary love birds!
It's nice to know you'll have a blast at the weekend :) Enjoy it!

P.S. Good to read you feel better, Miki!